1. S

    Cphulk - not blocking "[WARNING] Sorry, cleartext sessions and weak ciphers" IPs

    My servers don't accept clear sessions or weak ciphers on my FTP ports. I constantly see bots (sometimes multiple ones) hitting pure-ftpd in my logs for hours. IE: pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] New connection from pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [WARNING] Sorry, cleartext sessions...
  2. M

    Login problem with Pure-FTPD

    Good afternoon, I hope I'm not wrong in the section. I have a problem when I want to access my ftp account. I have Pure-FTPD installed. Enter the records and I get the following error. Thanks for your time.
  3. L

    cPanel don't create FTP accounts. Error saving Pure-FTPD settings on WHM after upgrade 86 to 88

    It is not possible to create FTP accounts in cpanel, an error is displayed: "The system failed to set the permissions on one or more immutable (+ i) filesystem nodes to“ 0600 ”(as EUID: 0, EGID: 0) because of the following error: Operation not permitted" In WHM, after saving the settings, an...
  4. G

    Unknown outgoing connections from port 21

    I was trying to debug an issue with my VPN, and upon running tcpdump port 21 I saw a lot of strange connections: 14:43:44.633928 IP sub-131ip61.e-commercepark.com.49108 > myserver.example.com.ftp: Flags [S], seq 42960179, win 29200, length 0 14:43:44.634173 IP myserver.example.com.ftp >...
  5. cPanelResources

    Tutorial FAQ: Why do I see "Failed to retrieve directory listing" errors during FTP authentication attempts?

    Question: Why do I see "Failed to retrieve directory listing" errors during FTP authentication attempts? Answer: FTP uses a data port and a command port to transfer information between a client and a server. During an active mode session, the command port uses port 21 and the data port uses...
  6. E

    SOLVED Error trying to connect via filezilla

    Filezilla: Estado: Conectando a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:21... Estado: Conexión establecida, esperando el mensaje de bienvenida... Estado: Inicializando TLS... Error: La conexión superó el tiempo de espera después de 20 segundos de inactividad Error: No se pudo conectar al servidor Estado...
  7. A

    SOLVED Firewall issue with dynamic IP Address and FTP

    Hello All I have strange issue. I have to allow IP every time in csf other wise i am not able to login via ftp. Status: Connecting to server-ip:21... Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Logged in Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: PWD...
  8. D

    SOLVED Pure-FTPD Timeout on Amazon EC2 instance

    One of our servers is an EC2 instance hosted on AWS. For some reason, pure-ftpd connections do not work. Logins are successful but upon trying to retrieve the directory listing it hits a timeout every time. Firewalld is configured to allow passive mode. Even with the firewall off it is still an...
  9. Ishware

    Timeouts and slow SFTP uploads, FTP can't list directories

    New server with - Removed - (whee!). cPanel 78.0.3. - Connecting via FTP, can't list directories/files - get disconnects - Connecting via SFTP jailed or nonjailed is slow - Uploading files via SFTP - uploads 1-4 MB at 50Kbits/sec or less, stalls out. - Uploading files via cPanel File Manager...
  10. R

    Pure-FTPd log file?

    I cannot find where the log file for Pure-FTPd is located. According to your documentation, it should be located at "/etc/apache2/logs/domlogs/ftpxferlog". However this file is always empty. There's a post on here dating back to 2016 with the same problem.
  11. B

    SOLVED Pure-FTPD + FileZilla partial uploads get deleted when client's IP changes

    Not sure if this fits in cPanel forums, but maybe somebody can at least try and provide some workaround to this. We're using Pure-FTPD and over the last 2 years, we noticed a very frustrating behavior. In FileZilla client, whenever somebody uploads a (big) file, the upload immediately gets...
  12. B

    SOLVED [CPANEL-22169] Pure-FTPd: Preserve disabled ForcePassiveIP when NAT is active

    I have followed the steps to setup Passive FTP for pure-ftpd How to Enable FTP Passive Mode - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation After running the setup script I notice this line Updating FTP related RPMs warn [build_ftp_conf] Invalid ForcePassiveIP setting, switching to default of...
  13. leonep

    SOLVED Problem connecting cPanel FTP Server throught proxy

    Hi, i have problem connecting to FTP server through proxy My sever is a pureftp-d and is working good. My server is not behind NAT and works with passive ports good but if i try to connect from proxy with my client (filezilla or other) i got error. this is log containing error: Status...
  14. B

    Permanently modify the LimitRecursion setting?

    Hi, is there any way to permanently modify the LimitRecursion setting in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf so that WHM updates DON'T revert it? I have it set on: LimitRecursion 20000 8 WHM updates keep resetting it to 10000. It's not 1988 anymore. FTP directories can very well have over 10000 files and it...
  15. Shood

    SOLVED Filezilla can't connect to all FTP accounts

    Hello, FileZilla was working fine before, I didn't used it within the last month Now my users cannot connect to their FTP, FileZilla returns an error message: The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server There are no changes happened on my server...
  16. M

    [CPANEL-21020] Backup Transporter unable to prune directories using Pure-FTPD due to .master.meta

    Unable to prune transport “redacted.host.name” Error pruning “/cpbackup/weekly/2018-03-31” from “redacted.host.name”: ASCII My weekly backup to an off site FTP server has recently (late April) started giving this error. Nothing has changed on my end that I'm aware of and the directory appears...
  17. G

    Error detected with pure-quotacheck for $user [/home/$domain/public_html/$userdir

    Yesterday I upgraded CPANEL to v68.0.29 version and I think I hit an old bug or something. Everytime I create a FTP User (I try it in 3 different domains in the server) I receive the following error Error detected with pure-quotacheck for $user [/home/$domaindir/public_html/$userdir]: Unable to...
  18. Spirogg

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23772] Pure-FTPd Couldn't load the DH parameters file

    hi, I just installed WHM/Cpanel on my server : Centos 7 when I go to Home >> Service Configuration >> FTP Server Selection I selected Pure-FTPD and hit Save then I got these errors in the logs below. I get 2 errors I am not sure how to fix these issues? Feb 21 03:02:14 server.xxxxx.com...
  19. D

    PureFTPD Required FTP explicit over TLS

    I have configurated Pure-FTPD in my server. When a client try to connect to my server with FTP cipher: Required FTP explicit over TLS (Filezilla Configuration: Protocol:FTP, cipher: Required FTP explicit over TLS ; port:21) They get the following error: Estado: Conectando xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ...
  20. Henry Aspden

    SOLVED PureFTP Resets Passive Ports & IP Address

    So I keep going in to change /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and replacing the passive ports and FTP address on lines PassivePortRange 30000 50000 # Force an IP address in PASV/EPSV/SPSV replies. - for NAT. # Symbolic host names are also accepted for gateways with dynamic IP # addresses. ForcePassiveIP...