1. R

    SPF not replaced on transfer

    We just tested the transfer tool to migrate a server to another. So we just triend 1 domain first and we encountered some issues there. The SPF line in DNS is not replaced by the default SPF line of the new server. The new server has placement of SPF records for new acounts on by default. Next...
  2. K

    SPF Verification for Incoming email

    Hello, I have cPanel server. I am facing the strange issue, all my domains have proper SPF records but I started to receive emails from my own domains from some other IPs. How can enable my cPanel server to check SPF of the incoming message? also I don't want to enable SpamAssiagn Thanks
  3. K

    SPF to avoid Spoofing

    Ok - this is going to be a stupid question I know, but it's the first time I actually use cPanel for managing email account and I do need some support while doing it. So, I've recently noticed that one of my multiple domain email address is frequently spoofed. So far it seems that emails are...
  4. A

    SPF does not work properly

    Hello, The emails pass even if the IP is not allowed to send mail from the domain as the new version of CPanel dons't have the "Reject SPF failures" option when I check the below commands cat /usr/local/cpanel/version grep spf /etc/exim.conf.localopts /etc/exim.conf the output was SPF...
  5. M

    Adding SPF for hostname

    I have a working spf record that covers the root domain and ip addresses on the server. However, any emails that the root system sends out (notifications from cpanel, csf, etc.) are getting marked as failing spf and dkim even though everything else sent from individual user accounts work fine...
  6. M

    SPF - cPanel adding + sign automatically

    Hey, How do we stop cPanel adding the + sign on the SPF records? It seems every night cPanel will edit the SPF records for all domains and add the + sign after each entry. For example if i have the spf as: ip4:83.170.XX.XX include:_spf.DOMAIN.com then over night it will change it to...
  7. M

    Wrong IP in SPF record

    Hi, cPanel by default create SPF record with wrong IP address (main server IP instead IP from mailips). I have problem on all our cPanel servers, is there solution for this bug?
  8. D

    Include host in standard SPF record

    Is there any way to include a hostname in the standard SPF records that are created by cPanel? We're sending mails through MailChannels and want to allow the MailChannel IPs. We've previously manually edited the zone templates to include this but wanted to know if it's possible to have done...
  9. H

    spf_installer behaviour

    Hello, I'm seeing strange behaviour with the spf_installer script. Existing account SPF records for primary domain and alias domain: v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: ~all v=spf1 +a mx ip4: +include:spf.domain.net -all Then I run: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/spf_installer username...
  10. H

    Ensuring appropriate SPF record exists

    Hello, As it stands, cPanel allows us to enable SPF by default but not customise the actual record which is created. The spf_installer script exists to apply a record to all existing accounts, but how can we ensure newly created accounts have the right SPF record too? There is a feature...
  11. G

    Change Default SPF Record

    Hello, I tried searching but I cannont find how to do this: 1. Change the default SPF record +a +mx +ip4:<server IP> ~all I tried to modify the $string variable in /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/SPF.pm but it didnt work. Thank you for your help Regards.
  12. rinkleton

    DKIM/SPF on Addon domains

    All of a sudden last week customers started complaining that email wasn't being delivered. I checked it out and SPF and DKIM are now failing. We haven't changed anything as far as our configuration. The failures are specific to addon domains. I looks like the speciific issue is in what zone...
  13. K

    SPF DKIM and Sendgrid Question

    A vendor wants me to add 3 of their IP's to our SPF record. However in the DKIM record they have requested we add it uses automated security (DKIM - SendGrid Documentation | SendGrid). My question is, why do I still need to add the 3 specific IP's to our SPF record and should I? I know using...
  14. L

    Google emails from my domain as spam

    Hi everyone I need help with determining why gmail is flagging emails from my domain as spam. I have enabled both DKIM and SPF on the server but when I run a test with www.mail-tester.com or www.dkimvalidator.com it shows that I'm not fully authenticated. On cPanel email authentication...
  15. Karl1

    SOLVED SPF record question

    Hi guys I am migrating accounts and in one of the accounts there is a txt record with following line: "v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx +ip4: +ip4: +ip4: +ip4: ~all” See the bold ones? Is it correct to have it 4 times, or can I leave just one...
  16. K

    Bounce emails question

    I have couple of questions regarding mails, but I just want to ask one thing. I have one of my client who is using VPS for sometime now. The client is able to send email, but for some users emails are bounce back with below mentioned message. ======================================= 2017-02-22...
  17. R

    Split Domain Add Another Outgoing Mail Server

    I need to edit the DNS records for an already split domain (website hosted separately from mail service) and want confirm how to correctly add the necessary records using the Advanced DNS Editor. The current relevant records set are as follows: mydomain.com. 14400...
  18. I

    SOLVED What should SPF Record be if you're on a GoDaddy VPS?

    Hi all, I was using mxtoolbox (which I think is amazing!) to determine if my "deliverability" was good from a mail perspective and I've come across a few issues that I'll be tackling as soon as I can but one in particular had me guessing correct practice. Since I am running in an OpenVZ...
  19. O

    SOLVED Modificar SPF y DKIM en todos los dominios

    Saludos, Necesito agregar a mi spf una dirección ip nueva y entiendo que modificar el dkim tambien. ¿Existe alguna manera de realizarlo de forma masiva? He cambiado la ip para el servidor de correo y necesito actualizar los registros. Muchas gracias de antemano.
  20. A

    /scripts/enable_spf_dkim_globally - Question

    Hey there, Where does the script "/scripts/enable_spf_dkim_globally" get the IP address to generate the SPF record? Is it from /etc/mailips or from the default IP of the server (as listed under Basic WebHost Manager Setup) or somewhere else?