1. J

    7.x RELEASE Version for FreeBSD?

    When is a 7.x RELEASE version going to be available for FreeBSD 4.8? Jeff Support Ticket Number:
  2. P

    Can't release IP to change IP for account

    Does anybody know why WHM doesn't release an Ip? I go to 'Show/edit reserved IPs' which are all reserved. I then unmarks the checkbox for the IP which shold be assigned to the account and WHM returns this: Found 0 free ips. /etc/ipaddrpool has been updated I've rebuild the IP pool several...
  3. H

    FreeBSD release

    I was actually wondering about that, the linux release had gone up to 7.2, while FreeBSD is still in EDGE 7.1 They were doing some nice development work on the FBSD version until July 3rd, and then the whole process stopped. I have to agree though we ran a demo FBSD 4.8 with cp7.1 and it...
  4. M

    Why Release ????

    Hello All, I have selected "Manual (Stable Tree)" from the "Change Update Preferences" Setting in WHM for all my 12 Servers. I upgrade to Latest. But all my servers were upgraded to Release - 5 Build Why ???? Right Now all My servers are on WHM 6.4.2 Cpanel 6.4.2-R5 RedHat 7.3...
  5. A

    vortex release

    Wed May 28 17:18:30 EDT 2003 6.x Build#40 --------------------------------------------------------------- vortex release What is this does? Support Ticket Number:
  6. A

    Update Stable = Release

    In my update preferences I have marked "Manual Updates Only (STABLE tree)" but when I run upcp i get Cpanel 6.4.2-R16 why? Support Ticket Number:
  7. I

    Release Vs. Stable Assistance

    I have it set to auto update to stable only. But I noticed I have Release 5 when I do the updates it checks and says I dont have the latest it does a lot of ......... and more ..... then at the end is says to close WHM window to reset itself. I close it out and open it backup and it still shows...
  8. C

    XP/2000 CPanel ETA Release?

    Anyone know of an ETA on the XP/2000 CPanel release, even a beta? The main page has indicated 75% complete for as long as I remember....
  9. N

    Upgrade error to newest release build

    I allways keep my server on stable build, but considering the new features the release build had i really wanted. so i took the chance of upgrading to it and now i have received this email from my server and dunno what it means? Anyone got any ideas? Traceback (innermost last): File...
  10. cPanelNick

    cPanel 6.0 RELEASE & STABLE builds

    The 6.0 RELEASE and STABLE builds are now out. If you don't want to upgrade to cPanel 6.0, this is your last chance to set your update prefs in WHM to NEVER for cPanel.
  11. T

    When will be release "WHM RELEASE 6.0" version?

    When will be release "WHM RELEASE 6.0" version? ?
  12. T

    awstats problem on latest cpanel release version

    Hi, This is awstats problem on latest cpanel release version Message; &Error: SiteDomain parameter not found in your config/domain file. You must add it for using this version. Setup ('/home/*****/tmp/awstats/awstats.*****.com.conf' file, web server or permissions) may be wrong...
  13. T

    Why, release CPanel was not upgrading?

    Hi, CPanel release version is Cpanel 5.3.0-R6 yet, why? Why, release CPanel was not upgrading?
  14. O

    subdomains not working with release?

    I just tried to create a subdomain on one of the accounts on my server. It says it's done and I also see it in the DNS settings. The directory is also created. However, I get a server not found error when trying to access it (no IP subdomain). What could be wrong? Is it because I tried to...
  15. H

    Release IP on Liunx?

    Anyone can tell me how to release ip ?
  16. H

    a bug in latest release...

    Hello Friends, There is a bug in your new release which have blocked the access to all resellers and clients saying that your cpanel licence is expired while the your authorized reseller burstnet claims that their licence is not expired and this is a bug in your new update which is expected...
  17. A

    Frontpage Bug in new release?

    New accounts I\'m creating after this latest release have the cgi-bin directory removed by Frontpage when you publish. Not even a prompt, it\'s just gone. It also prompts to remove files it never used to worry about. Has anyone else noticed this? It doesn\'t seem to happen with accounts...