1. T

    Couldn't execute 'show fields from `messages`': Unknown storage engine 'InnoDB' (1286)

    MariaDB 10.2 at this moment. We first noticed message came up in a backup report a couple hundred of these. [2023-02-26 02:11:15 -0800] mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show fields from `messages`': Unknown storage engine 'InnoDB' (1286) [2023-02-26 02:11:15 -0800] mysqldump: Couldn't execute...
  2. A

    Is is possible to have one recent backup in local storage and multiple backups in remote?

    Hi, Is is possible to have one recent backup in local storage and multiple backups as per configuration in remote locations? Or at least is it possible to show remote backups in cpanel interface. Currently it shows only if they are stored in local.
  3. H

    Temorary File Storage

    Hi There Does anyone know how to set up a path for temporary storage of files in Cpanel? I have an update to install but it says I can't install the update until I have a path configured for temporary storage of files.
  4. H

    Additional Storage

    1. How to add /home2 to old server. 2. After adding /home2 how to move some accounts from /home to /home2 3. Affter adding /home2; /home accounts and /home2 accounts will work or not.
  5. H

    Backup Storage Error

    Whm/Cpanel cpanel configured to /backup folder which is a part of / folder. Now its touched 100%. /home have enough space of around 3 TB in Free. so can i change the /backup data to inside /home folder. or is there any way to reduce the /home folder size and add it to a new folder
  6. JIKOmetrix

    Using S3 Compatible storage - Restore

    Hello, I want to switch from SSH backup destination S3 compatible storage for my cpanel backups via WHM. Configuring the destination for Wasabi is easy enough. The destination validates as well. When I have to restore an account, I usually sftp in to the backup destination sftp -oPort=22...
  7. bejbi

    mail storage on another partition ?

    Hi, Has anyone tried to do symlink /home/USER/mail to a folder on a separate partition? The idea is that the customer account should be on NVMe disks and the storage for e-mails should be on SSD disks. I see a few features request from 5 years ago, but they are not being continued and not...
  8. HostXNow_Chris

    Restore remote backups - SSH/FTP/S3/Wasabi/Rsync/Hetzner Storage Boxes

    Any idea when cPanel is going to allow backups to be restored remotely from SSH/FTP/S3/Wasabi/Rsync/Hetzner Storage Boxes. I have JetBackup 5 working on some servers, but the initial index takes forever, so god help me if ever needed to restore all accounts to the server. Before the backup...
  9. U

    411 Length required when auto uploading backups to Google Cloud Storage (S3)

    The server is logging the below error while trying to upload the backups to Google Cloud Storage. Some are succeeding, but most are failing: [2022-01-02 01:43:21 +0000] info [cpbackup_transporter] Upload attempt #3 starting for /backup/2022-01-02/accounts/*******.tar.gz to...
  10. eventtex

    SOLVED Question about backup storage

    Hello, We have a question about backups via WMH. In our current configuration we make a backup every 2 days and we have limited the storage of these backups to 4. We also send these backups to a remote server via FTP! We want to know if we can configure WHM's backup tool to not store...
  11. A

    is BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage good for storing cPanel backups?

    Hello, We're having something 3 servers with a total of almost 1.5k cPanel accounts including Shared Hosting customers and Reseller Hosting customers, so in this situation data backup is really important. so is it good to store all those cPanel's backups in BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage Buckets ...
  12. Steve Kemp

    Amazon s3 ListAllMyBucket charge suddenly doubles the cost of our backup storage

    we noticed that on the 3rd September our Amazon s3 backup storage suddenly doubled in price as we were suddenly being charged a ListAllMyBucket fee. is this normal? we have used s3 for a couple of years now and never had this before? has the cPanel backup system changed to invoke this function...
  13. G

    Running low on storage

    I'm kind of confused by something, I'm hoping you guys and gals can shed some light on it. My server is a CentOS 6.10 xen hvm, running WHM v. 78.0.49. Under server information, I see that /dev/xvda2 is 99G in size, and I'm using 93G. But I have 477M left, putting it at 100%... what happened to...
  14. F

    allow cpanel user to login even if the storage is full

    Right now, cPanel users won't be able to login to their accounts when they reach the max storage allowed. This is also true for webmail users. Is there feature already that you can override/allow users to login even with a full storage state? Thank you
  15. D

    Storage usage in cPanel account is 30GB, dev/sda2 listed as 294GB

    Good day! I am confused about an issue I am having. My cPanel account is listed as 30GB, yet my dev/sda2 folder is at 294GB. I only have 20% of storage left on my 400GB SSD and would like to know what the causes could be. I am thinking that perhaps it has to do with the backups stored on the...
  16. K

    cPanel Email Default Email Account Storage

    Hi there, I am new to webdesign/wordpress/cpanel and am trying to make room in our file manager. When I go into the default email account there are not any messages, however apparently that default email account is taking up 2,168.70 MB. Does anyone have any clues how I can clear this? Getting...
  17. chanklish

    dropbox like storage system

    hello i am looking to set a small storage system on my cpanel where certain users can view and download some files what is the best way ? regular FTP ? thank you no none ?!
  18. Ramon Pego

    Permissions for Laravel storage folder

    Hello I am facing a very annoying and recurring problem. I have some systems using Laravel on my CentOs 6.2 Every time the system tries to create a new file in the folder for example ~ myapp / storage / * He gives permission error Even though I am giving chmod -R 777 storage / He can create the...
  19. H

    Server Using a High Amount of Storage

    My server taking too much of storage I checked my clients are using around 400 to 500 GB but my server has used more than 1.1 TB all backups are stored on other hard disk but I do not understand why taking too much of storage pls anyone help me
  20. T

    All cPanel Accounts Suddenly Using More Storage

    I keep an eye on account storage in WHM and in the last 5-7 days I've noticed that all accounts shot up 2-to-3 times what they were before. Is there a logical explanation for this? The only thing I've really done is transfer a cPanel account to another server and terminate it. I did so by...