1. feldon27

    Visibility of 3rd Party cPanel Plugins

    I readily admit I have not looked much into cPanel Plugins created by 3rd party developers until today. I figured I would start looking for where I can check out these Plugins, see what they do, try out a Demo, and then possibly download and install them on my server. I started within WHM, yet...
  2. J

    Wordpress plugins won't update after WP installed with Site Softeware

    We moved a new customer's WordPress website to one of our cPanel boxes by setting up the account, installing Wordpress with the site software tool, then dropping in the tar ball and sql files. Site works fine, customer happy. Now, the customer is trying to update a bunch of plugins through the...
  3. L

    Munin plugins

    Hi, is it possible to install additional plugins for munin that aren't already in /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/plugins/ directory?? I've tried to install apacheRequest, is a munin plugin: I've used install instructions from...
  4. Paul Maher

    [Case 188513] Third-Party Plugins - Feature Manager

    Some things despite being unchecked in feature manager are still showing up end user CPanel: Cloudfare 1H Software Softaculous is this a known issue and any fix for it?
  5. S

    list of plugins

    Hi, Is there a list of Whm/Cpanel plugins somewhere or a recommended list of plugins most should have installed like ClamAv or CSF? Thank you
  6. H

    Deleted Wordpress Plugins Directory Contents

    Hello, yesterday i erased all content from folder: public_html/wp-content/plugins , and now i can`t log-in as administrator , it gives me an error like that from attached photo.. can anybody help me to fix this?? My site is - Removed -
  7. B

    No cronconfig, in WHM > Manage Plugins

    Hi guys, i want to install cronconfig in new server, usually i see it in WHM > Manage Plugins, but in this new server i dont see it like below screenshot - Removed - is there other way to install cronconfig using ssh or how to add it to Manage Plugins page?
  8. A

    Problem with Plugins

    Hello, i'm having problems with two plugins, clamav e munin Check the log CLAMAV: [20140628.213927] [20140628.213927] Problems were detected with cPanel-provided files which are RPM controlled. [20140628.213927] If you did not make these changes intentionally, you can correct...
  9. vipin

    Third party plugins interfaces are not displayed from WHM (cPanel 11.44)

    Hello, Today I have update cPanel server to new version (11.44) after updating i had tried to install CSF plugin but the plugin interface was not working from WHM >> Plugins page.In previous cPanel versions all plugins config files were saved in /var/cpanel/apps (Eg ...
  10. jmginer

    Install CSF on cPanel 11.38 (dont appear in plugins)

    Hi, I have just installed CSF on a new cPanel 11.38 server, but it dont appear the link on WHM > Plugins section, what is wrong? Thanks.
  11. P


    Hi could someone please tell how to install tar.gz files i have downloaded Nginx and cpremote but not got a clue what i do with them :confused:
  12. M

    Issue with PHP in WHM Plugins

    Currently, when accessing some plugin pages in WHM I receive this error: Apache Error Log: [Fri Jan 18 23:57:41 2013] [error] [client] Invalid method in request \x80w\x01\x03\x01 [Fri Jan 18 23:57:41 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist...
  13. O

    cPanel Plugins Failed

    Somehow... my cpanel plugins went wrong, all plugins didn't work :confused: and the worst thing is cphulk didn't work either, so it has no firewall at all (csf also failed). here i attach a screen shot what am i supposed to do to fix it up, need help please thanks
  14. R

    Munin does not appear in plugins

    I have a brand new server with CentOS, latest whm, MySQL, etc, and activated Munin but the link does not show in the plugins menu. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted cpanel and logged out and in (all the obvious things) to no avail. Never had this happen before on other servers. Any...
  15. G

    Plugins are missing from WHM?

    Okay This is my old server: This is my new dedi server: We're missing the plugins part!? Any help on fixing this please. sorry If I posted on the wrong section
  16. sneader

    Removing Plugins from WHM for Resellers

    I have a number of plug-ins that Resellers see, but they can't use them due to permissions (thankfully). But they are confusing to even be there. Under "Edit reseller privileges & nameservers", there is a checkbox for "Manage Third Party Services" that I ALREADY HAVE UNCHECKED but this does...
  17. U

    cPanel Setup and Plugins Installer Free on SourceForge

    Hello. I'm proud to announce our cpinstall script released to public easy use for cPanel user, useful for management Script will be updated upon new software update and with new plugins, function usually each few days. If you have any request or script, function we can update please post...
  18. W

    whats required to run vbulletin? any cpanel plugins?

    I have a fresh install of cpanel installed.. but my vbulletin seems to be missing a some items.. Do I have to enable ajax or anything like that? If so how and where do I go manage plugins so cpanel will run correctly? thanks
  19. T

    Making plugins -(URL links)

    I would like to make some custom icons in my Cpanel for the user. To submit support tickets. Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to do this. I have looked but seem to can't find one. Or I am looking int the wrong place. I simply want it to be an icon that will take them to a...
  20. S

    Letting WordPress users install themes, plugins without FTP credentials

    I run a WHM server, and lots of users have WordPress sites. WordPress provides an interface for installing plugins and themes directly from the WP Dashboard, without having to FTP them into place. On my server, when they select a theme to install, WordPress prompts for FTP credentials. On...