1. StefanPejcic

    Link Inodes Usage in Jupiter Statistics section

    Hi, Im looking for a way to link the Inode Usage in the statistics sections to a custom plugin inodes/ Looking over the file /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/jupiter/tools/ I cant trace where this text Is comming from to link it as other sections (app links) addon...
  2. T

    Server Load Average Statistics Not Working

    WHM server load averages have been stuck on 0 for about a week now. CSF load average statistics are working fine.
  3. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40422 - bug View Mail Statistics Summary

    none of the links work on this page Home > Email > View Mail Statistics Summary Exim statistics from 2022-04-17 03:40:41 to 2022-04-21 02:57:05 Grand total summary Deliveries by Transport Messages received per hour Deliveries per hour Time spent on the queue: all messages Time spent on the...
  4. eventtex

    Global statistics on the server

    Hello, On our server we have about thirty sites installed. I have access via Cpanel to the statistics of each site but I wanted to know if it was possible to display the overall statistics of the server. That is to say, knowing the number of visitors who connect to the server regardless of...
  5. G

    Statistics and Bandwidth data for user Stalled Emails

    Hello everyone, These days always got the emails from Cpanel, could someone help. Thanks Jun one is: The process “/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/webalizer_lang/english -N 10 -D /home/***/tmp/webalizer/ssl/***.com/dns_cache.db -R 250 -p -n ***.com -o /home/***/tmp/webalizer/ssl/***.com...
  6. D

    Statistics Processing Lag

    I'm getting a notification email from whm like this: Statistics processing for 182 users is lagging. The system’s statistics processor may not be able to keep pace with its configured schedule. The following table shows which users’ statistics processing cycles have lasted longer than the...
  7. G

    Bandwidth Statistics causes apache graceful restarts?

    Hello In recent days I have noticed several restarts of Apache, and they match with the schedule of Process bandwidth of the accounts. Process bandwidth causes restart of apache? In apache error_log i have many logs like: [Fri Apr 06 14:07:36.002682 2018] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 31987:tid...
  8. C

    Move directory to its own partition?

    Hello, I know this is more a centos question than a cpanel question, however, our server is getting low on space on our partition format. I've traced it down to the mysql databases and backups that are happening for the sites. Since this machine is a vm, I was able to add a new partition easy...
  9. C

    Statistics Processing Lag

    The server stopped generating statistics from 5 days, I have tried to generate statistics from command line using /scripts/runweblogs <username> but im getting the below errors: //////////////////////////////////////// Log checker loaded ok.. ==> cPanel Log Daemon version 26.0 [2017-11-21...
  10. L

    Interpreting Visitor Statistics

    Hi All Can someone assist me in interpreting the below statics. I'm trying to produce a management report on the number of unique visits and returning users for July 2017, but the figures I get from cPanel are somehow different from Google analytics. Is there a way to; 1. Get number of...
  11. T

    SOLVED 404 Error in cPanel Statistics Page

    Hi today i see when our customer click on error logs on cPanel show this error
  12. postcd

    /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ where to set frequency of prunning/emptying?

    Hello, it seems logfiles in /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ shows only current day log entries, i would like to see longer term. Where can i please define longer term for prunning/emptying these log files? Thank you
  13. M

    No visitor stats appearing How to fix

    Attached pic has all the details. Thanks,
  14. psytanium

    Process stalled while it processed statistics and bandwidth data

    My VPS server keep generating emails about stalled processes. Can someone tell me what it means and ifg possible what is the solution. Subject [] The process “/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/
  15. Osama Tariq


    Is there any way to view all domains awstats under one dashboard ?
  16. J

    Website statistics not recorded

    I have just discovered that one of my websites(- Removed - ) has not been gathering AWStats in cPanel Pro 1.0 for several years. This is one of five domains in the account. All others are working.
  17. A

    Where do I find the statistics?

    Hi I would like to know from what IP addreses ho many access I had... But I can not find the stats on the Control Panel Anyone could help me out ? Thanks
  18. B

    Very high IO Statistics (Blocks Read/sec) even when nobody is using the server

    Hello, My server shows high IO activity even when there is nobody using the server. When I see disk activity under "Disk Usage / Graphs", I usually see Blocks Read/sec in high thousands. I'm attaching a screenshot which I took - it shows md2 device doing 16,572 which I think is unusually...
  19. V

    Statistics software not working

    It is by default enabled for all users, i didnt changed anything. but it is not tracking anything. Total Bandwidth Usage 2.70 Gig (2769.64 Meg) The above values are not changing my server is used 60gb + data. Induvidal user stats also not working (ava stats and other programs) what will be...
  20. P

    Statistics do not reconcile

    I have been looking through my AW Stats for statistics on web visits. I wonder how many pages are viewed; and how many of those are Uniques. Can I ask for some help with this analysis. Here's the raw data; Day Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth 01 Jan 2014 320 1,320 1,804 84.35 MB 02...