1. I

    SOLVED CPANEL-43459 - CVE-2023-5631 Roundcube XSS vulnerability Is this resolved or a patch being released for tier Release 114.0.8 I am reading version active for...
  2. T

    email listed in WHM delivery report isn't in roundcube or client inbox

    Suddenly not receiving messages in either roundcube or Thunderbird sent to a particular email address. Multiple remote senders. The raw message can be read from the report page and can be found int the email user's cur folder, but isn't showing up in the email clients. This just started...
  3. M

    SOLVED CPANEL-43144 - Export Email folder on Roundcube

    Hello I cant find a way in Roundcube to mass export emails or a folder on eml format (or anything else) i can however export one by one but thats far from optimal when you have hundreds of emails. How can this be done? as per Roundcube documentation here: Import/Export — Roundcube Webmail Help...
  4. J

    SOLVED Roundcube password plugin

    I can't get the roundcube 'password' plugin to work with cPanel. I modified the plugin's 'cpanel' driver so that the username is the full email address (otherwise it errors). It also failed on the existing password check but commenting that out in the code works for now (for testing just to see...
  5. J

    Mail messages disappeared

    Hi, I'm having problems with my emails. The mailbox in question takes up about 1.2 GB of space on the server, but both from webmail and from the browsers I use (thunderbird on pc and IOS mail on mobile) they don't see all the mails. Furthermore, on a weekly basis, i.e. every Saturday, the emails...
  6. A

    Webmail/Roundcube Disk Usage not refreshing

    I have a domain where the system mailbox had over 22K emails taking up close to 15GB of space. I deleted them all. The Disk Usage feature at the bottom left-hand side of roundcube still shows that 15GB of 20GB used. There's only 4 mailboxes (in addition to the system mailbox) for this domain...
  7. U

    PHP-FPM causing slow loading webmail

    I have been experiencing slowness in my webmail. Doing some research here on the cPanel forum, I found two articles that "solved" my problem. They are the following: SOLVED - slow loading webmail | cPanel Forums SOLVED - CPANEL-37047 - How to disable PHP-FPM for cpanel | cPanel Forums In this...
  8. A

    Unsubscribe Email Folders - Only Affects Roundcube - What About Other Devices Connected to your Mailbox?

    When you unsubscribe from folders it only hides them from roundcube but not from other devices connected to your mailbox, based on my testing. This would be a nice feature if you travel and plan to use your mobile device to connect to your mailbox, you could hide all the folders that you don't...
  9. G

    Import separate POP to Roundcube

    I just switched a client to my server from GoDaddy email, and now I need to import their emails and contacts from GoDaddy to their Roundcube webmail. I found this: but I don't see "Import Messages"...
  10. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED mysql to sqlite roundcube script fails

    Hello, We're on the verge of a migration using the live transfer tool. On the destination server after invoking a transfer session the destination server scans the Source. After scanning the source server a notification is shown: Source: “” Roundcube database type is “mysql” …...
  11. leonep

    roundcube default setup

    Hello, As an administrator I often find myself having to create new mailboxes and having to continuously enter the same settings such as "always use html". Is there a way to set these default values for each mailbox i create? best regards
  12. JIKOmetrix

    RoundCube cannot create calendar

    Hello, I have a new server with clean install of Alma linux 8.7 and cpanel 108.0.14 that cannot create a calendar in roundcube. When creating a calendar in host108 I get a window that asks for a lot more information than my other server host104 that can create calendars. See attached. Here is...
  13. R

    Roundcube requires login twice

    This question below was posted by another user and I have exact same issue here the only thing is just one mailbox have this issue others works well. "Ever since the latest cPanel upgrade my clients seem to be having issues singing in to their webmail accounts. If they are logged in to cPanel...
  14. C

    Horde to RoundCube migration issue

    During the migration from Horde to RoundCube all of a user's email that was in the trash folder was placed back in the inbox. Any idea why this happened? It only happened to one user.
  15. J

    Roundcube disconnects the client

    Roundcube disconnects the client, sometimes it's a few minutes, sometimes immediately after logging in, I don't see anything interesting in the log and I can't deal with this problem. Jan 8 03:03:03 cp spamd[1536200]: spamd: connection from localhost [::1]:46340 to port 783, fd 5 Jan 8...
  16. M

    How does a client get access with his email to Roundcube ?

    Hi, I want a client to change his email password without knowing me, as admin, this password. I researched this forum and got the advice that the client can do this via webmail, but I didn't find a link for the client, that he can log into Roundcube to execute the password change. I tried to...
  17. F

    SOLVED webmail doesn't exist in new server

    Dears, We are facing a problem webmail is not working and it's not listed in dns manager knowing that IMAP,POP & SMTP are working on outlook client but the web client doesn't exist For us this is an issue we didn't had before and we need your assistance to activate this features Best regards
  18. B

    Roundcube Dark Theme Editor Bug

    In roundcube with cpanel darkmode with: /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/config/ replace: $config['htmleditor'] = 1; You can see whitemode on editor..
  19. S

    Server Error (Internal Error) at inbox only at Roundcube

    Hi! I get the message "Server Error (Internal Error)" at some of my accounts. If I create a new email at the same account it works fine. When I switch to Horde it works fine. It doesn't happens to all my accounts-domains. Some of them works fine with roundcube and some others not. The problem...
  20. T

    In Progress CPANEL-41317 - [Regression] Meeting invitation dates from ICS attachments not showing in Roundcube.

    Since a recent update, the start and end date and time have suddenly disappeared from the Meeting Invitation box in Roundcube. (See attached example.) The start and end date and times show correctly in Horde, so it must be a parsing issue in Roundcube, specifically.