1. P

    Need suggestions for STMP Smarthost

    Hello Forum; Question: Can somebody recommend a Third-Party Smarthost STMP relay to send email from my server? I am using the WHMCS platform (and hoping) to sell hosting to customers. My server is located in the AWS cloud. AWS apparently blocked Port 25. I just ran into this problem a few...
  2. M

    Exim Smarthost configuration and WordPress

    I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot use port 25 to send emails from Exim. Google Cloud disallows that from Compute Engine. So I decided to use a Smarthost, in particular a Google Workspace relay. I have set this up in Google Workspace, and I believe it can take 24 hours to take...
  3. N

    Requesting update to existing process/documentation? Smarthost settings only for specific domains

    There's some cPanel official documentation that hasn't been updated in 2 years. The latest WHM release seems to support "Smarthosts" in the WHM > Exim configuration page. What is unclear is how to only configure a selected number of domains (or cPanel accounts) to route via the specific...
  4. M

    How to Use Amazon SES as a Smarthost

    Hello, I recently discovered this document on how to configure Amazon SES as a Smarthost and would like to hear about any experiences bad or good that you can share
  5. JIKOmetrix

    SOLVED Autodiscovery SPF include hosts from the smarthost route list

    Hello, I have about 300 domains in a DNS cluster that were tainted by the default 'ON' setting "Autodiscovery SPF include hosts from the smarthost route list". This "Autodiscovery SPF include hosts from the smarthost route list" inserted an include into all of the SPF records for these domains...
  6. J

    How to route only one domain to smarthost Upstream spam filtering Tangent

    Hi, I´m web hosting provider and have one customer ( who already have the inbound mail filtered by antispam service (Tangent) and works fine. Now they need that all the outbound email for go to the smarthost antispam filter service too. Only this domain
  7. I

    SendGrid for all the hosted websites

    Hello, I have configured SendGrid using these steps: Now, I can send all my emails successfully from SendGrid for the main authorized domain in my SendGrid account only. How can I allow all the hosted...
  8. M

    Configure Smarthost at WHM Server

    Hi everyone, I signed up at AWS and created an instance at LightSail. Successfully installed WHM/cPanel and transferred some accounts via Transfer Tool provided at WHM. Everything was working great and then I tried to send an email. To my surprise i found out that AWS blocks port 25 and I had to...
  9. M

    Smarthost SMTP Relay for hosting-provider with 2000+ domains

    Hi guys, We are a hosting provider with about 2.000 active clients placed on four different servers. We are looking for a Smarthost SMTP Relay solution where our clients can send out emails through a relay, so that the reputation on the IP on which their websites etc is hosted does not affect...
  10. albatroz

    How can I do to add Mailchannels SMTP to a currently working EXIM smarthost configuration?

    I currently have my CPanel server configured to use a smarthost according to this documentation so only the mail sent to the domains listed in /etc/staticroutes are being sent through the smarthost while keep using...
  11. U

    Exim config to route email to certain domains through another provider?

    Hi folks, There's a regional bank with which a ton of people in our area do business. We route all our mail out through SpamExperts. The bank has a rule on their Barracuda ESS that prohibits any mail from a non-US IP address from being delivered to their accounts. I have tried numerous times...
  12. S

    Cpanel Smarthost Mailgun with multiple domains? not possible?

    Hi everyone, We've hit a brick wall with one of our service providers and the IP allocation across some of the servers. The IPs aren't blacklisted or RBL'd anywhere but they're still resulting in email being flagged as 'spam' on anything sent to an address hosted on office365 or gmail / g...
  13. A

    Failing to connect smtp server

    Successfully configured SMTP server per steps given below - Entered SMTP Name: '' under cpanel > exim configuration > mail > smarthost name - Added required values in Exim configuration > mail > Advanced Editor > Section: POSTMAILCOUNT | Section: Auth | Section: Transportstart...
  14. Z

    Auto-forwarding emails through local server

    Hello, We are using SMTP2GO as our relay SMTP server on our shared server but because they have auto-forward policy we would like to setup our server on the way that all auto-forwarded emails to go trough local Exim smtp server and the rest(normal emails) to go trough SMTP2GO.
  15. I

    Relay SMTP messages to Office 365 / Smart Host

    I can assure you that I have investigated this topic for hours before posting here. So here is so far what I have found: Set up connectors to route mail between Office 365 and your own email servers The office365 to our VPS connector is setup properly and we get emails to our VPS (on our...
  16. Z

    Smarthost setup not all domains

    We use 3rd Party email filtering with Fusemail. We would like to filter outbound email using Fusemail and need to point to their "smarthost". We have multiple domains on the same server in WHM/cPanel but only a few would require to have their outbound email going to the Fusemail smarthost...
  17. M

    Smart host external SMTP relay

    Hi All We are planning to host WHM in Google and so require SMTP relay. I've read some brilliant and not so brilliant articles on here, that have helped me. Google requires instances to send mail via relay. Sending Email from an Instance  |  Compute Engine Documentation  |  Google Cloud...
  18. U

    Exim conf for forcing smarthost even for local delivery

    Hello everyone, With the help of a few forum threads, I've configured exim to send mail for a few domains out through a smarthost (for encrypted outbound mail for HIPAA). These folks want to send each other encrypted messages as well, so I'm looking for the proper config to force those...
  19. B

    Use gmail api instead of the server smtp?

    HI is there any option to use gmail api instead of the server smtp ? Send emails from the server via google and not via the smtp of the server
  20. S

    Setup smarthost over WHM

    I have found this link about setup smarthost for cpanel In one the steps told: Go to the "Exim Configuration Editor" in WHM. Choose "Advanced Editor". Add in the routers section (after begin routers, and after the democheck: router block): But when i'm on the ADVANCED EDITOR i didn't see a...