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    Setup a secure storage area on my Dedi

    Hi, i've just had my new site setup on my new dedicated server, with cpnael/whm. I was wondering if i could setup a temp storage area on this server for some of my important files, if ever my laptop was stolen? How would i go about doing this? Is there or tutorial or something i could...
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    Adding a 2nd Hard Drive for storage

    My Data Center added a 2nd hard drive to my server for me. All I want this drive to do is this...... Just for storage for me and me alone. The drive is mounted and formated. I need access to the whole drive via FTP. A GUI ftp, not command line. How do I create a FTP only account? (no web...
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    innodb removed mysql storage type

    So I don't know when this happened, but sometime in the past year innodb was removed as a storage type selection from mysql. I checked the my.cnf and skip-innodb was in there, so I then commented it out and restarted mysql, but it fails to start. I'm running the following versions of whm...
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    0: Got error 28 from storage engine

    Hello I am getting following error, when I browse my site. 0: Got error 28 from storage engine Please assist me in resolving this issue Thank you Regards! Its_joy
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    Backup Storage

    Greetings, How can the necessary storage be calculated when performing Daily backups via WHM? -Randy
  6. Z

    Awstats eating all disc storage

    Hi, All. I am recently running into several of my accounts reaching their disc quota and upon examination all of them are suffering from a high volume of Awstats temp files which is using 100's of megs in their account. Is this normal? It is happening on all my servers and all are...
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    My disk storage increased over night

    My disk storage went from 17% to 47% over night. Where do I begin to find out what files took up so much space in 1 night? The changes I made since then was I installed the Chirpy firewall. I looked in the users accounts list and none of them show any big increases. How do I check to...
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    Got error 1 from storage engine

    After the upgrade cPanel, latest Release [few days] clients started to complain about MySQL tables in some DBs, appear "IN USE", and are not repairable, erasable at all! I got no evidence yet what is happening. Seems, where InnoDB tables. We had to restore the tables. in my.cnf it is commented...
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    ERROR 157 (HY000): Could not connect to storage engine

    hi after doin cluster ERROR 157 (HY000): Could not connect to storage engine ing it works fine but cant doi even basic mysql i get the error when trying to create a table
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    Mysql Storage Questions

    Hello Guys.... Hope we're all doing well. Well here's my coffee cup question for hte morning. It seems that my mysql databases are storing in the /var/lib/mysql folder rather then in some off sub diretory of the user partitions in the /home. Is there a way I can get the mysql...
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    Got error 28 from storage engine

    when open website i got error ------------------------------------- [ERROR] Failed Query: SELECT a. * , MAX( b.time ) AS lastpost FROM mos_sb_messages AS a LEFT JOIN mos_sb_messages AS b ON b.thread = a.thread WHERE a.parent = '0' AND a.catid = 2 AND a.hold = '0' GROUP BY id ORDER BY...
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    FEDERATED Storage Engine in MySQL

    I can't seem to pull off either building MySQL or installing MySQL-Max to get the FEDERATED storage engine... When I install the FEDERATED (Max) RPM, the server stops working. When I try to build from source, same thing.. Always "cannot find sock file" But I do an mysqlup --force and...
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    exim with MySQL password storage

    Hello guys, Actually, cPanel seems to store the email account passwords into shadow files under home/user/etc/domain/shadow. I've been told that I can configure exim to store the passwords into a MySQL database. I really need to do that since my webmail does not change the passwords if...
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    MySQL archive storage engine

    Is there a way to enable the Archive storage engine in WHM/cPanel?
  15. J

    encrypting backups for remote storage

    While I was looking for a way to increase the security of my remotely stored backups, I came across 'duplicity', which encrypts your backups before rsyncing them to the remote backup location. Anyone familiar with this program?
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    WHM / PHP Customisation and storage locations

    Hi there, OK, we know that there's an included class that allows you to create an account, suspend an account, those kind of basic features. But how does WHM/Cpanel obtain the users current data transfer usage, ie bandwidth and FTP? I'm assuming Cpanel doesn't use a MySQL database for all...
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    File & Data Storage

    Does cPanel/WHM work for basic file and date storage (not web hosting)? Is anyone out there using it for these purposes? If not, then what control panel can I install for to do basic file and data storage?
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    Server Storage

    Hi everyone, Lately we've been adding a different corporate model to our hosting, and I need some advice as to handle massive amounts of storage. Basically, we have a large content management platform and course management system that we're implementing for a few schools, and while the...
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    Creating FTP storage account.

    Hello All, I am wanting to be able to create FTP storage area. But I do not want to allow Cpanel or any kind of domain or website. This is completely for backup use only. but when I create the user account via ssh. I am unable to access FTP. Is cpanel blocking me some way from using...
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    Bandwidth & Storage Accounting Functions

    Hello, I am working on some PHP API scripts. So far so good, I was able to create a function in the file to do things in php that aren't listed on your site such as upgrading/downgrading an account, changing a password for a users account and what not. However, I now...