1. P

    Rsync error: syntax or usage error

    Hello, I added second storage to cpanel. When I create new account and rearrange/move it to first partition it gives following error. cat /etc/fstab output: /dev/mapper/hv_srv3-root / xfs defaults,uquota 0 0 UUID=bbea1a40-ff50-42ce-87af-f5f5c01b4da1 /boot...
  2. H

    rsync issue

    when we try to rsync a useraccount from /home directory to another server .htaccess is skipping. why its happens.
  3. W

    Rsyc transfers - out of sync? ( days behind)

    I have incremental backups working to a remote server via rsync ( a QNAP in this case). I have daily x 7, weekly x 3 monthly x 3. This has been working fine for a while (years). Recently the WHM server storage hit 95+% and this stopped backups working until I resized the disk and created more...
  4. JIKOmetrix

    Only root as access to rsync

    Hello, I have fresh install of cpanel on Almalinux with Cloud Linux over that. I have some users that have perl scripts that use rsync. If the user tries to call rsync in a bacsh terminal they get this error: jailshell: rsync: command not found or bash: rsync: command not found if they have...
  5. D

    Backup WHM Server to Synology NAS with Rsync

    Hi All, I been doing some searching across net and the answers are mixed. I want to use WHM Native backup solution only. I.e. NOT Jet backup and want to backup all accounts to a Synology NAS. I was hoping to use rsync so I could do incremental to minimise bandwidth each night. I have 2...
  6. sozotech

    Rsync destination to TrueNAS

    I was attempting to set up an rsync destination on a TrueNAS server via SSH but I can never get the validation to complete successfully. I keep getting an error "could not upload test file: child exited with code 1". I changed the destination to a different Linux server and it worked right...
  7. T

    Backup transport errors

    Hello, my backups where working fine, actually they work fine, i have incremental backups I had enabled accounts less tan 50gb on backup user selection, as i have now a larger backup disk, i enabled one account that is about 60gb, but backups are failing for that account: I have disabled "...
  8. AndyX

    Cron Job rsync error - .meta file failed permission denied (13)

    I have two drives in my server. Every night I have a Cron Job which runs a rsync to backup my user folder and all folders and files below it. This has worked very well for a long time, but lately I have been getting an email indicating there is an error. Here's what the email indicates: I...
  9. G

    SOLVED Rsync write and mkdir failed

    I swear, I just can't make any progress >:-( So as I'm transferring to my new VPS, I realize that my old VPS is totally out of storage. I need to transfer 40G but only have 1.2G left on the old VPS! But it does have a backup drive installed, so I'd like to move data from the accounts that are...
  10. Jcats

    WHM Transfer - rsync - bwlimit

    Is there anyway possible to use the rsync option: --bwlimit=RATE Trying to reduce some IO issues on the remote server. Does cPanel use the OS's rsync or cPanel uses its own? Was thinking we could create some kind of wrapper as a last resort. Thanks!
  11. N

    SOLVED Incremental vs Uncompressed and remote Rsync

    Two weeks ago I realized that Legacy Backup does not work any more. I used a special configuration where I fetched the backup on a remote server via rsync from my CPanel server. I heard from attacks where attackers deleted the remote backups first, so I thought it's better if the Cpanel server...
  12. N

    Using rsync over a non 22 ssh port

    Hello, I am trying to use rsync to update the home directory of an account that just has been transferred. But the destination server has its ssh listening on a port diffrent that 22. So how can I update the following command to reflect the port number : rsync -av --progress /home/user/*...
  13. M

    Rsync for Cloning CentOS 1TB to 960GB

    Dear all, I plan to copy my 1TB Centos 6/7 boot disk HDD into 960GB SSD, by that i will create first on SSD all the partition same as the HDD, then i will start rsync HDD partition to SSD partition, my problem is what is the next step after i finish the rsync, what i understand i have to make...
  14. WebHostPro

    Using rsync remote backup destination question

    Hi, When I do a rsync remote back up destination with cPanel backups. Does it copy just the changed files to the remote server? The load seems to spike pretty high for just the changed files. With the folder name changing to the new date could that could trigger all files being transferred...
  15. A

    upload and sync folders with rsync

    I would like to sync a folder i have on a linux/debian machine with a folder used for my webpage. rsync would be most flexible but I get error messages: rsync -v aaa.txt [email protected]:/test1 rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [sender] rsync error: unexplained...
  16. C

    In Progress [CPANEL-21358] Unable to validate rsync backup destination

    Hi, I'm currently testing the new "Rsync" Backup Transport in version 74.0.2. Current System Specs: CentOS 7.5 cPanel / WHM 74.0.2 I've validated the host, user, password and destination folder by using cli commands, destination port is 23 (not 22) and everything works via cli. With the same...
  17. I

    SOLVED Switch to rsync backup

    Hello, CentOS 6, WHM v70.0.43 release tier. Currently I use "Compressed Backup Type" with remote FTP server as destination. Sometimes the following error messages comes up: Unable to send "/backup/2018-05-23/accounts/user.tar.gz" to destination "" Unable to send...
  18. M

    WHM Transfer Tool + MySQL dump + Rsync = sound way to move an ecommerce site?

    Hi, We have a Magento site on one cPanel dedicated server that needs to be moved to another dedicated server with cPanel. The site has pretty high traffic, so the owner wants downtime to be kept to the barest minimum. We tried the following sequence of steps to migrate the site, but ended up...
  19. N

    Rsync to Cpanel ftp account setup

    I have searched and searched. I have tried three different methods of using rsync and cygwin terminal. Is it possible to sync a folder on a Windows machine to an FTP folder? Public access has been removed from the folder since the files are proprietary. Clarity In short I have a folder with...
  20. T

    restore rsync user

    hi we have transfer data from other server as user account only via rsync in /home/user after complete rsync , cpanel username not shown in whm panel in account list but account available in home directory so please tell me what can i do after transfer. data in /home/username