1. Ramon Pego

    SSH Key for multiple users

    Hello, I have a specific case on a server where I currently host 80 clients that use the "same site", that is, they use the same repository on github. So to authenticate I create a ssh key on everyone and add it to the github account. So my git account has more than 80 keys just to authenticate...
  2. S

    Connect to private repository using ssh keys with non-standard SSH port

    On my WHM, I have changed the default SSH port from 22 to 56022 using CSF, for security reasons. Now, port 22 is removed from TCP IN and OUT open ports list. I am able to connect and use the new 56022 port, but now I have a problem with my BitBucket repository connection: ssh: connect to host...
  3. V

    Disable cron notification from SSH

    My mail queue is almost frozen mails with over 7k to 10k All mails are related to cron notification i went to cP > Cron job and i can see the cron notification Email was updated with the cPanel username which is causing the issue How can i disable the cron notification on bulk for all accounts...
  4. V

    Transfer from Remote cPanel Account from SSH

    Hello, Im doing this transfer 1 by 1 entering all the details,But there should be some xmlapi or ssh command to run the same Could someone please share that command how to do the same process from ssh so i could created some scripts to do it all by once Note : i don't have any root access of...
  5. W

    SOLVED Wheel user SSH keys

    Hi guys, Trying to generate keys for wheel user but keep getting "Server refused our key" in PuTTY. Here's the steps I took: Login to SSH as wheel user Ran command ssh-keygen -t rsa Copied the public key from /home/wheeluser/.ssh/ Authorized the public key through WHM. Converted the...
  6. E

    Does DNS Cluster require ssh access to remote servers?

    Hello, We are running three DNS-Only servers that are used as nameservers (ns1/ns2/ Our web servers are all connected using DNS Cluster, to each nameserver. For maximum security, we want to use the Host Access Control to disallow all ssh access to the server except our own IPs...
  7. F

    /etc/motd keeps being populated

    I am in the process of configuring a brand new VPS currently running cPanel v90.0.13. It was setup several days ago and I logged into it for the first time yesterday. Every time I login via SSH I get the following message: *************************************************************...
  8. A

    SSH direct root logins

    Hi In the Web Host Managers I have SSH Password Authorization Tweak set to disabled and I have tested and all SSH logins for all users and root for password authentication are actually disabled (ssh key access is working fine) In WHM Security Advisor it says SSH direct root logins are...
  9. C

    CPanel - Cancel SSH Login

    I canceled the ability to login via SSH on my server with CPanel. So when I try to login to SSH (to see if it's working) I get this message: "Disconnected : No supported authentication methods available (server sent :publickey)." Then an alert message comes up with a public key. It scared me...
  10. I

    Client and Server SSH issues on server

    Hi all, I'm having a strange issue that's causing my google skills to fail me. I haven't messed with my server in a long time but I noticed my custom backup script wasn't working the other day. It uses SSH to transfer files to another server so I went to log into SSH to see what was going on...
  11. G

    Give access to specific directory via SSH key

    Is it possible to give access to someone only to a specific directory of a domain, i.e. a coder to do specific word on that level, without having any other DB access rights?
  12. C

    Unable to SSH or SFTP, able to access WHM

    Greetings WHM v86.0.18 Server was setup a few years ago, updating automatically. I have been able to access SSH and SFTP over the years without a problem. SSH authentication via password (not keys). Last time was about a week ago. Today I tried and I wasn't able to, as soon as I type the...
  13. R

    SSH is failing connections

    Not certain whats happened here, but any SSH connection to my server is failing. Yesterday it working, today it is not. I am on a Windows machine using Putty. I can connect to the IP on port 22. If I type the wrong password, it gives me the password prompt again. If I provide the correct...
  14. N

    SSH access when license expired?

    If the cpanel license is expired/not renewed can I still login through ssh?
  15. N

    Using rsync over a non 22 ssh port

    Hello, I am trying to use rsync to update the home directory of an account that just has been transferred. But the destination server has its ssh listening on a port diffrent that 22. So how can I update the following command to reflect the port number : rsync -av --progress /home/user/*...
  16. U

    SSH Connection Error

    Hello. I'm a novice at web-developing. I have a website with cpanel and I'd like to connect to the website via SSH. I'm using windows 10. For my website, I first configured SSH settings from cpanel (created a user and gave authorization). Then, I tried to connect using a Python script with...
  17. F

    SSH ACCESS Error: connection time out

    Helo all, i try to access to my cpanel account with ssh acces using putty, port:22 and 2222 i get this error; Putty fatal error: connection time out some body can help me pleace
  18. C

    Syntax to change chmod in ssh

    I just need to change the permissions on one folder to chmod 777. The web host said I can't use ftp for this as Linux so need to use ssh. I'm using a program called PuTTY to do this, but when I put in: chmod 777 courses/admin (admin is the folder whose permission I want to change) it comes...
  19. R

    SSH Keys access for multiple developers

    Hey! I work with a team of developers on multiple websites. Each website has it's own cPanel account. Everyone is making their own FTPs for each cpanel account but this is a pain when someone joins/leaves as we have to go through everything and delete their FTP accounts etc. So we thought of...
  20. R

    Is there any difference between GCP,AWS,or SSH cP install?

    The title is self-explanatory