1. chanklish

    dropbox like storage system

    hello i am looking to set a small storage system on my cpanel where certain users can view and download some files what is the best way ? regular FTP ? thank you no none ?!
  2. Ramon Pego

    Permissions for Laravel storage folder

    Hello I am facing a very annoying and recurring problem. I have some systems using Laravel on my CentOs 6.2 Every time the system tries to create a new file in the folder for example ~ myapp / storage / * He gives permission error Even though I am giving chmod -R 777 storage / He can create the...
  3. H

    Server Using a High Amount of Storage

    My server taking too much of storage I checked my clients are using around 400 to 500 GB but my server has used more than 1.1 TB all backups are stored on other hard disk but I do not understand why taking too much of storage pls anyone help me
  4. T

    All cPanel Accounts Suddenly Using More Storage

    I keep an eye on account storage in WHM and in the last 5-7 days I've noticed that all accounts shot up 2-to-3 times what they were before. Is there a logical explanation for this? The only thing I've really done is transfer a cPanel account to another server and terminate it. I did so by...
  5. O

    Add external storage?

    Hello, I'm using Cpanel / WHM in my server A. For lack of space in server A, can I add a package and link it to another storage server B? Thank you.
  6. A

    Separate server storage for media files

    Hi there, I have a cPanel server with two hard drives, one partition of the first hd mounted at /home and the other 2TB hard disk mounted at /home/user/public_html/mediafiles. The second 2TB hard drive is almost full and I need more storage space on that folder for that user. I need 12-18TB...
  7. R

    Block storage with cPanel

    Hey all, I bought some block storage at my VPS company Hetzner. They gave me this instruction for adding it to my vps. But how to use it with cPanel? Anyone who can help me? Configure volume To configure your volume, use the following commands on your server. FORMAT VOLUME sudo mkfs.ext4 -F...
  8. inteldigital

    Moving storage elsewhere

    Hello, So basically I have WHM setup with / as the "Home directory" in Basic Setup. First of all, is this bad practice, if so, how do I resolve it? I changed it to that because I didn't like public_html/ and when I was adding new domains "addon domains" it was making them in...
  9. M

    Redirecting and file storage issue

    I use Redirect 301 to redirect my domain1 to a URL. The problem is that I can't access my files in domain1 anymore. Let's consider I have a 1.txt file in public_html of domain1. When I want to download it I should be using , but it doesn't work anymore because of redirecting...
  10. L

    Server storage filling up overnight then decreasing?

    I have been having a strange issue and I can't narrow down what's causing it. Currently if I check my server storage, it's around 60-65% of 120GB but overnight, around the same time (2-3am), I get a "Disk usage warning" indicating that I am over 80% full. This was alarming the first time it...
  11. N

    SSL Storage Manager

    Can we delete old entry from SSL Storage Manager. What are not on my server.
  12. V

    Account specific database storage location

    Hi there! I just started using cPanel. I administrate a root server with 2x 512 GB NVMe SSDs and 2x 2 TB HDD built-in. I used this tutorial to mount and use the HDDs as /home2. OS & cPanel are located on the SDDs. Everything works fine thus far. I would like to offer HDD & SDD hosting...
  13. I

    data storage in linux cpanel server

    Hi, i'm a newbie here recently the hosting server i look after died due to a motherboard failure. the engineers tried to replace motherboard but failed to get my server started. The company has set me up with a new server which is operational now. and i've recreated all accounts based on data i...
  14. S

    usr/tmpDSK files large - server storage use increasing indefinitely

    Hey guys, First off: This is my first webserver setup ever, so I'm completely green to linux and to cPanel. No advice is trivial for me. I recently set up a CentOS 6.5 server with the typical cPanel installation (stuck with the default settings for the most part). However, I've noticed...
  15. A

    Accounts Storage

    Hello Guys, What the database that the cpanel account's are stored? I need to know to develop a page that create direct accounts in cpanel, selecting the packages and features without the WHM. Can you help me ?
  16. grayloon

    SSL Storage

    Where does WHM 11.42 store SSL certs and keys? I found some files in /etc/pki/tls, but those appear to be old. I just generated a new certificate and signing request today, and I can't find the file anywhere. I'm trying to move an existing SSL onto my WHM server.
  17. K

    Cloud storage for graphic files and photos

    Hi all. I need an advice. I work as a graphic designer. My portfolio is set in Picassa account (free and so far accurate for my needs) but my works published there are only in resized and compressed versions. There’s no raw files, or *psd files including layers, so I can’t do any corrections on...
  18. K

    Split Storage on two SSD

    Heyho, one question: currently i`ve two ssd`s a` 250 GB. cPanel is only using one ssd. How can i tell cPanel to use both SSD`s ?
  19. G

    Disk Space storage Upgrade Question.

    Hello everybody! I am new to the forums here and I have a little question for Upgrading the storage of our website. We have a small website for our company and we need to upgrade the Storage space of our website. I am also a new employee and our website account was registered and was...
  20. C

    Magento Installation - Database server does not support the InnoDB storage engine

    Hi, Im having difficulty with the installation of Magento. On the configuration page I am presented with the error message: "Database server does not support the InnoDB storage engine" Im installing Magento using cPanel on a shared host. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue. Thanks