1. B

    cPanel installation is disabling network on proxmox

    Hi all, I have a proxmox setup with VMs. They all work perfectly fine and i can SSH into them from outside the proxmox network. Once i install cPanel, i can't ping them or SSH in them from outside of the network. I can still SSH from proxmox, but i can't open WHM with port :2087 and i can't...
  2. gdimi

    No phsyical disks and memory in WHM

    Hello to all, I face the following issue: when going to WHM -> Server Status -> Server Information , the physical disks information and memory information are completely empty. I have cpanel/WHM v98.08 with Cloudlinux 8.4 install in Almalinux 8.4 The server is a dell poweredge with a h710...
  3. I

    Empty /etc/fstab after cpanel installation on Centos 7 container under proxmox

    Dear All, I have installed cpanel under proxmox container where CentOS 7 is installed on virtual machine. After installation I have enabled quota from WHM also tried from command line but, I have found empty /etc/fstab after all. Quota's are not being enabled , can someone help on this :-...
  4. I

    Multiple IP addresses on Proxmox Container Centos 7 Issue

    Dear all, I am have installed Centos 7 as my Old server is running Centos 6 and I have noticed that centos is going to EOL in November 2020 . So I want to migrate to new OS 7. Here is the details :- I am having OVH Dedicated Server . I am running Host with Proxmox 6.2-4 on my Dedicated...
  5. B

    CloudLinux VM with multiple FO IPs on top of Proxmox (OVH)

    Hy there! I'm trying to get multiple FailOver IPs working on this cPanel (CloudLinux 7) VM. It runs on top of Proxmox on a dedicated server with OVH. Ideally I would use one Macvtap device and have all of the five IPs we need served from a single public interface. However, until I figure out...
  6. S

    SOLVED Network is unreachable in CentOS 7 after cPanel install + restart

    I followed the instructions here and then here to disable the network manager, I installed cPanel and got it working fine. I added extra IP addresses then restarted the server. Now when I try to ping on the server through proxmox's console I get 'Network is unreachable', and I'm unable...
  7. jimmy57000

    cPanel on Proxmox LXC issue

    Hello, I have installed Cpanel on my Proxmox (LXC) My question and what are the changes I must make on my VM? I have to change the kernel 4.15.17-3-pve? Do you think that and stable? On the whm I have this message : You must reboot the server to apply software updates. Thanks you !
  8. M

    OpenVZ / Proxmox 3.4 quotas broken

    I assume the mysterious 'other usage' for a user is just the difference between /sbin/quota $user and du ~ user, yes? if so, quotas under OpenVZ/proxmox 3.4 are broken. I'm running on proxmox ve 3.4 for this openvz container and I have secondary quota option turned on. I can fix quotas by...
  9. Karateka

    Proxmox v4.1 and cPanel on Centos 7 (lxc)

    Hello, I have installed cPanel on Proxmox 4.1 (the host node is running Jessie) with a Centos 7 lxc. However, some services are marked as failed in the system monitor, when they are actually up. So whilst troubleshooting this, I came across the following regarding required changes to Centos 7...
  10. hostmedic

    ProxMox (openvz) IPTABLES how to:

    since your hunting here - chances are you will want an easy to use editor - so use NANO. nano /etc/vz/vz.conf Then do Control W and SEARCH for IPTABLES Comment out (by adding a # symbol to the line ) the current IPTABLES= line and then copy/paste and add this line directly underneath the...