1. W

    spamassassin move 'Spam Box' spam back to email account inbox

    Hi there I have set up spam box as a seperate collecting place for all spam on my account. I have 10 email addresses and spamassisin is good at getting all the cr*p, but occassionally, legitimate emails get caught in there and the ***spam** label is added to the subject. 1) How can I move...
  2. pkiff

    SpamAssassin X-Spam-Report includes link - but openspf is down/gone?

    The X-Spam-Report added by SpamAssassin to email headers today included a link to 4.0 SPF_HELO_FAIL SPF: HELO does not match SPF record (fail) [SPF failed: Please see;id=[subdomain.domain.tld];ip=###.###.###.###;r=[my.cpanelserver.tld]...
  3. O

    SOLVED how does spamassasin integrate with exim

    Hi I am reading the documentation of spamassasin and it clearly says So my question is: what happens after the message is given a spam-score by spamassasin in WHM, to which process is the message along its score is fed to? which process (program) does the routing? (long story short, I want to...
  4. F

    Spamassassin sa-learn not working

    Hi! I'm trying to use sa-learn, and I get this error: [root@dedicado spamassassin]# /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/sa-learn --dump magic ERROR: Bayes dump returned an error, please re-run with -D for more information Then, I tried with the -D option, and I get a VERY long list, but I think...
  5. C

    spamassassin sa-learn run on cron job

    Hi all, I need your help with running the command on cron job. I am currently using this command to run on cron job in every 24 hours following by: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/sa-learn -p /home/myusername/.spamassassin/user_prefs --spam...
  6. C

    Emails not scanned by spamassassin

    Hi all, I need your help. I have spamassassin enabled on my server and when I sent the spam emails for a test, the spamassassin did not scanned for incoming emails. However, I went on WHM and I found: Scan outgoing messages for malware [?] Off Apache SpamAssassin™ Options Scan outgoing...
  7. bellwood

    SpamAssassin 4.0.0 Support?

    @cPRex is there any roadmap for Apache SpamAssassin 4.0.0 support? Announcement:
  8. SimpleTechGuy

    Possible to have SpamAssassin Scan internal emails

    Hi, I've got a client who has a contact form on their website that allows anyone on the site to send an email to one of their accounts on my server, then they are forwarding that email to another server outside of my control. About 99.99% of that is spam and so when it's forwarded to the other...
  9. M

    add rbl to spamassassin

    hello everyone like the title says, i'm looking enable rbl on my server, but from what i've understand, if i simply enable it via Exim Configuration Editor >> RBLs, it would prevent it from being scored and even reaching my server? if so, i wanted to enable rbl but keep it attached to...
  10. G

    Why Spamassassin doesn't catch this email? [Solved]

    A user has been receiving this spam email for a period of 2 weeks. I'm quite puzzle why sa never catch this. The sender domain does has spf record but there is no record on the spam score. I also created global filter to catch it but it didn't work. My filter is something like this.... From...
  11. D

    Fetchmail vs spamassassin

    Hi! I have a fetchmail job with this script: poll tracepolls proto pop3 uidl auth password port 110 timeout 60 user "[email protected]" nokeep pass "password" smtpname [email protected] My problem is that because of the mails seeming to come from the FQDN of the...
  12. G

    .pre File gets overwritten daily

    I have modified /etc/mail/spamassassin/v310.pre file to disable pyzor plugin but it gets replaced everyday during spamassassin update. How should I prevent this?
  13. P

    Enable Apache SpamAssassin Spam Box for all domains

    Hello, Is there a way in WHM settings to enable Spam Box (Move New Spam to a Separate Folder) to all cPanel accounts. I have enabled it from Tweaks Settings, but I need to login to every cPanel account ir order to enable the "Move New Spam to a Separate Folder" option. Thanks in advance.
  14. postcd

    SpamAssasin - how to block spamhaus listed IPs as cpanel user?

    In some article i read that SpamAssasin can block mail based on source IP being in DNSBLs like As cPanel (v. 100.0.4) user (not admin) i do not see how to do this. I am bothered by SPAM from one company subnets currently and i see these listed also on Can you...
  15. G

    SpamAssassin scanning even though sender is on only-verify-recipient list

    I have some servers behind dyndns (IP changes every 24 hours) and I need them to be able to send mail to me. I added the dyndns domains to the "Only-verify-recipient" (/etc/trustedmailhosts) list under Exim configuration manager, but SA is still scanning these mails and marking them as spam...
  16. D

    SOLVED Spamassassin did no SPF check for this mail, but should have done it

    Hi! A worker received a fake mail from his boss about sending money. The mail should have been spam because of the SPF record, but spamassassin did not make any mention of SPF_FAIL or anykind of SPF scores for some reason (not even SPF_PASS), but it works with other mail. "ourdomain.tld" has a...
  17. T

    How to Configure Spamassassin Trusted_Networks

    Hi All I am trying to find where to set spamassassin trusted_networks which are present in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ but are not the same as the Trusted Hosts in Exim. I have configured 2 Cpanel servers with one acting as a smart for the other. Exim Trusted Host is set, but spamassassin...
  18. AndyX

    SOLVED Provide SpamAssassin report for incoming emails

    Is there currently a way to see how SpamAssassin determined a spam score? It would be nice to be able to see how SpamAssassin scores any particular incoming email.
  19. S

    SpamAssasin doesn't use RBL to check for SPAM

    Hi! I'm trying to make SpamAssasin detects SPAM using RBLs. To avoid "URIBL_BLOCKED" issue I configured BIND as a caching nameserver. URIBL_BLOCKED is not problem now, but seems that RBL are not used. In this FAQ I found that . My resolv.conf contains as I'm using CPanel BIND. Could...
  20. E

    Is admin notified of outgoing emails filtered by spam assassin?

    Hello, If we enable the "Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on defined Apache SpamAssassin™ score" feature in the WHM Exim Configuration Manager... is the server admin notified when an email is rejected? Does the email sender (cpanel account owner) get notified? Or is it just a...