1. M

    PhpMyAdmin Error 500

    Hello, I'm reaching out because I'm unable to add .sql files to phpMyAdmin. The website loads for a good 5 minutes before crashing with this error. Any ideas? I've tried resetting the SQL settings, but it doesn't seem to help
  2. W

    Default Filename when saving from phpmyadmin

    Hello Is it possible to tweak a setting on the server to allow each account to add date time to the filename default DB save / export function? At the moment, for an individual account, when accessing phpmyadmin to create a manual DB download, the default setting in the Export area is...
  3. L

    phpmyadmin 500 internal server error when accessed from users cpanel

    Hi, on my server phpmyadmin is working fine when I access it from whm with root user. but when I access it from users host (on 2083) after redirection from cpanel to phpmyadmin it gives blank white page with 500 internal server error. I tried these commands but they didn't fix it. Repair...
  4. P

    Databases Missing from phpMyAdmin Navigation

    I have some databases that were created by Wordpress Toolkit in cPanel which I cannot find in phpMyAdmin no matter what I do. I've tried logging into WHM as the root user and accessing phpMyAdmin that way which shows most databases, but not all of them. In the past I have had problems with...
  5. B

    phpmyadmin loads in PHP 7.4 environment instead of PHP 8.2?

    I'm under WHM 108.0.14 with PHP 8.2 set as the default PHP release under MultiPHP. Whenever I launch phpmyadmin from any cPanel account, it reports running under PHP 7.4 (which is really outdated by now). Why is that and how can I fix that? I have tried to reboot the whole server just in case...
  6. icandoit

    SOLVED prefix before my database in phpmyadmin is this normal?

    Please see my wordpress database as you can see there is a prefix before my real database 2f0857_ I did not create this and in my wordpress config it is not there either however the site works find I can see this in phpmyadmin
  7. M

    I have phpMyAdmin 4.9.7 Do I need to update?

    Hi On my CentOS server (7.9) I have PhpMyAdmin I use it every day, I saw that the installed version is 4.9.7 and I saw that there is a version latest 5.2.0, how should I update with WHM? If I update do I also have to update Mariadb or not? The mariadb version that I have is the 10.3.37, If for...
  8. P

    Cannot Restore Database Backup

    Hi, When deleting all Wordpress posts before a specific post I accidentally deleted a bunch of categories, so I need to restore the database from the backup I made right before I did that. Problem is when I upload the backup I get the error: Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<!DOCTYPE...
  9. Tarak Nath

    Possibilities to disable WordPress FileManager and phpMyAdmin plugins

    Hello, Due to security reason we want as following: Is it possible to disable/stop certain WordPress plugins from being installed such as WP-FileManager and WP-phpMyAdmin at the server level for a specific account or all accounts. Sample WordPress File Manger plugin: File Manager Sample...
  10. P

    Too Many Connections in phpMyAdmin and Sites Offline

    I have been having a problem the past 24 hours. My sites display errors that they cannot connect to the database and when I try to use phpMyAdmin I get mysqli_real_connect(): (08004/1040): Too many connections I tried setting the max_connections to 300 because my research indicates that...
  11. D

    whm "Manage Databases" does not see database copied in phpMyAdmin

    Hello, I recently copied a database in phpMyAdmin using the "Operations" interface. After copying, I intended to use whm's "manage databases" interface to adjust the permissions on the copied database as it was only to be use for development purposes. Unfortunately, the database does not show...
  12. G

    Suggestion to improve phpMyAdmin, keep "settings" after logging out

    I have several custom PMA settings, and keep 3 tabs open all the time for regular copy-and-paste queries. I also have mobile internet that goes down occasionally. When the internet goes down and I restart it, PMA throws this error on all 3 tabs: Error in processing request Error Code: 401 Error...
  13. M

    SOLVED PHPMyAdmin on CPanel / WHM how to update system PHP version

    I have PHPMyAdmin and it claims to be running PHP 7.3 . According to This thread it is because the System PHP level is 7.3 . I am looking to remove PHP 7.3 from the system (EasyApache4) . Can I do this or do I need to wait for a WHM centralised update to update the system level PHP. Note: The...
  14. V

    PHPMYADMIN 500 error while importing

    Cpanel::Server::Handlers::SubProcess::handler(Cpanel::Server::Handlers::SubProcess=HASH(0x397d8a0), "subprocess_name", "php", "subprocess_pid_to_reap", 11606, "subprocess_read_handle", GLOB(0x39eb4b8), "subprocess_write_handle", ...) called at line 7420...
  15. H

    SOLVED Phpmyadmin Login issue

    i can login to phpmyadmin via root or from whm without any issue. but cant login to phpmyadmin via cpanel account. Throwing some errors.
  16. N

    phpmyadmin 500 internal error

    Hello Everybody, first, i attached the screenshot of the problem be much easier. (500 internal error) I open port 3306 on CSF (is not needed because we do not actually have access from this port, even the cPanel security advisor recommended turning it off) this is because CSF does not open this...
  17. A

    phpMyAdmin not open databases (expand and collapse function does not work)

    Hi, for a few days, probably due to a WHM update, I can't open the databases in phpMyAdmin (expand and collapse function does not work, i attach screen shot). How can I fix the problem? Thank's a lot for support! Alex
  18. U

    phpMyadmin - php version

    Hi, Phpmyadmin display the wrong php version 7.3.30? I don't have installed php 7.3 version. I have installed to server just php versions 7.4 and php 8.0. How fix this? Check screenshots php -v (PHP 7.4.24) ---------- Second question... phpMyAdmin display the "Server connection: SSL is not...
  19. behinam

    SOLVED access denied user cpses

    Hello when I click on views in phpmyadmin, I see this error: Access denied for user 'cpses_az437otgg0'@'localhost' pls help me
  20. psytanium

    Add import POST parameters to URL in PHPMyAdmin

    Hello, I'm trying to schedule auto import of database using Crontab browser addon. Is there a way to add the submit parameters to the URL ? so i will have something like this : http://localhost/phpmyadmin/db_import.php?db=catalog&import_file=db_catalog&import_type=sql&etc... When I submit the...