1. E

    Port 2091 is open although the "Calendar and Contacts Server" plugin is not installed

    Hello, At my CP server port 2091 is open, listening and accepting incoming communication (just tested telnet to it, not more), although the CP plugin of "Calendar and Contacts Server" is not installed. I Run netstat -tulpn | grep 2091 Which resulted in: tcp 0 0
  2. spaceman

    Wordfence plugin for WordPress still recommended if running csf on CloudLinux?

    Hi All, We're running multi-tenant CloudLinux servers with csf (configserver security and firewall). Assuming the above are appropriately configured, updated, etc., is it still smart for individual WordPress sites to use the very popular Wordfence firewall/security plugin? The main Pros I can...
  3. R

    Cpanel::App - should it be used to check which app user is in?

    TL;DR: Are developers meant to use the methods in Cpanel::App to determine which environment/application their plugin is running in? Longer - I'm (slowly) developing a cPanel plugin and wanting to check which "application" the user is in (cpanel, whm, etc) - and the Perl package Cpanel::App...
  4. sozotech

    Weebly cPanel Plugin Removal

    We've been offering the Weebly builder for quite some time via cPanel. Unfortunately, theme updates have broken it and it doesn't seem like there will be a fix any time soon. I am curious if anyone here has used the Weebly WHMCS/cPanel plugin and website builder and later cancelled it...
  5. J

    SOLVED Roundcube password plugin

    I can't get the roundcube 'password' plugin to work with cPanel. I modified the plugin's 'cpanel' driver so that the username is the full email address (otherwise it errors). It also failed on the existing password check but commenting that out in the code works for now (for testing just to see...
  6. WebHostPro

    Is there a WordPress outdated plugin, theme, and version checker?

    ImmunifyAV+ scans and sends a helpful email showing 5 outdated plugins, themes, and WP versions with a message saying how many more there are under the list. There is no way to see the full list since I believe this email is an upsell tool for CloudLinux. (Nothing wrong with that) This would be...
  7. T

    dnsadmin testing

    Hello, I'm in the process of writing a plugin for dnsadmin, and I'm having trouble in making sense of the documentation. In particular, how can I test the remote module? the "example calls" return command not found as there's no such file (tried in dnsonly and regular servers). Perhaps it's...
  8. StefanPejcic

    Link Inodes Usage in Jupiter Statistics section

    Hi, Im looking for a way to link the Inode Usage in the statistics sections to a custom plugin inodes/ Looking over the file /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/jupiter/tools/ I cant trace where this text Is comming from to link it as other sections (app links) addon...
  9. C

    Weebly Plugin and cPanel 110

    Hi... has anyone rec'd any info on how to make the Weebly plugin work with cPanel 110 and Alma Linux? Weebly is looking into (they suggested reverting to the older cPanel version, which I don't think we can do), but just wondered if anyone had already solved it.
  10. C

    Odd WP Plugin Error - Only on cPanel installs

    I have solo cPanel installation (only myself on the VPS - which is hosted on AWS Lightsail). Have several wordpress sites on the server, for various personal projects. Recently installed a new payment plugin that integrates with WooCommerce and is used to make payments in Kinesis currencies...
  11. jimlongo

    In Progress CPANEL-42516 - User doesn't exist in cache keys - don't understand error

    Hi, does anyone have any clue what this error is referring to? It seems to be generated the first time I invoke execute($user) in the controller called from the page I know I have the $user ('thursday1') in this case. If I refresh the page it works as you would normally expect...
  12. V

    Let's encrypt plugin install error (Almalinux 8)

    Hello When we want to install lets encrypt plugin on our Almalinux 8 server, we see the following error. It seems to be missing in the yum repo. [root@server ~]# /scripts/install_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider cPanel Plugins project 5.6 kB/s | 2.9 kB 00:00 No match...
  13. G

    User Permissions in WHM plugin

    Hello, One of our developers is running into an issue where they were not able to determine if a user is a WHM Administrator vs a WHM Reseller. In a WHM plugin, how does one do that? Similarly, is it possible for a cPanel account to access settings set by their Reseller/Owner? Thanks in advance.
  14. G

    WHM plugin registers but results in Error 500.

    Hello, I am trying to develop an extension for cPanel. I am attempting to create a simple plugin to get started on. The installation script does not produce errors, I can see the plugin is registered to the AppConfig, the buttons to access the plugin are there, and the icon is working...
  15. D

    Acronis backup plugin taking a long time to load a recovery

    Has anyone had an issue where trying to do a recover, from whm or cpanel where the acronis plugin takes a long time to load the recovery point?
  16. E

    Diasable wordpress plugin server wide + give message

    Hi Some users are installing very cpu intensive backup plugins, but we already make backups for them. So i want to disable so customers cannot install those plugins, and then give them a message that those plugins are not needed/allowed to be installed Can this be handled somehow ? People are...
  17. D


    Error when trying to install STRIPE plugin for woocommerce. JSON ERROR. This is the exact error when i install the Wordpress Plugin, Clearly it is a WHM/cPanel / Linux Centos 7 x error?! Could not install woocommerce-payments plugin, The response is not a valid JSON response. perhaps...
  18. MajorLancelot

    WordPress Toolkit Plugin Notifications

    We set notifications so that customers could know what is expected of them when it comes to WordPress Toolkit. This is kinda odd: Not sure why notification like this is being sent to customers: Updates are available for the following items: Shouldn't be going to...
  19. nisamudeen97

    engintron plugin caching php files heavily, PHP file changes not visible.

    Hi, In our cpanel/WHM production server which is having engintron plugin installed. All of a sudden we have noticed php file changes were not visble at all. For example we have uploaded a "test.php" file which is just echoing a "test" string. Then we visited it from our devices (no matter...
  20. StefanPejcic

    Hi, I just wanted to share - a github-hosted collection of free Cpanel plugins. Its an alternative to cPanel App Catalog :: Third-Party Applications for cPanel & WHM which seems outdated :( If you are a fellow developer that has published a free cPanel...