1. Networkologist

    No SSL for WHM

    I'm at a loss. Tried everything Google said :) Hoping for a one click install but will appreciate any help
  2. A

    SOLVED SSL conflict with expired ssl

    Everything was fine when the domain suddenly expired its SSL certificate (Sectigo free). Once I went into the administration, I saw that there were two SSL certificates and proceeded to delete the expired one, but the problem was not solved even with Auto SSL. I should note that...
  3. A

    Problems with account activation

    Hello, I am having problems with my server I have noticed that sometimes when I activate again an account after a suspension does not leave the information if not that it stays with the data of suspeng.cgi in several opportunities and restarted the server to be solved, likewise happens to me...
  4. ribo

    ssl renew but in browser show NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

    Hello, in autossl two domains are renew but in google chrome it show NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID and it show there the old ssl there.
  5. B

    SOLVED Hostname SSL and webmail

    Recently had someone move off a server to a new host, but the account is still active while they migrate. The domain already points off to another provider, but they reached out to say they needed to complete a mail migration since some of their users failed to act in time. I explained they...
  6. psytanium

    SSL certificate can't renew

    Hello, 1 account on my server is unable to renew expired certificate, when checking the Auto SSL logs, i see this error: 10:26:33 AM Analyzing “” (website) … 10:26:33 AM ERROR TLS Status: Defective ERROR Certificate expiry: 4/16/23, 12:00 AM UTC (3.35 days ago) ERROR Defect...
  7. F

    IMAP SSL error in iOS "stable connection to the server could not be established"

    Hello. After updates to v110 both 110.0.1 and 110.0.2 some iOS users reported getting errors while using IMAP/SMTP services over SSL. Error: "stable connection to the server could not be established". If they turned off using SSL, it works again as expected. My VPS OS: Centos7. The error was...
  8. charliecres

    SSL issue

    Almost 150 cPanel running one off my server. 300+ domain. but the problem is one of those cPanel has a problem with SSL. The ssl shows “Not Installed” within every 24 hours .(SSL automatically got Removed within 24 hours) i have to reinstall it again and again. i have installed SSL manually by...
  9. D

    SSL certificates not working after update

    I have just upgraded my AWS EC2 instance and now my SSL certificates are not working. I made an image of my server and used it to boot a new one. I ran /scripts/build_cpnat to correct a NAT issue that the autossl_check script complained about. Now according to autossl_check all certificates are...
  10. M

    How can I know if a user is connecting to email correctly using SSL on IMAP and/or POP3

    Hello, I recently had a problem with the SSL certificates of one of my cPanel accounts because the AutoSSL feature couldn´t renew the certificates due to a blockage caused by the Cloudflare proxy. So I ended purchasing a SSL certificate from PositiveSSL for the hostname which...
  11. G

    Automatically adding SSL to addon domains

    Hello, hope you're well. I searched for this but couldn't find an answer. I'm creating a site-building app. Users are able to add their own domain to the site they build. The domains get added fine in cPanel. However, they don't have SSL. Is there a way to have all new domains that get added...
  12. N

    SSL for mail sub-domain

    We have a FastSSL certificate already installed for the main domain and www, and now I want to add SSL to the mail sub-domain (we are NOT using LetsEncrypt or AutoSSL). I installed a new FastSSL certificate on the server and then added it via 'Manage Installed SSL Websites' but it overwrote the...
  13. W

    disable redirect SSL to default / primary website

    Hello guys Scenario edit file hosts of a pc for make that resolve to the server IP if the are a server account but without SSL user will be redirect to primary/main website There is anyway to change this? for example to give an error? or redirect to not found account...
  14. R

    SSL is not generated

    Hi.- When trying to generate the SSl of a .top domain, the following message is issued: “” is unmanaged. Verify this domain’s registration and authoritative nameserver configuration to correct this problem. How can it be solved? The domain has the correct DNS and responds to the...
  15. B

    Why are *ALL* cPanel accounts SSL certs owned by root?

    Not sure if this is in the correct category (sorry) but I would like cPanel to tweak the way that they generate combined SSL certs a tiny bit. Let's say that I develop an app in a given cPanel account ("A-user") then I cannot even access my own SSL certs, because they're all owned by root in...
  16. A

    No option for SSL installation for subdomain available

    No option for SSL installation for subdomain available cPanel Version 108.0.14 only main domain got renewed via autossl, there is no option available for subdomain
  17. K

    SSL install for server machine name

    We have gone back to acquiring our SSL certificates from globalsign, overall they have been easy to manage but I am not sure the proper way to install the certificate for the machine name our host setup for the server WHM access. I have a wildcard cert issued and installed on the domain name...
  18. M

    SSL certificate for mail server only (A record is pointed elsewhere)

    We have a cPanel account where the A record and WWW are pointed elsewhere. Currently, there's a LetsEncrypt certificate that is expiring in 7 days, that covers the domain and all subdomains. AutoSSL will not renew the certificate, because the A and www fail DCV. Is there a way we can still use...
  19. P

    WHM issue - SSL certificate works with "www" but not without "www"

    Hello Forum; Problem: The secure certificate works when "www" is used with but the secure certificate will not work without the "www." (please see attached images) - this url works, browser has secure padlock icon - does not work, browser...
  20. E

    enable "auto redirect to ssl site"

    Hello Many people forget to enable "redirect to ssl" Is there a function to enable something like "account have valid/active ssl" -> Auto enable "redirect to ssl" so they stop emailing me and asking me to do it manually every time