1. A

    Improper Disk Usage

    There is one cpanel account in additional hard disk of capatcity 30 GB When i login to that cpanel account it show 15 GB used But in WHM it is showing that hard disk is full (29/30 GB)
  2. F

    Enabling quota on VPS issue

    Hello everyone, I have a VPS running and my client needs quota enabled on this machine. I have checked under the hood and i see that his "/root" partition is not mounted seperately. OR Can somebody let me know how do i go about enabling this ? Thank you all for your time.
  3. upsforum

    account quotas wrong

    I have a problem with fix quotas, all account wrong, for example for an account with 1GB ccount space disk usage is 70 MByte, I tried fixquotas script and upcp but not work
  4. H

    "0" quotas using whmapi1

    Hello, Are there any plans to update whmapi1 to support "0" quotas for the "MAXPOP", "MAXSQL" and "MAXFTP" parameters on the "modifyacct" endpoint? The behaviour of treating "0" as "unlimited" is inconsistent with other parameters such as "MAXSUB". The WHM GUI does support "0" values for these...
  5. G

    Getting account quota via XMLAPI

    I'm trying to use the XMLAPI PHP (v1.0.13 obtained off the github source) class to obtain the quota for an e-mail account on the host that I'm running. I've got the user, domain, password, port, etc. all configured correctly AFAIK, and set for JSON output using curl. The line I'm calling is...
  6. SuperBaby

    Hosting account not blocked after exceeding file size quota

    I am surprised to see that one of my hosting account has used up 7Gb when the allowed space is set at 2Gb. How could this happen? Why cPanel did not stop the user from uploading further?
  7. Mehrdad Tari

    SOLVED fixquotas problem quota.user

    Hello Dears i have a problem via Quota and Disk space usage cpanel - whm shown unlimited Quota and 0MB disk usage for all client when i run fixquota scripts via command line, this error shown: Cannot open quotafile //quota.user: No such file or directory No filesystems with quota detected...
  8. T

    SOLVED AutoSSL: Disk quota exceeded at bin/autossl_check.pl line 565

    hi, I deleted an (old and expired) certificate ("StartCom") from "CPanel > SSL/TLS > Certificates (CRT)" but two errors occurred: - cert file xxx not found... - Disk quota exceeded... And now if i go on "CPanel > SSL/TLS > Certificates (CRT)" i have this error: "A fatal error or timeout...
  9. B

    SOLVED Disk quota notification e-mails formatting

    Hi, At least as of version 64.0 (build 15) "Disk quota notification" e-mails are not properly formatted and are missing the "Date" header (only "Delivery-date"). Some e-mail applications will therefore display no date as a result of this or an incorrect date. Regards.
  10. R

    Freeing up disk space when disk quota exceeded

    I'm new with c panel, encountered a problem of freeing up disk space in cpanel when disk quota is exceeded. I tried to delete the cur and new folder at the admin of the file manager , folder will delete but won't create again when I try to create the folder again because of the disk quota...
  11. T

    Automatically Suspend Account Over Quota

    Hi how i can set auto suspend in WHM when user over quota?
  12. K

    Create Reseller Account, but cPanel shows full quota for said account.

    I've been using WHM/cPanel on Hostgator for years. When I created my account on Hostgator, I had to create a cPanel for the same domain. I assigned it quotas out of my reseller package. Now I have my own VPS and I have setup cPanel, when I create the reseller account and give it 70GB all...
  13. M

    Over quota error no login possible

    Hi, a account exceeded the quota, now a login to cpanel user interface is no possible! See screenshot. Where can be the problem?
  14. Z

    Over quota

    Hi, We have weird thing today. Below error keep coming and user cannot send email via webmail (roundcube, horde, squiremail). 2017-03-06 14:11:40 failed to expand condition "${if exists {$home/etc/$domain/quota}{${if > {${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{$home/etc/$domain/quota}{$value}{0}}}{0}{${if...
  15. M

    quota setup warning

    I'm wanting to turn on quota's with Initial Quota Setup and recieve the usual warning about the kernel. My question is how can I tell if the kernel was prepared with quota support??
  16. k2tec

    SOLVED Wrong disk quota and disk used after transfer

    After transfering my accounts to a other VPS my disk used and quota are wrong. All quota's are unlimited and the disk used is 17M and on the other server 1.7GB Transfer from server CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 kvm – vps WHM 60.0 (build 35) Easyapache 3 to CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 kvm – vps WHM 60.0 (build 35)...
  17. M

    OpenVZ / Proxmox 3.4 quotas broken

    I assume the mysterious 'other usage' for a user is just the difference between /sbin/quota $user and du ~ user, yes? if so, quotas under OpenVZ/proxmox 3.4 are broken. I'm running on proxmox ve 3.4 for this openvz container and I have secondary quota option turned on. I can fix quotas by...
  18. P

    SOLVED Disk Quota Not Updating Properly

    Hi I restored one account from a different server, this account had one Package with unlimited use of disk usage (this package does not exist on my server) I used "Upgrade/Downgrade an Account" to assign a new package with limit on disk usage, every seems good, but on Cpanel account still...
  19. S

    IMAP quota issue

    Hello all, One of our customers contact with me and say that thunderbird has stop to display quota recently. I setup test environment and see that customer is right. If I go to the properties of Inbox dir and click on the "Quota" tab it show QuotaRoot: "cPanel Account", Usage: 0 of 2560000Kb...
  20. postcd

    SOLVED Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided paths.

    In cPanel/Backup when i selected mysql backup to be restored and submitted upload button, this error appeared: A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. What could caused this? I do not have access to the WHM server error log.