1. K

    Is there any log where we can view in which date the disk quota was increased ?

    I want to look in which date the disk quota of an account was increased or decreased. Does WHM maintains any log files for that ?
  2. A

    Account Disk Quota Exceeded - But isn't - or is it??

    One of accounts hosted on our server is alerting saying it's over its disk quota of 100GB. When I look at the modify disk quota for the account is shows the account is using 102GB When I SSH into the server and do a [du -sh *] to attempt to find where he's over the site is only using...
  3. Z

    increase quota limit for uploads?

    Hi, I am very new to linux and using putty to change some settings and the thing is I wanted to increase my quota limit for uploads. I followed all the steps setting up up to this point: How to Disable Filesystem Quotas - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation I searched the web for...
  4. N

    How can I solve disk quota exceed?

    I got an error about disk quota exceed. But our disk is limitless. I cleaned caches but this problem didn't solved. Also, in home directory, there is a backup file about 30 GB size. When I checked the disk usage, I saw email accounts' size is about 76 GB. I tried to download the backup file but...
  5. M

    SOLVED Moving Account to new Partition exceeds account quota

    Hello, I have an account sized as ~3.5Gb (all email) on one partition "/home2/" and I used the WHM "Change Partition" function (on the Accounts List page) to move this account to "/home/". Both partitions are on the same server. The account has a storage quota of 5Gb. The move completed...
  6. B

    SOLVED Force recalculating cPanel accounts disk quotas?

    Hi, for some reason, after a recent upgrade in WHM, my server never came back up after a restart it asked me to perform. My data center found out that the kernel couldn't boot off of the HDD anymore (- Removed -) so they now make my server boot off of a network boot kernel, which works almost...
  7. A

    Disk Quota Notification Emails

    Hello, Is there a way to modify the emails that are sent for disk quota notifications? Thank you!
  8. Samet Chan

    MySQL Disk Usage Quota issue

    Why I am seeing this MySQL Disk Usage Quota: 670.54 MB / 58.17 MB (1,152.73%) I checked on WHM in edit a package. Because there is no MySQL Disk Usage Quota. What wrong?
  9. D

    Quota issue: does it need to be enabled in all partitions?

    Hi, So I faced some quota issues, I managed to fix the "/" partition, however, after running quotas again, there is still one partition that seems not the have it enable, it is /boot: /dev/md/1 (already configured quotas = 0). Warning : Your system does not have a separate filesystem for...
  10. G

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20507] New Account notification shows wrong Quota

    I created package with 10240 Disk Quota(MB) in WHM(70.0 (build 51)). After creating the account, it shows 10GB disk quota in cpanel, but the new account notification email shows 10KB. Please fix it. This exits at least a month. Thanks /var/cpanel/packages/test QUOTA=10240
  11. Z

    Quota - over 900MB somewhere †The files outside of your home directory

    i have 1 account with 932MB outside home dir! i already ran fixquotas - no change †The files outside of your home directory, the metadata the system uses to store email in the mail directory, or the files that you do not have permission to access. please help
  12. behinam

    Over quota error with file manager and proxy domain

    Hello i have server with CENTOS 6.9 standard whm v68.0.29 when i login in cpanel with this address: cpanel.domian.com i have problem in upload file in file manager : An unknown error occurred. Are you over quota? and also in phpmyadmin have this error: token mismatch but when login with...
  13. C

    Does AWStats continue to work on accounts over quota?

    Hi, This is probably an obvious question, starting to research it, but I presume that if a cpanel account reached its disk quota, the awstats and other metrics will not be able to write or show anything for the month? got a site that has no metrics for a month and half, but notice its...
  14. G

    User over quota after backup issue

    Hello i have user who reach his quota on account and then he run cpanel backup so he doubled. Account has 4GB quota after backup he is over quota 3.8gb sum 7.8gb! How can i disable this one?
  15. I

    SOLVED Disk Usage Statistic on Virtuozzo VPS

    Hello! I've a problem regarding disk usage statistic on all of my cPanel accounts. I'm running on an Centos 6 with a Virtuozzo Virtualization VPS. As you can see from the screenshot, my hosting admin has enabled the quota for my VPS, but still the statistic gave me "NA" result. I've run the...
  16. S

    Increasing special FTP account quota

    Hi guys, Hoping you can help me increase my sftp email disc quota. My FTP accounts are set to unlimited but my sftp is set to 50mb. I just can’t work out how to edit these settings, it says “contact your service provider to increase usage limit” but I have no idea who my provider is as I used...
  17. Harlequin

    Drive Quota Unchanged Following Rearrange

    I've just rearranged a number of accounts to another drive but for some odd reason they still appear on the drive they were on and ALSO on the new drive thus the space on the original drive has not reduced. Any thoughts on this...?
  18. B

    Account over quota issue

    Hello, Pre-diagnosis: I've already run: /scripts/fixquotas On cpanel's quota page: Home »Account Information »Show Accounts Over QuotaDocumentation I've got an account listed as: 12521.73 MB For files, I can see: root@--- [/home]# du -sm /home/{username} 5765 /home/*** and under...
  19. I

    Disk quota notifications

    I set up a new account and transferred old website files onto it as I create the new website. Wordpress framework. Notifications are still going to the previous hosts email. My email is the only one set in cpanel. This is a new account. Her email address is not in the database at all...
  20. B

    Quota/Usage not udpating

    I am sure this issue has been covered, though I can't find it. So the issue is a simple one. Lets say a user has 10 gigs of mail [ yea mad ] and they delete/archive 5 gigs of mail off the server, using either webmail or their mail client. Back in cPanel under their Email account /...