1. Entelekta

    Recover MySQL data using software based on IBD or FROM.

    Recover MySQL data using software based on IBD or FROM. Hello community. After I tried to restore the broken mysql database using a new mysql. To do this I created and overwrote the .ibd file and ran the commands: (ALTER TABLE table_name DISCARD TABLESPACE;) (ALTER TABLE table_name IMPORT...
  2. M

    Is it easy / possible to store separate backups for SQL?

    We use the standard CPanel Backup mechanism which stores backups as .tar.gz files on the server and then a separate script takes them off the server and places them on a remote repository. Would it be possible , and if so how, to set the backup for each account to make two files: 1 file for the...
  3. H

    Backup have no home and sql

    Backup.tar file have no home directory and sql.
  4. V

    Mass Import .tar.gz SQL Files

    Hello, As our server InnoDB has been corrupted i had copied the MySQL data directory and taken all the database backups as separate file The backups files are like username_dbname.sql.gz is there any command for bulk import from root end ? I tried to do the following thing but got the error...
  5. M

    After transfer SQL not showing as disk space used in account

    I am transferring some accounts from one server to another using the transfer tool. Both servers are using the same cpanel version. The old account on old server says it has 2500mb in it. The new server says it only has 2300mb in it. When I try to compare things by looking at the Disk Usage...
  6. chanklish

    sql mail

    hello i have sql server 2019 on server 2019 i am trying to use the sql mail but keeps failing i disabled TLS1.0,1.1 and SSL 2.0 on the server my ports are 25,465 and 587 (465 + ssl gives time out even though i can see on my firewall that a conx was sent to the cpanel server) in exim : +no_sslv2...
  7. R

    Connecting to ALL SQL Databases Remotely

    Hi, I'm trying to connect from my local system to all of the databases with HeidiSQL or dbForge the same as if I was to log into WHM and then click on phpMyAdmin. I've added my IP to the Additional MySQL® Access Hosts page and applied it to all cPanel accounts, but if I try and connect it says...
  8. psytanium

    Increase the Max SQL connections per user

    Hello, A user hosted on my VPS experience the Max SQL connection error, especially when they advertise on social media, and they lead some increased audience on the website. I tried to run mysql -u {username} -p {password} from terminal, I'm asked to enter a password, I enter the database...
  9. D

    SOLVED CPANEL-40284 - SQL configuration on cpanel 102+ query_cache_type configuration does not stick

    Hello, Just updated my servers to whm/cpanel 102.0.8 and found the new SQL configuration page which is a nice feature addition. servers are running mariadb 10.5.15. When i try to enable query cache on the "Edit SQL Configuration" page (setting it to anything other than 0) the setting always...
  10. A

    ModSecurity SQL Injection

    Hi, the last few days i've been battling with one specific website (out of many on the same server) which wont render correctly. When inspecting, the site loads as plain HTML and the console shows a load of 403 or 404 errors for every image, CSS file or JS script. I have finally got it narrowed...
  11. C

    mysql 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3.29 - sql error logging issues

    My webhost is migrating clients including me to a new server and as part of that I have discovered that they have taken us from mysql 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3.29 Seems MariaDB sql error logging is a plugin [SQL Error Log Plugin] - assuming " The SQL_ERROR_LOG plugin collects errors sent to clients...
  12. D

    Synchronize Sql Passwords

    What is the procedure to synchronize passwords for MySQL users with WHM? When suspending accounts I keep getting errors that none of the passwords work. Running MariaDB10.3, seems related to the recent WHM issues with 10.3 These are the errors thrown when suspending accounts: warn [suspendacct]...
  13. Michael Legg

    MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade on Remote Server

    The cPanel "MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade" tool doesn't work if you have MySQL running on a separate server . When I try to run it, I get the message "This system uses a remote server for MySQL/MariaDB. Perform the MySQL/MariaDB upgrade on the remote server." Are there any pitfalls we need to be aware...
  14. I

    Waiting for SQL Databases and dependent apps info?

    Hey everyone, we just bought a new server and we'd like to install cPanel as well, but during installation, we got a problem which never meets us which is : [2019-09-30 12:40:06 +0000] [2234] ( INFO): Waiting for (SQL Databases and dependent apps). it's stoping just like that. - Removed - hope...
  15. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27618/27634] False SQL service failure notifications in version 80

    Hello Everyone, Internal case CPANEL-27618 is open to address an issue where false SQL service failures are reported after the update to cPanel & WHM version 80.0.9 on systems where MariaDB is started improperly via the LSB init script. Here's an example of how the service failure notification...
  16. J

    diskspace and sql space limits

    Hi all, Noob question: how and where do i check the packages limits (max xx diskspace/sql space/total space) and how does whm handle things when the limits are reached (100% full) does the system block all actions on that account or do email etc keep working? Q is where do i configure the...
  17. P

    upgrading to v.58 fails due to SQL.

    Hi :) I read 58 Release Notes - Documentation - cPanel Documentation in regards to SQL and that upgrade would fail and it does. Servers are running MariaDB10.0 with SQL Governor. So what do I turn off in order to upgrade to V58? Yours. Peter
  18. J

    SQL database can't be accessed, despite there being a user with granted permissions.

    I have been trying to transfer over a website that uses prestashop from my hosting provider to cpanel on another provider, and to a different domain. I believe I have set up everything correctly, however when the website loads, all it says is Link to database cannot be established...
  19. B

    New SQL doesn't support UTF-8

    Hello, I was using SQL 5.0, in the sql it looks like this: †Ú¯Øª But in the site it's showing fine. (all table has same value in old and new version to UTF-8 General, I tried other value also). But when I upgraded SQL to newest version: 5.6, have issue, the char is like this in the sql...
  20. sahostking

    sql file in cron.daily folder

    Hi, We have a client that somehow has his server go down each day at a specific time. We checked and found a large .sql file over 4GB (looks like a backup of all his databases) in the /etc/cron.daily folder. Can this have caused the outage. Will it run that file? Load seems to go from 1.43...