1. E

    Is admin notified of outgoing emails filtered by spam assassin?

    Hello, If we enable the "Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on defined Apache SpamAssassin™ score" feature in the WHM Exim Configuration Manager... is the server admin notified when an email is rejected? Does the email sender (cpanel account owner) get notified? Or is it just a...
  2. Bashed

    Bypass SpamAssassin for 1 Email Account

    How do I bypass spam assassin filters entirely for my [email protected] domain address?
  3. manoaratefy

    Wrong SpamAssassin score on outgoing emails

    Good morning, It seems that I have issue with SpamAssassin. I found some people sending spams/phishing emails using my server. I checked and they are compromised websites. I'll fix these websites/suspend until owner fix it, but I wish to automatically filter these emails with anti-spam...
  4. G

    Whitelist spam pattern matching in SpamAssassin

    Can any of you suggest a way to whitelist any email from a domain OR subdomain of that domain, without whitelisting a domain that just happens to end with the same string? Eg, I get emails from [email protected] or [email protected], and possibly other subdomains of I want...
  5. R

    Spamassassin T_PDS_OTHER_BAD_TLD

    There is a spamassassin score T_PDS_OTHER_BAD_TLD that is supposed to rate "new TLDs used for spamming" ( Anyone know when this file is being updated? I regularly get spam from...
  6. G

    Incoming mail not always scanned by SpamAssassin

    Is it normal that some incoming messages from external network/account are sometimes not scanned by SpamAssassin? Looking into Exim log I have notices that messages canned by SpamAssassin are always marked in the log with a stings like these: "Warning: "SpamAssassin as cpaccount detected...
  7. W

    SOLVED SpamAssassin Subject header prefix

    A few months ago WHM/cPanel stopped prefixing ****SPAM**** in the subject for some accounts but not all. I have exhaustively searched within WHM, the documentation, and support forums (even thought there are many posts on the topic) and have not been able to find an answer. I am very familiar...
  8. 4

    Spam Box - don't rewrite subject...

    I'd like to know if anyone has successfully configured SpamAssassin to specifically NOT rewrite the subject but still deliver mail to the spam folder? I can't find a way to switch off the re-writing of the subject - unless I missed something very obvious. Customers absolutely hate the subject...
  9. F

    SpamAssasin and Bayes

    Hello, I see in folder .spamassassin that the file bayes_toks is updated with some frequency, but which script or job that make this? I want understand the script for improve my antispam. Thanks
  10. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How To Train SpamAssassin with SA-Learn

    Overview This tutorial includes instructions for using SpamAssassin's sa-learn utility to identify and catch more SPAM. Important Notes 1. The instructions in this tutorial were tested on a server running CentOS 7.6 and cPanel & WHM version 78. However, the commands and examples provided in...
  11. B

    Is there a way to add the header 'received-spf' ?

    Hi, When I turn on SpamAssassin I can see that SPF check is done ( with, for example '-0.0 SPF_PASS SPF: sender matches SPF record' shown in the header of emails), but I can't find 'received-spf' in the header, which is added by some providers ( like yahoo, gmail). Is there a way to add...
  12. HostXNow_Chris

    Enabling KAM Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset prevents newsletter working?

    I found When Enable KAM Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset is enabled a customer cannot send emails using phpList script. The subject or message itself is not spammy looking at all, but the footer does include the default text by phpList -- <div class="footer" style="text-align:left...
  13. coursevector

    SpamAssassin auto-enabled

    I'm in the process of migrating accounts and believe I have found a bug. We have ServerA, where SpamAssassin is enabled, but many of the cPanel accounts have it disabled. We have ServerB with SpamAssassin enabled as well. The intent is to have it available for customers to use, but not enabled...
  14. R

    Failed to start Apache SpamAssassin error

    (1) [Tue Mar 12 23:04:12.746492 2019] [:error] [pid 26968:tid 46962332174080] [client] [client] ModSecurity: Warning. Operator GE matched 5 at TX:inbound_anomaly_score. [file...
  15. F

    SOLVED White-list/Black-list address on SpamAssassin for entire server

    Is there a 'global' white-list and/or black-list at the WHM level? I know we can whitelist and blacklist email addresses at individual cpanel account level. But want to know if there's a similar way to whitelist and/or blacklist for all accounts at once. Thanks
  16. Denis Gomes Franco

    Forwarder receiving spam

    All my accounts have SpamAssassin enabled and with a very low threshold (really getting lots of spam). SpamAssassin is now working as expected, catching a lot of it. However there is one account that only has a forwarder address sending mails to another account (eg: [email protected] to...
  17. L

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26054] SpamAssassin forwards locally delivered SPAM

    G'day All, I can never find an obvious place to lodge bug reports other than by raising a support ticket, so I'll try it here. On all our 76.0.20 servers, the option to scan outgoing and forwarded email is not detecting definite spam created on-server and sent to an external address via a...
  18. E

    '+spam' added to incoming mail address

    I'm trying to identify what is altering my incoming email address by actually adding '+spam' to my email address, like: Delivered-To: [email protected]. These emails are going to the spam folder instead of inbox. I am using Spam Assassin and Spam Hammer. I also have a few word filters setup...
  19. R

    Notify User when outgoing email is considered spam

    We want to enable SpamAssassin in Exim but it appears that this would silently block outgoing email if its score is too high. Is there something we can do to notify the user if their email was block.
  20. D

    Why is SpamBox not enabled by default?

    It's great that SpamAssassin actually finds a lot of mails and marks them as spam, but it seems unnecessary to put these emails in the inbox by default. We get a couple request every day regarding spam emails, and most of them just needs to enable SpamBox. Why is this not possible to enable by...