1. H

    Excessive consumption of users in Overselling mode

    Hi Overselling feature is active for our reseller accounts, but we noticed that users can really consume more than the total volume defined by us. When I activate Overselling, I expect Reseller to be allowed to create more accounts than the specified limit, but naturally, he should not be able...
  2. M

    Reseller Migration

    Hello, I have 100 cPanel reseller accounts now I want to migrate 100 cPanel reseller accounts to my own WHM & cPanel server. Now how do I transfer full reseller account with package everything? Note: 100 cPanel Reseller account provider give me WHM username and password no root access. Also i...
  3. V

    Default Reseller ACL File path

    I had created the ACL with name "Reseller" but by default if i create any reseller it does not use that ACL It was using some other ACL How to set the "Reseller" ACL as default or edit the Default server ACL with our permissions
  4. N

    WHM Reseller functionality with Cloud/VPS Pro Account?

    I have a dedicated server with WHM/CPanel but I haven only about 30 accounts. I'm using three reseller accounts. Due to the price increases I have to move to a VPS. Not easy in Central Europe. But finally found one. If I buy a 30 accounts CPanel License there, do I get WHM with reseller...
  5. P

    Can't suspend accounts that belong to reseller

    Can't suspend -- via API -- accounts that belong to resellers. Is this the expected behavior? Is there any way to allow/bypass this restriction? Error from API: { metadata: { result: 0, command: 'suspendacct', version: 1, reason: 'API failure: (XID 2e88vm) You do not have...
  6. K

    How to disable annoying notification: "You are logged in as a reseller or root user."

    I don't need to be reminded every time that I'm logged in as root. Yeah I know I am. DUH. And that little red dot on the notifications bell is annoying and it never goes away even after clicking the bell and reading the notification, which means that much like how the boy who cried wolf was...
  7. P

    Missing /var/cpanel/users/system file. Cannot create reseller account without associated domain

    Hello, I was following this tutorial: But when I got to step 6: Create a user file in the /var/cpanel/users directory with the...
  8. HostXNow_Chris

    Migrate entre Reseller to server where root SSH access is available

    Sometimes we get customers who want to migrate to us and have 20-50GB of data, lots of inodes and 50+ accounts where the customer only has Reseller access. A web host can spend days manually migrating each cPanel account, and it's ok when doing a few of them, but when the customer isn't sure of...
  9. K

    How many licenses can I give a reseller

    So let’s say I have a 30 cpanel license on my server. I sell a reseller package and want to give then a licence of 10 cpanels. does that 10 comes from my 30? totally confused Kerry
  10. A

    change only main domain for reseller account

    Hello, we have client request to change only main domain of reseller account so username will remain same. As we know we can just modify account and change only domain without make changes of username or reseller privileges. Is mentioned possible without lose current setting for reseller...
  11. N

    In Progress CPANEL-40703 - Security Questions not "compatible" with Reseller accounts ?

    Hello all! To be able to protect my WHM and my cPanel login pages, I am using for long time the Security Policy with Security Questions. Without that, I feel like my WHM root login page is… naked. Today, I have open one server to my first cPanel Reseller. He is owner of several cPanel...
  12. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40230 - When there is an update for cpanel, it shows in Reseller account even though they have no option to update the server?

    @cPRex When logged in as a Reseller in v102.07 I see a notification (top right) that allows me to click on update server to 102.08 when clicking on it it says error. blank page. But the idea is that a Reseller should not see the update notification. Because they can't update the server anyway...
  13. N

    Reseller User can be on SOLO LICENSE?

    Hello, i notice in this docs: have a note: I am afraid a little bit because of the name servers. Now, I gonna host 1 OR maybe 2 websites with: 1 account with WHM/CPANEL on GCP with a: solo...
  14. z3d3m0n

    cPanel reseller logic

    Hello Community, hope everyone is safe. Could someone please explain to me the logic , how can I set up a reseller package / or ACL Limits with 300 GB of space with ability to create 5 subaccounts and use that 300 GB allocated space .. Now when i try to do so the reseller can't create...
  15. T

    API and reseller account wihout associated domain

    I have read and tried to follow steps to create reseller accounts without associated domains. Is there and example how to manage this as I have read URL and explanation:
  16. K

    Can a reseller be a Reseller

    So I created a reseller. Now that reseller in turn wants to offer reseller packages but I can't find anyway of allowing this in feature manager (or anywhere). Is this possible? Any advice apprciated Kerry
  17. M

    How to create Reseller Packege and How to connect auto sync

    HI, Please explain me how to create reseller package. Since How to intergrete to whmcs
  18. PlotHost

    View Reseller Usage table issue

    When I click the headers of the table in "View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status" for a reseller, the rows are messed-up.
  19. A

    Enable php ini editor for Reseller accounts

    Hello, How to Enable php ini editor for Reseller accounts? Thanks
  20. C

    How do I change the username and password for my reseller account (master login to cpanel)

    I'm the owner and admin for the reseller account. How can I change my login credentials for my reseller login?