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    how to uninstall plugins

    Hello, I bought a VPS with root access but to my every client cpanel there are showing 3 to 4 extra buttons from vps provider company like add a domain which is redirecting their site also update billing information this is also redirecting to their site.. i learnt they have installed plugins...
  2. F

    Munin Plugins - adding new graphs(plugins)

    hi, I want to add to the munin graphs. is there a place that shows how to add new plugins/graphs to Munin and if not can you please guide me on this Fuji
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    What is the best plugins in joomla for rss feed support?

    hi to all What is the best plugins in joomla for rss feed support? please tell me , my email is [email protected] Regards Aiden
  4. G

    Configure cPanel Cron Times plugins

    Hi, I have 4 servers have the same cpanel version, I surprised in one of them that in the plugins area there is a link extra call Configure cPanel Cron Times which is contain the cpbackup and upcp schedule time so my question is how do I add this plugin to the other servers? Sincerely,
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    Plugins displays icons in a single row; they do not wrap

    I have looked around and not found the answer I am looking for. I apologize in advance in I am not asking in the correct forum, but this did not seem like a branding issue, so I posted it here. I have cPanel/WHM 11.25. The Plugins frame displays icons in one, long, single horizontal row. The...
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    plugins install

    I need to have the following plugins installed on my fresh CPanel - ConfigServer Security&Firewall - Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin - Mod Security Where are these located?
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    WHM plugins problem

    Hi, i'm having a problem on WHM is that i can't access to any of the installed plugins and i'm having a blank page :( i don't know why the url is like that: installed plugins: * Configure ClamAV Scanner * ConfigServer...
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    Video Plugins

    Hello!, I'm very new to cPanel and am still almost at the end of my free trial cPanel do not seem to support any video/music streaming plugins, and I dont seem to get much factual information from google other than installing FFMPEG. Can anyone recomended a plugin for cPanel that will...
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    WHM Plugins List ?

    Hi - is there a master or comprehensive list of plugins, both free and commercial, for WHM anywhere? Might be cool for the cPanel forums to compile a list. Doing a search on Google only resulted in a bunch of junk links and seemingly difficult to find anything helpful.
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    Blocking resellers from viewing Installed Plugins?

    I've never offered reseller packages but do have a new managed dedicated client that I want to set up this way for him to fully manage his many domains but not the server itself with this particular account. I've created a basic reseller plan with the required privileges. Everything seems...
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    Prevent Resellers from seeing installed plugins

    Is there a way to do this? Thanks, BraveX
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    How to disable plugins from reseller accounts

    I have various plugins installed on my centos 4x, current cpanel/whm server like CSF, mod_security and others. Although most are not accessable from the reseller accounts, the plugins section is still visible. Is there any way to prevent the plugins section from being displayed in reseller accounts?
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    plugins on WHM

    I have a question. There are a few items within the "plugin" area in WHM that I'd prefer my resellers not mess with. Is there a way of removing those without having to edit the skin? I found out how to modify what the reseller has access to within WHM "reseller center" ... is there a section in...
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    Install PLugins form SSH

    I was wondering how i can get cPanel to install plugins from SSH. For eaxmple, /scripts/easyapache can reinstall apache how ya want it when the one in WHm doesnt want to go well. I want to be able to install modsecurity clamavconnector spamdconf Right form ssh the way cPanel would do...
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    WHM Plugins

    Just wondering, when will all the !!BETA!! plugins finally become stable. They have been this way for as long as i can remember?
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    SpamAssassin and plugins

    I´ve been looking /etc/mail/spamassassin directory and there are some files v310.pre, v312.pre or v320.pre that load some plugins. Maybe one of these push the load high, If anyone recommend to turn some of them off, I would like to hear comments: This is what I have enabled by default...
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    Tomcat entry missing within (or moved from?) WHM --> cPanel --> Plugins

    Hello, I can't find Tomcat within WHM --> cPanel --> Plugins. I'm running WHM 11.2.0 cPanel 11.6.0-R15076 REDHAT Enterprise 4 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 Any idea beside manually install Tomcat? There was an installer at a certain point in time.
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    questions regarding cpanel plugins in cpanel x3

    First thing, can somebody please tell me what size the icons are in cpanel? Then also, is it possible to have the access link point to an outside url instead of an internal file?
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    Hiding plugins in reseller's WHM

    There isn't a tweak in the Edit privileges/nameservers section of the Reseller Centre in WHM, but I would really like to hide the Plugins that are not available to any reseller accounts we create (such as CSF, Fantastico Admin, etc). Is there a way of doing this without hiding them in our own...
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    You cant use name servers with plugins code

    Hello, I have one domain & afteradding a subdomain with the following names they just dont work But if i use test1 or test at the place of Plugins or code word my dns can able to ping them. Is there any somethign with plugins...