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    WHM Quota vs DU

    Hi All, I'm having a little problem with quotas... WHM is showing that an account is using upwards of 200 MB. If I go into the home dir, and do a DU I can see that the account is no where near that amount.... So.. I tried a few other things, such as repquota -va | grep user And...
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    FreeBSD and Quota Issues

    I recompiled the kernal and turned quotas on and they appear to be working, however when I do any quota changes it says that the kernel is not configured for them. Should I be worried? It was not working prior to re-compiling the kernal and now it does so I am assuming it went fine. Any...
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    Quota Change to Unlimited Suddenly

    Hi folks. Just curious if anyone has seen this occur in WHM out of the blue: I woke up this morning, logged into WHM and noticed all accounts had Quota set to Unlimited. In order to fix this I had to go to each package and click "edit" again to reset. A common occurrence, or is there a...
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    Quota Problem: Space Used 0

    Hey guys, I've worked and worked on this issue and tried absolutely everything that I can think of. I've run initial quota setup, /scripts/fixquotas, /scripts/reserquotas, /sbin/quotaoff -a, and just about any fix I can find. I get these various errors: quotaoff: Cannot find quota file on...
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    editing package skin resets all quota for clients, WHY?

    I need to change the default skin for all clients on the server. If I edit the package it resets all clients associated with that package to the default package quota. The problem is I have several who are on special promo packs (extra storage). How do I just change the skin and nothing...
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    Exceed quota when backup ?

    Hello! When I turn on backup in WHM, disk usage for everyone go up (very fast for sites with high traffic, and slow for low traffic sites). Many 30M accounts now have reported as more than 100M disk usage (but when I check with Disk Usage in CPanel, or with du, it reported correctly as less...
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    Users going over quota

    When I create a new account...the user is allowed to go over their quota limit. Is there an option that allows this that I should be turning off. By the way, this is not a reseller account.
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    Quota problem WHM/Virtuozzo

    Gee, I've reported this to support couple months ago, and it's all but quiet! Just search through this forum and still no solution found, so I'd like to post it here in case somebody has found the solution. I'm running cPanel/WHM in Virtuozzo (VPS), and all is good except the quota stuff...
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    MySQL database quota lost

    Recently, I have been inundated with requests from users who have ordered an unlimited number of MySQL databases. Prior to one of the cPanel updates, their accounts were properly setup to have unlimited databases. However, recently, they are not allowed to create any more databases because the...
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    Quota and Bandwidth problem after Transfer

    Hi, I have a couple strange things happening. I transferred several accounts of ours from one server to the next but on 1 the bandwidth once it transferred to the new server jumped up from under 100gb to over 212gb and of course it instantly suspeneded him and on another the disk space used...
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    Quota and Kernel

    Hello, i have a red hat 7.3 linux box with WHM and i see that the quota not work fine, so i have check that my kernel dont have quota support: root@srv3 [/]# /sbin/quotaon -a quotaon: using //quota.user on /dev/md1 [/]: Function not implemented quotaon: using /home/quota.user on...
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    522 Transfer aborted. Disk quota exceeded!

    Hello, This is what I get through FTP. There is a lot of space from what it says at Cpanel. But ftp doesn't lets me upload. 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for conf_global.php 6460 bytes sent successfully. (6.31 KB/s) (00:00:01). 552 Transfer aborted. Disk quota exceeded any idea ?
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    Help - Quota Errors

    After tranfering a site from Ensim 3.1 to Cpanel 8.5.4 I get a problem. I put them on certain packages but the quota remains unlimited Meg. I tried all the quota fix scripts with no luck. I also tried to manually edit the quota through the quota modification link with no luck. Please HELP!
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    Quota fixed

    This thread is only for those who have the same problem as me. Other than that I can't help much. Ok.. I tried to restore my home directory backup using Cpanel, some how the connection just failed, I tried the second and third time failed again. When I check my disk usage is over 80MB...
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    How can we correct quota to include "nobody" files?

    My sites upload a lot of files via the web, and these are naturally stored under Apache's "nobody" user. However, these files are of course not included in the quota calculations, which makes them effectively useless! Has anyone got a workaround to fix the Cpanel calculations?
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    Serious problem while fetching quota data (quota): Megabytes

    The control panels of my clients are showing this message: Serious problem while fetching quota data (quota): Megabytes And in some panels all email accounts of domain are deleted !! (but I can see them in /home/user/mail/) Why?? I have executed /scripts/fixeverything and...
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    weird quota problem

    on creating any new account in WHM as root the new account immeadiatly shows over 5 Gb of space used, done the obvious > fix quota , changed package, changed username , etc any ideas ? thanks.
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    Problem with disk quota after restoring backup..

    Hi, I'm not a site admin, just a normal cPanel user. Recently I moved from one cPanel host to another, using the backup utility to transfer my files. The transfer suceeded, however, I was left with a wrong disk space indicated. Is there any quick fix for this that the USER can do? If not I...
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    Allocate a Disc Quota to a folder

    I have set up some password protected folders within my domain for certain clients, as follows: domain.com/folder/clientfolder I would like to allocate a limited amount of disc space to each folder but have been unable to find a way to do this. Please advise if this can be done, thanks...
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    Quota Problem

    I have an account that CPanel shows using 411 megs. Now, there is nothing in the users folder, just the default items cpanel places in when the account is created. public_html is empty and so is the mailbox. Has anyone else encountered this and/or know a way to fix it? Thanks;