1. G

    Are certs for 4th level subdomains necessary?

    I have several subdomains created, like And when I created them, cPanel automatically created A records with www; eg, I recently changed my DNS to go through Ezoic (who uses Cloudflare), and when they copied over the settings they didn't copy over...
  2. V

    Automatically Created Subdomains & Their SSL Coverage

    cPanel automatically creates a www and 6 service subdomains for every domain and subdomain. When you go to the "Manage SSL Hosts" interface these 7 subdomains are listed for domains but for subdomains only www is listed. Why is that? Is there a way to disable the creation of the www subdomain...
  3. A

    List of Subdomains

    Hi, I am seeking a list of subdomains. I tried WHM/Account Information/List Subdomains, but that doesn't show all subdomains. l am familiar with other ones that are not listed. Is there another way to get a complete list of subdomains? We have some changes coming up and it's really important...
  4. B

    "Filter Incoming Emails by Domain" > Wildcard = Domain + All subdomains?

    In WHM 110 > "Filter Incoming Emails by Domain", does using a wildcard [*] also filters [email protected] emails or only [email protected] ? Thx
  5. J

    subdomains for default domain with dmarc?

    Hello. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I've noticed in the whm dns zone manager there is not a dmarc entry for, despite that being used and identified in smtp transactions. This was brought to my attention by when setting up dmarc...
  6. DarkxPunk

    Removing associated subdomains

    The shift away from "addon domains" to simply domains was great, removing the complicated and unnecessary creation of "associated subdomains." I am on a bit of a cleaning spree of my server, trying to cleanup unnecessary AutoSSL requests, bad DNS entries, etc. However I cannot for the life of me...
  7. JIKOmetrix

    Service subdomains not working

    Hello, I have a new server setup. The Service subdomains are not working. If you try to load or it will take you to the cPanel® is connecting screen with two options one with If you are not behind a firewall and If you are behind a firewall...
  8. O

    Does WHM have it's own subdomains?

    I ran the command /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts and saw these subdomains for WHM. Did I run the command from the wrong folder?
  9. K

    SOLVED subdomains and DNS Zone

    2 issues when adding subdomains using new "Domain" interface in cPanel 1) The new subdomains are listed as parked domains in WHM, not as subdomains. SO the subdomains created before the new Domain interface are listed as subdomains, but the new ones as parked domains ... 2) When adding a...
  10. S

    SOLVED SUBDOMAINS icon in Jupiter not showing

    I have moved accounts from Paper Lantern to the new Jupiter theme and everything was fine until one of my customers call asking on where the "Subdomain" icon is located after the switch". To my surprise he was right, there was no "Subdomain" icon on that Theme. After checking on the servers...
  11. jimlongo

    SOLVED Wildcard SSL not covering all subdomains

    I have a wildcard certificate from Cloudflare. Domains: CloudFlare Origin Certificate * Issuer: CloudFlare, Inc. Key: RSA, 2,048-bit (c771e514 …) Expiration: Apr 3, 2037 3:46:01 AM I've installed this, but when I look at Manage SSL Hosts only a...
  12. vicos

    AutoSSL: WARN Local HTTP DCV error" -- Using my own DNS Server and we don't want those cPanel subdomains defined. Workaround?

    We use our own DNS server and we do not want all of those cPanel specified subdomains defined, like cpcontacts, webdisk, and so on. Mainly since we don't use those features and for security purposes. Of course, this causes AutoSSL to issue the "WARN Local HTTP DCV error" at renewal time. The...
  13. B

    Subdomains not working

    Dear Team, we created demo folder in the public_html and created subdomain called in the cpanel. But subdomain not working. Please suggest. Please find screenshot
  14. J

    auto SSL one of my subdomains but getting an error

    Hello, trying to auto SSL one of my subdomains but getting an error - What can cause this error 4:28:04 AM SUCCESS TLS Status: OK Certificate expiry: 3/2/22, 9:26 AM UTC (55.29 days from now) 4:28:04 AM Analyzing “” (website) … 4:28:04 AM ERROR TLS Status: Defective...
  15. D

    Service subdomains on linked server fail HTTP DCV

    Hello! We've a setup of two servers, one with standard role linked to a secondary with mail only role. All domains have service subdomains (mail, webmail, cpcontacts...) whose DNS record points to mail server. All of them that are not DNS managed by primary server are failing DCV, by DNS and...
  16. B

    AutoSSL on 2 new subdomains in PENDING for over an hour since v96.0.14 upgrade?

    Hi, is there something wrong with AutoSSL since v96.0.14 ? I'm not used to this, but now I'm trying to add 2 subdomains to a domain that's already AutoSSL'ed but those 2 new subdomains have been in PENDING status in AutoSSL for well over an hour. Normally, it takes only 2 minutes so I think...
  17. R

    Subdomain Issues with LetsEncrypt/CloudLinux when using 3rd party DNS providers.

    Hi, I've posted this on and it's currently in a moderation queue because cPanel thinks they should be split up, however they're all very closely related and ultimately all fall down to one of two issues. 1. Incorrect use of subdomains in multiple areas 2. Lack of support...
  18. G

    Auto SSL notifications for subdomains like mail with external DNS settings

    Hi, We have a bunch of account with external DNS, MX records being the most common, and hence get a stack of system emails. Using Let's Encrypt. I understand it's possible in WHM to turn off AutoSSL notifications to admin or user for failures or warnings. Seeking a couple of clarifications...
  19. Spirogg

    Using a sub domain on another server

    Hello, This is my example IP’s and configuration below I have cPanel on And setup nameservers: IP IP I setup in my registrar google domains to use my nameservers instead of googles. ns1 ns2 for This...
  20. G

    Minimum length for subdomains

    Is there a problem with using a 1-3 letter for a subdomain? I currently use with a document root of /public_html/images. For the sake of brevity, about 2 weeks ago I created a second subdomain of, with the same document root. At the same time, I...