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    I recently copied some accounts from one server to another. spamassassin stopped working on the accounts that were moved -- the following error message is returned when any mail is sent to the accounts that were moved: opendir(/usr/bin//..): Permission denied at...
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    spamassassin problem

    clinets getting normal email rejected, i read through the searches on this forum, caoght an error , missing pm so i reinstalled the from whm. things seemed ok then a new error started as per below &Child process of virtual_sa_userdelivery transport returned 70 (could mean...
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    I've heard bad things about using SpamAssassin

    Any way to remove it globally from all of my cpanels on my dedicated server? I've read reports that it can lock up the box!
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    Spamassassin error

    When a user tries to enable spamassassin the following error message is displayed: Attempting to enable Spam Assassin ...... opendir(/usr/bin//..): Permission denied at /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/ line 162 opendir(/usr/bin//..): Permission denied at /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/
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    Spamassassin > vFilters?

    Spamassassin > vFilters? I thought I'd tap into the board here and see if anyone had any idea how to apply user's filters after spamassassin's gone through the e-mails. From what I can tell after staring at the exim.conf file for about 2 hours, once spamassassin is given the mail, it plops it...
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    Forwarders and SpamAssassin

    Is there any way to set up mail so that SpamAssassin processing happens BEFORE forwarding? I want all mail, including the forwarded mail, to be examined by SpamAssassin.
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    Please, for the love of GOD, give us a way to turn this unholy piece of trash off server-wide. I have just moved 300 accounts to a new server, and half of my customers are reporting bounced emails because of thist thing. I'm not saying it's a bad piece of software. I'm saying I want the...
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    Spamassassin Works! Kinda

    Mail is delivered when mail is sent to cpanel box but a message is returned to the sender stating... Failed to run A_FROM_IN_AUTO_WLIST SpamAssassin test, skipping: (Cannot get host name of local machine at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Mail/SpamAssassin/ line 34 )...
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    Spamassassin keeps taking up all my cpu/memory. I keep killing it and it the process keeps coming back: 28019 username 33 0 84856 79M 0 R 0 98.8 33.8 40:10 spamassass I guess this has been running all night, making my load 1.5 steady. Why does it keep doing this and how do...
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    Spamassassin - hot to REMOVE?

    Hi How to remove spamassassin from the server. I don't want to change current themes - I just want to completely remove it from the server. Please HELP!
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    spamassassin --- some guidance?

    From my standpoint it would be helpful to know: a) what exactly happens when a user clicks on \"enable spam assassin\"... what files are updated, where? I don\'t understand how this is enabled on a per-domain basis? b) The changeLog forum had no mention of any of this.... as much as...