1. T

    SOLVED [CPANEL-24418] Update to latest version

    @cPanel Support: The ruleset that is included with cPanel is outdated and from 2017. An updated ruleset can be found by KAM at the URLs: - Removed -
  2. J

    TroubleShooting SpamAssassin without root access

    Hello cPanel community. I am new here. I have been using cPanel a bit over the past 2 years. I am an employee of a company that has a domain hosted with a cheap web/email hosting company. I believe this is called shared hosting; definitely not VPS. I do not have root access :( Recently I have...
  3. C

    How to remove X-Ham-Report from message header

    I have an incoming message which contains a header I want to remove before passing it on to the addressee (using a Forwarding Rule). So I want to create a filter which recognises this is a message I need to fix. and which uses the "Pipe to a Program" option. I then have to provide a script...
  4. sahostking

    Automatically Delete New Spam (Auto-Delete)

    How do we set this option on by default for all domains and accounts on the server? Automatically Delete New Spam (Auto-Delete)
  5. S

    SpamAssassin reject spam score threshold

    Hi Michael, I just want to know what is the recommended value when setting this up: Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on defined Apache SpamAssassin™ score (Minimum: 0.1; Maximum: 99.9) Scan and reject mail bound for non-local domains that Apache SpamAssassin™ classifies as...
  6. B

    Blacklisted email still coming through

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before. I have a blacklist on cpanel to block regular spammers, mostly corporate spam. I've noticed that sometimes the spam would get through and sometimes it is blocked. Is that normal? Example: spam email from; [email protected] Event: success...
  7. akust0m

    Disable SpamAssassin By Default

    Hey there! I understand that recently cPanel made an adjustment to turn on SpamAssassin by default for cPanel accounts. How do I turn off SpamAssassin by default, but still gives users the option to enable it manually within cPanel if they wish? Thanks!
  8. Paul Shultz

    SOLVED spamd pyzor error: TERMINATED, signal 15 (000f)

    We have new cPanel installation with Centos 7.0 and are seeing constant errors from spamd as per below spamd[18398]: pyzor: [18405] error: TERMINATED, signal 15 (000f) Does anyone else see this?
  9. kenrbnsn

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20518] Spam Box only looks for spam in the default cPanel email account

    The new spam box interface on cPanel (version 70.0.44) makes finding all the spam mailboxes much harder, so it's harder to empty them. The old interface had a "clear all spam" button, which would empty any spam mailboxes found for an account. The new interface doesn't have that button. One of...
  10. G

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20560] Update failure with scripts/update_spamassassin_config

    I've seen similar threads here, but mine is happening with spamassassin script: Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (256). The following events were logged: “scripts/update_spamassassin_config”. Review the update logs to determine why the update failed. Error appeared as...
  11. vagkaefer

    Spamassassin "spam" folder in RoundCube

    First, read this: Spamassassin "spam" folder in RoundCube Then: I know the problem is about 50 years old, but the problem continues! I researched again and could not find a solution. I followed this problem for years, for webmail to work, I need to access all the email accounts and change the...
  12. B

    Blacklist disappeared in SpamAssassin?

    Hi, I've only been using cpanel for about 5 days now. I started a blacklist in spamassassin during the weekday at the office using desktop pc. At the weekend I logged in at home using my home laptop and added a few more entries to the blacklist and saved as per usual. I just got in the office...
  13. E

    SOLVED SpamAssassin reject spam score threshold

    Hello, I have a Cpanel version 68.0.36 and I have to set up SpamAssasin but I have some problems with it. In WHM I have set Home-Service Configuration-Exim Configuration Manager-Apache SpamAssassin reject spam score thresholdReject 9 but I can´t see this value in...
  14. W

    Whitelist Not Applying?

    I have added an email exactly as it is and with the * before the @ sign on the SpamAssassin's whitelist and on the horde's whitelist. I have closed down everything and reopened it and still no luck. Any suggestions?
  15. A

    Spamassassin - blacklist all TLD allow whitelisted TLD?

    First post to the forum... Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to blacklist all TLD's then whitelist only a few TLD's (.com, .org, .net, etc.). How would I do that in Cpanel? Thanks. ampapa,
  16. M

    Spamd Failing

    Hi. In my WHM, process manages, the command "spamd-dormant: waiting for connections --max-children=3 --max-conn-per-child=1 --max-spare=1 --allowed-ips=,::1 --pidfile=/var/run/ --listen=5,6" uses 99% memory every couple hours and kills the servers. Please help.
  17. Rogerio

    SpamAssassin custom rule - cPanel 68

    I'm looking desperately for a way to create a GLOBAL rule (default to all domains) to score some domains on SpamAssassin, but using a config file without touch the cPanel native installation. My 5 cPanel servers are receiving lots of spam from domains like:
  18. M

    Email I received has ***SPAM*** subject line when it is not spam

    All emails I received has a subject line ***SPAM*** in the subject line when it is not a spam email. Any ideas why? I already tried using webmail and I am still getting the same error message.
  19. E

    SOLVED Spamassassin warning and missing rules?

    I have enabled in WHM -> Exim Configuration the rulesets BAYES_POISON_DEFENSE Apache SpamAssassin™ Passive OS Fingerprinting for Apache SpamAssassin™ KAM Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset that cPanel uses on Running...
  20. C

    Spamassassin bounce spam score threshold

    Hi to all. I have a question about bounce mail based on spam score. In WHM > Exim config manager I can set the "Apache SpamAssassin™: bounce spam score threshold" to a fixed value, for example "5". But what happens if in cPanel, for a single domain, I set a Spam Score of 7 (a more relaxed...