1. O

    SOLVED how does spamassasin integrate with exim

    Hi I am reading the documentation of spamassasin and it clearly says So my question is: what happens after the message is given a spam-score by spamassasin in WHM, to which process is the message along its score is fed to? which process (program) does the routing? (long story short, I want to...
  2. R

    Global Email Filters issue with multiple filters

    I have a personal domain name with multiple accounts. It gets a ton of spam which I have been dealing with over the years, but I tend to get deluged by spammers using TLDs such as .club, .sale, .work that they keep changing. When a wave comes through I send them all to dev/null? (discard...
  3. D

    Filter incoming mail by Specific Header Value

    Hello, We have a spam issue in which emails, sent originally to another email address, are then being forwarded in bulk to one of our support emails. Since forwarding an email changes some of the headers, standard email blacklisting options do not work. The emails are not inherently "spam" in a...
  4. A

    unknown email sending from [email protected] to [email protected] but rejected

    Dear, For the last few days, I have seen some unknown emails that are trying to send remotely but have been rejected. I don't know why this is happening. Please check the screenshot and guide me on how I can stop this to protect my IP for listing.
  5. postcd

    SpamAssasin - how to block spamhaus listed IPs as cpanel user?

    In some article i read that SpamAssasin can block mail based on source IP being in DNSBLs like As cPanel (v. 100.0.4) user (not admin) i do not see how to do this. I am bothered by SPAM from one company subnets currently and i see these listed also on Can you...
  6. MotazHakim

    email filter for all emails

    Hello I have this filter rule i wanna set to all our emails we have the filter needed in the screenshot attached any email that contains the "unsubscribe" word on the body is moved automatically to spam folder so i want to apply this filter rule to all our emails and we have about 90 email i...
  7. M

    Documentation request for Filter Incoming Emails by Domain

    Hello Using the "Filter Incoming Emails by Domain" system on WHM has proven to be fairly good at mitigating some but not all spam emails. However, could the documentation ( Filter Incoming Emails by Domain | cPanel & WHM Documentation ) add some clarity as to how much this can slow down the...
  8. M

    spam problem

    Hello everyone, Our mailboxes are under spam bombardment and I am unable to do anything about it. I have checked the web nd the forums but it all starts with enabling the spam assassin or something else from the main panel. The problem that I have is, there is no spam option in my main panel...
  9. MediaServe

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26992] Improve spam box recommendation in cPanel

    I was working in a client's cPanel today when I noticed this suggestion in the auto-delete section of the spam filters page: This isn't exactly a true statement. Enabling the spam folder will not allow you to recover a message that you delete unintentionally. I think this would be more accurate: