1. H

    Reboot your system to update the kernel.

    Hello After install cloudlinux than reboot server still see Reboot your system to update the kernel. If this message is displayed after reboot, please contact support [root@srv9 ~]# uname -rv 4.18.0-477.27.2.el8_8.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Sep 29 08:21:01 EDT 2023
  2. baronn

    Almalinux UPGRADE fails on reboot

    Hello Everyone, Had/have a few old boxes lying around still running centos7. So took the plunge and decided to upgdare using elavate on one of them to see how smoothly the process went/goes. Initially it went to stage3 then rebooted after which we couldnt access the box (maybe was still doing...
  3. W

    Server wont reboot. Stuck on some login screen. (Almalinux 8)

    So, im not a technical guy and need some help here. Recently just got an OVH server. Installed a WHM/Cpanel trial license with Almalinux8. Installed Mariadb 10.6, csf and the Engintron plugin. Ive used all of those before on other servers with Cpanel so its nothing new. Install went...
  4. D

    /var/run/mysqld/ does not get created after reboot

    Hey. We've run into a strange problem lately and we can't figure out what the problem is. On all of our servers that run cPanel and CloudLinux, the /var/run/mysqld/ directory does not get created during a reboot. MariaDB is configured to use /var/run/mysqld/ as the pid file (which is...
  5. Q

    AlmaLinux server unreachable after cPanel install and reboot

    I have some kind of notworking problem, I installed AlmaLinux 8, rebooted, OK I installed cPanel, ran Initial Quota Setup, and rebooted - server unreachable, no network I connected via KVM, logged in as root and ran "service network restart", and it's back online I rebooted again and had to do...
  6. H

    I keep getting the "You must reboot the server to apply software updates"

    I have a fresh install of WHM on AlmaLinux 8. Prior to installation, I ran the command something like 'sudo dnf update' to update the packages on the box. After the WHM install, now in the WHM dashboard, I get two notifications to 'You must reboot the server to apply software updates' I...
  7. M

    WHM Server Reboot notification leads to 404 Not Found page

    See attached screenshots, pretty much says it all. Note that this is from clicking on the actual notification in the upper right corner; the Graceful Server Reboot in the left hand navigation works fine. -Michael
  8. L

    what first update kernel or software, or I have to reboot, and Server takes on All updates automatically

    My Godaddy VPS LAMP CENT OS 7.9.x server - in WHM/cPanel Indicates two messages, I have to restart server to apply Kernel updates, and restart to apply software updates… what first update kernel or software, or I have to reboot, and Server takes on All updates automatically…?
  9. M

    SOLVED [SOLVED] WHM/cPanel unresponsive after reboot, SSH access

    It's a new server, Almalinux 8, installed cPanel, created a couple of accounts, disabled DNS, tried to set AutoSSL that worked for one domain and didn't work for another. Tried AutoSSL several times, removed self-signed SSL, decided to reboot. No access to WHM, cPanel nor websites. I'm able to...
  10. M

    Need reboot server after Update

    Hi, I rebooted the server 5 times and the notification for "apply kernel updates" and "softwares updates" dont hide from my WHM. How I can resolve this or hide this messages?
  11. M

    Reboot Notification Bug

    Hi, Im using EDGE version in my cPanel Server and after update the system show the message to reboot. I rebooted the server 3 times and messages dont disappear How I can fix this?
  12. B

    Webserver fail after gracefull reboot

    After server gracefull reboot, server access missing, no ping, no boot.. no nothing Hardware Intell Xeon E3-1230 v3 -3.3Ghz - 32GB RAM, 2 TB OS CENTOS 7 Can do a hard reboot with IPMI but no normal boot. Hhowever, server boot in rescue mode with options for Freebsd_10.1_amd64 or 10.2 or 11.0...
  13. A

    WHM prompts for reboot with kernel care installed

    I have a de3dicated server and WHM prompts for reboot with kernel care installed. My host has verified the kernel is up to date and said its a problem in WHM.
  14. cPanelLauren

    I keep getting the "You must reboot the server to apply software updates" with Kernalcare installed

    What's the output when you run the following: /bin/needs-restarting
  15. M

    Frequency Reboot for apply WHM/cPanel updates

    Hi, I contacted with CloudLinux support and they told me: -All her software are updated with "yum update": CloudLinux, Imunify360, Kernelcare, etc. -Only need reboot server when update the Kernel, not when update other CloudLinux things (but with Kernelcare i can wait time because patch are...
  16. V

    Imagick disappeared after a reboot

    We're currently running v86.0.18 of cPanel. Before that, there was the link/message asking to reboot for the new updates to take effect. After the reboot, ImageMagick disappeared. ImageMagick installed [root@host2 centos]# rpm -qa|grep ImageMagick ImageMagick-
  17. D

    error: not a correct XFS inode after WHM Update Reboot

    Today after seeing the update notification in WHM I performed the usual graceful reboot (after clicking the notification etc.), and I noticed the server wouldn't come back online. I couldn't SSH or connect in any way. Since I host WHM on Google Cloud, I could check the serial console output on...
  18. M

    DNSOnly Updates / Auto reboot

    Hi Everyone, I have a DNS cluster with 6 members. (geographically diverse) They update automatically (good) but then sit there waiting patiently for me to log in to see if they need to reboot. At the very least, couldn't they send an email when the need to restart? Email works from the boxes...
  19. AGuyInFL

    Site connectivity issues after server reboot

    The other day I rebooted the server via WHM and when the site came back on it acted like it crashed (it showed php code in the pages instead of the content). I repaired the tables via the repair table option and everything came back to normal. But since that reboot I am having some connectivity...
  20. AndyX

    Sync Time with Server Time after reboot

    When my dedicated server is rebooted I need to manually do this in order for the time on XenForo to be correct: WHM -> Server Time -> Sync Time with Server Time How can I automate this process during reboot?