1. T

    How to manage SPF record?

    I have tried to add SPF record TYPE: TXT NAME: controlpanel.hosting.com or mywordpresshosting.com CONTENT: v=spf1 +mx +a +ip4:MYIPVALUEXXX ~all I have seen it is detected as SPAM message when using Wordpress system messages or even Control panel system administration message notices. Will this...
  2. I

    Incoming email SPF verification

    Hello, I have cPanel server with CENTOS 7.9 v94.0.10 we are receiving server wise LOT of spam emails, I have checked the Exim Configuration Manager and Apache SpamAssassin™: Forced Global ON is (ON) but we are still receiving lot of SPAM and most of spam when I check did't pass SPF check with...
  3. mlopez

    SPF invalid value

    Hello, I need help with an error message that appeared in Exim configuration (Home »Service Configuration »Exim Configuration Manager »Mail). I opened this config screen looking for something else but I got a red notification on 'SPF include hosts for all domains on this system' that states...
  4. M

    Enable SPF checking without SpamAssin

    Hi, I'm trying to enable SPF checking to reject messages with SPF fail or softfail checking. Without enabling SpamAssisn. I have found in Cpanel forums this old solution to be included inside Exim -> Advanced Editor (custom_begin_mailauth): # Enable SPF rejection without SpamAssassin deny...
  5. T

    Email Deliverability "SPF is not properly configured for this domain." not reading into Included Files

    Hi All To clarify the title: Email Deliverability: In a CPanel account, not the WHM console for the server. Error Message is displayed (sometimes): "SPF is not properly configured for this domain." Cause: This feature is not reading the Included Files. Server is CPanel 94.08 which sync's with...
  6. S

    cPanel transfer tool doesn't update SPF and DKIM records

    I just had this happen with three different accounts. I moved them between servers with the transfer tool, and the SPF and DKIM records didn't get updated. These servers are on a DNS cluster. I also got these notices, which I think could be related to the problem: Needless to say, the DNS...
  7. O

    Adding an SPF record for CNAME record (external email)

    We have a domain that is using an external Email SMTP service. We need to set up a CNAME record for the service so the outgoing email can be "branded" with the client domain. In addition, to comply with Email policies, we need to create an SPF record for that domain. Although it is not a...
  8. R

    Remove all old SPF ip's after transfer to other server

    We moved to a new server using the transfer tool Now in the new bind files, every SPF record contains 2 ip's. Like this (ip's are masked to local ip's): "v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx +ip4: ~all" where is the ip of the new server and is the old server ip. With which...
  9. M

    DKIM and SPF Error

    Hi When i moved on cloudflare my secondary addon domains getting error message. please help me to resolve tis
  10. dzamanakos

    How to mass disable SPF for old users

    Hi, in WHM modify account, there is a checkbox "Enable SPF on this account." I want to disable this function, as i'm using custom spf management and dont want cpanel to modify my txt records. I've disabled in tweak settings the "Enable SPF on domains for newly created accounts" and i would like...
  11. M

    use SPF template on dns templates

    since 2015 (Missing include from spf record in dns zone template) until now anything changed? does cpanel allow using SPF records in DNS template if I want to use single SPF for all of my new hosted domains for example I want to set it as example.com. 14400 IN TXT "v=spf1...
  12. T

    Zone Manager vs Edit DNS Zone missing SOA MX SPF records with DNSOnly

    Hi All I have battled an issue over the last week, although it was existing for longer and I cannot pinpoint when it started. Background: WHM servers all feed to a cluster of 3 physical DNSOnly servers. Each DNSOnly server is stand-alone, each WHM server feeds to each of the stand-alone...
  13. BlueSteam

    DKIM, SPF and DMARC all Pass, IP not blacklisted but still ends up in spam!!

    I am at a complete loss for words here. I have sat troubleshooting this issue for the past 2 days straight and I am so frustrated with this. I have a client that is complaining that some of his staffs emails are always ending up in Spam on the recipient side and he is losing business. So I ran...
  14. P

    [CPANEL-31754] SPF false positive, fails on valid senders after upgrade

    After upgrading to CentOS7 with cPanel 86.0.04 some incoming email bounce due to SPF check. Most of those emails have a valid sender IP address that matches domain SPF record but for some reason Exim's SPF fail to match but if I run a test on numerous validators (online or command line) that...
  15. Server Pros

    Learning better SPF protection schemes

    I have been experimenting with SPF records to improve SPAM protection. I'm having a specific problem with emails that I have sent to a large system when a couple of months later after sending to them I get a message back through cPanel with a Norton removal notice, using the recipients REPLY-TO...
  16. B

    Is there a way to add the header 'received-spf' ?

    Hi, When I turn on SpamAssassin I can see that SPF check is done ( with, for example '-0.0 SPF_PASS SPF: sender matches SPF record' shown in the header of emails), but I can't find 'received-spf' in the header, which is added by some providers ( like yahoo, gmail). Is there a way to add...
  17. R

    SOLVED Autodiscovery SPF issue

    Hello, I have following settings in Exim Configuration Manager, cPanel v78: Smarthost support - * mta.brand.tld Autodiscovery SPF include hosts from the smarthost route list - Off SPF include hosts for all domains on this system - node.brand.tld It actually added in zone file: ...
  18. B

    cpapi2 enable SPF

    Dear All. I need to 'force' my user to enable SPF. Is there any SPF enable command for cpapi2 ? For DKIM I thing I can use --> cpapi2 --user=username Email set_email_signing dkim=1 Sincerely -bino-
  19. B

    SOLVED How do I correctly apply DKIM and SPF?

    I created a new account for a domain in WHM where I ticked the DKIM and SPF under DNS settings? In the new account's cPanel > Zone Editor, I can see the DKIM and SPF created. Can I leave DKIM and SPF in the Zone Editor or do I have to copy both these values into my DNS records in GoDaddy?
  20. knightmare

    my domain E-Mail go to gmail spam folder

    Hello , I am using Centos 7 on degital ocean . I installed whm&cpanel in server . I am using Exim mail server on centos cpanel . I send mail from my domain than gmail receive all mail in spam folder . last few days i face this issue . how to solve it ?