1. bloatedstoat

    Send Configserver Mailscanner RBL lookups to remote DNS

    Hello, We switched to Config Server's Mailscanner for spam and virus protection and our new server utilises pDNS over Bind. Sadly for us, pDNS that comes with cPanel is not a caching nameserver and so we're constantly running up against the infernal "Your query was blocked" when the system...
  2. H

    Automatically Detect Configuration : Remote - new by mistake

    I'm on merging to a new server and for testing I transfered all accounts several times lask week it seems like I missed to unselect this "live transfer" once at one account as that account was suspended I unsuspended the account but today I saw emails dont arrive / because the "Automatically...
  3. spaceman

    (How much) Does it matter when local and remote DNS disagree?

    Hi All, I think I'm correct in saying that WHM always creates a local DNS zone file (which may become part of a WHM DNS Cluster, if enabled) for new domains that are added to a WHM server, e.g. as a primary domain, parked domain, or subdomain. It does this regardless of whether the local...
  4. S

    Remote Mx wizard plugin

    Hi I we moved to a new server and used to have this plugin which is great for google workspace mx entries, while tranfering evrtyhing to our new server >I noticed gk-root site is down and maybe the plugin is abbandond, by any chance does anyone know where can I download a copy of this plugin or...
  5. A

    SOLVED remote destination for backup not validating

    Hi I recently set up an AlmaLinux dedicated server to replace one of my Centos7 dedicated servers I am trying to set up a remote SFTP destination in the WHM for the backup of my new server I am backing up from AlmaLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD standard cPanel Version 110.0.6 to one of my other...
  6. F

    cPHulk help newbie Apply protection to local and remote addresses

    Hi, I am a newbie to cPHulk and need some help with the settings. I have enabled it on VPS Please can someone explain in very simple terms (I do not understand exaclty the cpanel documentation on this) the difference between: Apply protection to local addresses only and Apply protection to...
  7. H

    Jetbackups - Remote mount Input/output error (5)

    I'm getting the following errors trying to backup to a machine I have mounted via SSH/SFTP in rclone [24/Mar/2023 01:24:26 +0000] [PID 3861464] [ERROR] Failed transferring account "accountname" backup to destination "STORAGE". Error: rsync: [generator] symlink...
  8. A

    Is is possible to have one recent backup in local storage and multiple backups in remote?

    Hi, Is is possible to have one recent backup in local storage and multiple backups as per configuration in remote locations? Or at least is it possible to show remote backups in cpanel interface. Currently it shows only if they are stored in local.
  9. J

    Weekly/Monthly Backups stored locally when remote destination selected

    I have my backup configuration set to remote storage on Backblaze. My backups are being stored there. I have Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory unchecked so that all backups are sent to remote storage. WHM still stores weekly and monthly backups in the /backup directory. I'm sure...
  10. H

    SOLVED Remote User Account Transfer

    Hi, I'm getting this error when using Home > Transfers > Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account: Account “username”: Error while executing “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/getremotecpmove”. The “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/getremotecpmove username” command (process 15162) reported error...
  11. V

    Can't setup remote mysql profile

    Hi, I'm trying to connect a new remote mysql server to whm, however it fails with the following error. I've performed the following command to give it the right access. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'cpanel'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION; I also performed the same with hostname 'localhost'...
  12. J

    Setting up remote DNS

    Hello. I currently run all my dns services within WHM/cpanel. Due to reaccuring slow response times I'd like to migrate ALL dns services (including all txt records, dmark, dkim, etc.) off the server while still keeping mail and websites on the server. Is this feasable? Thank you.
  13. K

    Mysql refusing remote connection over vpn

    I've been using the remote access hosts feature on cpanel for awhile to remote into one of our mysql databases on a dedicated server we own. I have a few hours a week I'm on a VPN (expressVPN if it matters) and for some reason even after I enter the IP address and/or IP address range it won't...
  14. K

    In Progress CPANEL-41370 - remove Remote Mysql link and icon from cpanel in jupiter

    How can we get rid of the the Remote MySQL icon and link in cpanel when we use jupiter? We do not allow remote mysql. Was no problem getting rid of all icons and links in cpanel interface we did not need, in paper lantern, but how can we do it in jupiter?
  15. J

    How to add remote MySQL for only one account

    Folks, I have one customer who wants to use MySQL 8.0. All the others use MySQL 5.7. I use AWS, so I could provision a second server just for MySQL if that is the best option. Thanks, Jim
  16. bellwood

    How are you dealing with remote domains and cloudflare

    Just wanted to ask the community how they are enforcing "Allow Remote Domains" being turned off while still permitting domains using remote nameservers to be added? In my case, domains being added have an A and AAAA that resolve to addresses on my server, however, unless I add seemingly endless...
  17. M

    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy.

    how do we can fix this ! smtp error SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy. Please try again later from []. (S77719) []. after restarting only emails working
  18. SimpleTechGuy

    Easy Remote option for Adding to Spam Filter Blacklist

    Hi, wondering if there are any alternative ways to adding an email address to the "Spam Filters / Blacklist" in Cpanel. Currently the only option I see is to log into Cpanel and go to Email / Spam Filters / Show Additional Configurations / Blacklist". Ideally a person could maybe add to...
  19. N

    Account Transfer: careful of Security Questions (security policy on the remote server forbids it)

    Hello, Here another "Security Questions" story :) I just took almost 2 hours to figure out why I got an error during cPanel Account Transfer between remote servers. Common check for troubleshooting : The TCP ports 2083/2087 was opened in CSF. Tried to temporarily disabling Imunify360/CSF...
  20. M

    Is SMTP Restriction necessary if using Remote Mail Exchanger?

    We have our email hosted with Google Suite and 'Email Routing' is set to 'Remote Mail Exchanger.' Is there any benefit to enabling SMTP Restriction in WHM » Security Center?