1. cPRex

    Funny Plesk advertisement

    Hey there! I removed the poll since it was irrelevant. This is an issue from the CloudLinux side and not something cPanel has control over. If your CloudLinux license is purchased through cPanel, please open a ticket with us so we can see this and file and upstream bug. If the CloudLinux...
  2. S

    Plesk refuse access to cPanel transfer tool

    Hi all, I try to transfer all hosting accounts from Plesk to cPanel via cPanel transfer tool but i get the error: (XID 8n46g3) The system failed to connect to “Plesk_IP” on port “22” because of an error: Connection refused Failed to establish session and parse security token: 599 Internal...
  3. E

    Plesk to cPanel Migration if you *don't* have SSH access

    Hi there, It appears the WHM transfer tool is Plesk compatible. However, the WHM transfer tool relies on SSH which most shared hosts won't allow or open. Can you tell me is there a way to do a Plesk migration if I don't have SSH to the source host?
  4. M

    Hello i have always used plesk in the past but i face a problem with cpanel

    when i tried to transfert with the transfert tools a lots of site is failling because the name are either too long or do not meet the username criteria i search over the web and not able to transfert the account because it do not find them on the source server since the name is cut by cpanel...
  5. Server Pros

    Migrating Plesk mySQL Files to cPanel

    Due to a RAID failure that was imminent on a Plesk server that we're dumping anyway I had to copy all html directory files/folders to the new server. I wrote a script that easily deposited the files into each directory. It just dawned on me that I have to chown root to the admin name. But I...
  6. D

    Migrating Subdomains from Plesk

    I have a bunch of subdomains that need to be migrated from Plesk to cPanel but the transfer tool only sees the root domain. I had to manually create the root domain on the server and it's tied in with the hostname and nameservers. So I need to move these subdomains over but can't delete the main...
  7. H

    Plesk or cPanel?

    Hi there! I am just getting started with a dedicated server and I have the option to choose between Plesk or cPanel. I have never used either and I guess the sentiment around here might be a little biased towards cPanel but I was wondering why you all use cPanel? Is it purely a matter of...
  8. I

    help need on plesk C panel

    Hi help need on plesk C panel we wants to integrate plesk panel with my website. which is developed using C#. our first requirement is when user register to our system one domain MUST be created to plesk panel. and user are able to load default website which is hosted in our...
  9. S

    Need to remove Plesk and install Cpanel/WHM

    Can anyone tell me how to remove plesk and install cpanel/whm on my ddserver (root) when i install cpanel/WHM its say error because plesk its installed Can anyone HELP plz??
  10. K

    Plesk to Cpanel/WHM PHP htaccess problem

    I recently moved from plesk to cpanel hosting, I have a dedicated server. In the moved the .htaccess file got stripped and I need help fixing an old web site. Here an older web page that this effects:/ We use to use set the .htaccess...
  11. D

    cPanel equivalent of Plesk Client/Domain?

    In Plesk, you set up clients, who in turn can have many primary domains. What is the equivalent in cPanel?
  12. H

    moved from plesk , adding a new domain , having troubles

    just moved from plesk , I created a package , created an account , uploaded wordpress to public html folder , going to return 404page any idea?
  13. I

    Any advantage of Plesk over cPanel?

    Thinking of cPanel for the first time. Apart from finding it very confusing, are there any features that exist in Plesk that are missing in cPanel? In otherwords what will users complain is missing and that they cannot live without? Assuming of course that there is anything.
  14. S

    cPanel and Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder

    Hi Chaps, Can you? I have a VPS and a reseller account that run on Linux and cPanel/WHM. Will the Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder V4.5 run on cPanel? Are there any potential problems I should be aware of? Is there a better site builder program for my inexperienced clients? Any help...
  15. B

    Plesk to cPanel Migration

    Hi everyone Got a query - that probably goes beyond cPanels support limit so thought I'd ask here. We have a customer who is looking to migrate from a Plesk based server to hosting with us. However - they don't have a dedicated server, so obviously dont have root access to Plesk Is...
  16. S

    Migration from Plesk with MD5 problem

    I can't migrate any single or multiple accounts from Plesk to cPanel. Connection SSH is working and I haven't any firewall enabled. Here my transfer log: Copy an account from another server Packaging the account: (/scripts/pkgacct calzadosc "" --split nocompress --mysql 5.0)... pXa...
  17. M

    Migrating from Plesk 8.2 (linux)

    Been trying to migrate from a plesk 8.2 box to cpanel. Getting the following errors when i run "Copy an account from another server" I get the following errors: Now, I am not sure what's up - I have logged onto the server's CLI and logged into mysql manually using the 'admin' user (whose mysql...
  18. M

    Transfer of Site from Plesk host

    to forum again i may be in the wrong area here, and yes i probably know the wrong forum site but i wonderdd if anyone could help or point me to help? i have downloaded a site fro ma plesk controled site to my apache server site [they are the correct terms i believe]. after sorting out...
  19. S

    From Plesk to cPanel, but missing a 2nd server

    Hello, First off all my apologies for my bad english. I've already had a talk with a person of the assistance team, about a migration from Plesk to cPanel, due the misunderstable architecture of the plesk panel, and the more clear and friendly cPanel (that I've been using for a long time til...
  20. D

    Plesk to Cpanel

    Hello, I have a friend, who has a dedicated server using Plesk. He is considering moving his data to new dedicated server, with Cpanel. Will we be able to transfer data without loss using Cpanel's tool: "Copy an account from another server" ? Cpanel's version is LATEST release, and...