1. S

    Timeout when trying to open Manage Plugins

    Hi I'm experiencing a timeout when trying to open the cPanel >> Manage Plugin screen. Full error is: A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. Not a HASH reference at /usr/local/cpanel/Whostmgr/Addons/Pkgr/ line 223. at...
  2. S points to this forum. Is it gone for good?

    Hi, The catalog is no longer there. It's an alias for the forums here. Is there any place for us indie developers who create plugins for cPanel? What other options are out there? Thanks
  3. P

    Wordpress Toolkit not show installations but show plugins and themes

    This is very weird.. Is happening in one of my servers. The wordpress toolkit not show any installation of any site. I run toolkit info thru ssh to check and show the installation perfectly. In fact in the wordpress toolkit section in cpanel, not display anything, but if i go to the tabs...
  4. Tarak Nath

    Possibilities to disable WordPress FileManager and phpMyAdmin plugins

    Hello, Due to security reason we want as following: Is it possible to disable/stop certain WordPress plugins from being installed such as WP-FileManager and WP-phpMyAdmin at the server level for a specific account or all accounts. Sample WordPress File Manger plugin: File Manager Sample...
  5. Z how to install

    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, rhnplugin, universal-hooks This system is receiving updates from CLN. Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * EA4: * EA4-experimental: * cpanel-addons-production-feed: * cpanel-plugins: *...
  6. StefanPejcic

    Hi, I just wanted to share - a github-hosted collection of free Cpanel plugins. Its an alternative to cPanel App Catalog :: Third-Party Applications for cPanel & WHM which seems outdated :( If you are a fellow developer that has published a free cPanel...
  7. radeonpower

    Slow EA4 & cPanel Plugins project mirrors

    Hi all, for the past few days I have been experiencing very slow speeds from these cPanel mirrors. EA4 ( EasyApache 4 ) 12 kB/s | 4.6 MB 06:21 cPanel Plugins project 12 kB/s | 424 kB 00:36 What can I do about it if anything? Thanks.
  8. E

    SOLVED CPANEL-40556 - DNS Only Manage Plugins

    WHM/cPanel 102.0.11 (a version with horrible interface) The Plugin Manager interface appears to have been removed, preventing for example munin, to be installed. A manual invocation using cpsession ID and /scripts2/manage_plugins produces a 403 forbidden error. Pre-existing 3rd party plugins...
  9. B

    Guess we can't manage plugins anymore

    In WHM v100.0.5 click Manage Plugins, get a BLANK page (no menu, no header) with just a pink error message box in the left corner. Guess we can't manage plugins with that WHM release, can we?
  10. N

    WHM > Manage Plugins | fatal error /blank page

    Hey, what's up, I get a wired error on a new installation of cPanel ( attached screenshot ). I try updating cPanel from the interface of WHM, several times, nothing fixed it. any ideas?
  11. HostXNow_Chris

    Mass update plugins and themes automatically

    Hello, In some cases, I would like to mass update plugins and themes automatically for all WordPress installs on the server. Currently, you have to Goto Installations Tab Change "Update plugins automatically" from "No" to "Yes". Change "Update themes automatically" from "No" to "Yes". Click...
  12. J

    Jupiter Theme Missing Plugins

    I'm testing the new Jupiter theme included with v98 and I noticed that the links for several cPanel plugins, including one that I developed myself, are missing after switching from Paper Lantern to Jupiter. Based on the documentation for creating cPanel plugins, I used this command in my...
  13. L

    Do I still require ClamAV plugins in WHM/cPanel when I already have it installed it in CentOS7?

    Hi All, Can anyone advise if I am posting in the right Forum for ClamAV issue? If not, please advise. I just want to know if I still require ClamAV Plugins install in WHM/cPanel when I already had ClamAV installed in my CentOS 7? Do ClamAV in WHM/cPanel work separately from clamAV in CentOS...
  14. B

    Nightly stats processing is disabling wordpress plugins

    The strangest thing has been happing this month! I noticed every night at midnight Two wordpress plugins get disabled. Then i realized it might be the daily apache stats processing thing running every 24hr. I couldn't find where that gets logged but i'm assuming it does an apache restart every...
  15. V

    Can't click on "Manage Plugins" in WHM - loads forever

    If I click on "Manage Plugins" in WHM the page will load forever, while this screen is being displayed: CloudLinux 7.7 cPanel version v86.0.16
  16. M

    Plugins section is not displaying

    hello I have a problem in plugins section is not displaying in WHM though I have already installed csf as well as clamav and other plugins but the option is still not there. I re-installed the add-in after changing the file name pluginscache.yaml # mv /var/cpanel/pluginscache.yaml...
  17. D

    Integrate custom plugin with WHM default theme?

    Question: How can i integrate default whm theme (x) with custom whm plugin UI. I have tried following the guidance on 1)whm plugin - interface 2)create a new whm interface in template toolkit When i run script index.cgi it gives me " Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess...
  18. M

    Creating a Basic cPanel Plugin Issue

    I try to development my first cPanel plugin, i passed to write live page and install plugin <?php ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(-1); include("/usr/local/cpanel/php/cpanel.php"); // Instantiate the CPANEL object. $cpanel = new CPANEL(); // Connect...
  19. inteldigital

    install_plugin not working

    Hi, I'm trying to add a couple of links into WHM via plugins in the cPanel dash. I've got the install package prepped and have uploaded it to the server but for some odd reason I can't run the install script, it just says "No such file or directory". I'm running as root and I've cd to the...
  20. Islandhosting

    Plugins stop working after upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 76

    After upgrading from 74.x to 76.x this morning, third party plugins are failing with "Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel." Some of these are our own custom plugins (both PHP and Perl) and some are from third parties (including the Cloudflare plugin). A reinstall of the plugins...