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  1. yalinyalniz

    SafeAdmin Certified Yalın YALNIZ - Managed Services, Hosting/VPS-VDS/Dedicated Support and Emergency Support

    As a 10+ years Server/System Administrator and Certified SafeAdmin, I am supporting ALL cPanel/WHM solutions and partner softwares/services at fully. I support/optimize/solve errors/install these server softwares/solutions and %99.9 of ALL solutions on your server...
  2. A

    Problems with account activation

    Hello, I am having problems with my server I have noticed that sometimes when I activate again an account after a suspension does not leave the information if not that it stays with the data of suspeng.cgi in several opportunities and restarted the server to be solved, likewise happens to me...
  3. I

    Multiple parent nodes to one or two child nodes (mail)

    Hello, Management has asked me to take a look at the possibility to separate the mail services. They want to create one or two larger mail only servers and redistribute quota for site hosting. Is it possible to create a setup like below with parent child node functionality at this time Parent...
  4. HostNoc

    HOSTNOC | Dedicated Server, Web Hosting, Managed Cloud and Server Management Solutions

    Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for IT services and getting below par service and products in exchange? Are you fed up with downtimes, delays and long waiting times to get your IT issues fixed? If yes, then HOSTNOC is a solution to all your problems. HOSTNOC is one of the leading IT...
  5. techAMIGO

    SafeAdmin Certified TechAmigo|server management|24/7 monitoring|outsourcing |whitelabel|Cloud Support

    TechAmigo - Server management | 24/7 monitoring | outsourcing | Whitelabel support (Nelux Technologies Pvt Ltd) Do you tired of escalations, Long waiting time, and multiple agents fixing issues every time. You will definitely have a Good Start with us! Techamigo is an IT solutions...
  6. P

    Keeping a copy of emails sent via the server ?

    Hi, Please move this to another category if not appropriate here. This is an email management question I guess. We will have a number of people sending/receiving emails, through our email server, BUT they will be using their locally based email clients. Can the email server trap this and keep...
  7. B

    SOLVED dnsadmin has failed to restart.

    Hello team I have an issue when creating an account it gives me this error "The system failed to connect a UNIX domain socket to “/var/cpanel/dnsadmin/sock” because of an error: Connection refused" And I have noticed all services status in PENDING I have tried to restart DNS admin using this...
  8. V

    Anonymousfox and postfox mail id's found in C panel which are not created by user

    Hello team, We hosted WordPress websites on our C panels. I found below miscellaneous Webmail id's which are not created by us. I guess some hackers created and we want to know how it has been created * [email protected] * [email protected] Please help to avoid/stop...
  9. T

    How to fix high Load WA in command top

    Hello, Please help, how to deal with high traffic on WA, which I attached a photo, because the effect of high WA makes me unable to access WHM. Please help everyone.
  10. iserversupport


    iServerSupport provides 24×7 skillful Technical Support for Individual Server Owners, Web-hosting companies, Data-centers, and ISP’s all over the world Our team of qualified Server Engineers are experienced in all facets of Server Administration. We design, install, configure and maintain...
  11. 24x7server

    24x7Servermanagement is India’s leading managed IT Services Provider founded back in 2007 and was initially focused on offering network-design and implementation-related professional services to the Indian ISP industry and large corporate clients. Our technical support center is equipped with a...
  12. M

    Admin on Demand Server Management & Support

    Admin on Demand, is a cPanel Partner that provides remote cPanel support, linux server management, managed dedicated servers, monitoring and more. Whatever your needs are we will be able to meet them. We have a dedicated and experienced US based staff. Our formula for success is simple. We...
  13. N

    THR Support Services

    THR Support provides quality Linux server management and web hosting support services to clients worldwide. Each of us has more than 5 years of experience with Linux servers and web hosting support - we settle for nothing less then the best support. Our money-back guarantee ensures that both...
  14. GOT

    Green Olive Tree Cloud & Server Management

    Green Olive Tree is a PROACTIVE server management company which is veteran-owned and fully staffed in the US. We have been providing services for over 16 years managing cPanel-based servers along with other control panels and systems with no control panel. We support Windows and Linux, so we...
  15. kodeslogic

    SafeAdmin Certified Kodeslogic - Server Management & Outsourced Web Hosting Specialists

    Kodeslogic - Your Complete Server Specialist I offer you a full array of server management services executed by a Certified cPanel Professional. Our server management includes installation and maintenance of standard software packages, security monitoring and technical support. Our cPanel...
  16. cPAdminsMichael

    SafeAdmin Certified cPAdmins – Your European cPanel Expert Company

    cPAdmins – Your European cPanel Expert Company Providing best-in-class cPanel support and support services for customers and partners worldwide. We are based in Denmark, thus providing support in all Scandinavian languages incl. German, Spanish, and of course, English. cPAdmins are one of...
  17. H

    SafeAdmin Certified ServerAdminz - Outsourced Web Hosting, Server Management, Cloud and IT Infrastructure Specialists

    ServerAdminz - Outsourced Web Hosting, Server Management, Cloud and IT Infrastructure Specialists ServerAdminz specializes in 24/7 Outsourced Web Hosting Support, Linux, Windows, Game, cPanel Server Administration & Monitoring, White label Helpdesk Support, Remote Infrastructure Management...
  18. andrew.n

    SafeAdmin Certified EmergencySupport - System Administrator Services with a Personal Touch

    EmergencySupport - Server Management & One-time Support Services Are you tired of the big server management companies? Different agents every time? Long waiting times? I offer you a hassle-free server management service for one affordable price which covers everything you may need...
  19. S

    SSH upgrade?

    I thought cPanel/WHM automatically upgraded SSH too? I see one of my servers is running "OpenSSH_7.4p1, OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips 26 Jan 2017". How does this get updated? Should it be updated?
  20. SafeAdminResources

    SafeAdmin Certified SupportPRO - Outsourced Web Hosting & Server Management Support Specialists

    Outsourced Web Hosting & Server Management Support Specialists SupportPRO is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Organization that provides Infrastructure Management Service for Public/Private Sectors and Data Centers, Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Application Development & Maintenance around the globe...