1. C

    suexec with kernelcare patch

    We have a client who executes .py files in their main public_html directory which works fine. The issue is that when we install and configure the kernelcare symlink patch, suexec no longer works since /usr/sbin/suexec is a symlink. The only way to allow the client to still execute .py files is...
  2. N

    SOLVED Internal Server Error - AH01215: suexec policy violation - Multi PHP

    Probably since the nightly update I get Internal Server Errors for multiple websites on my server. Apache error logs: The mentioned suexec log file is empty. /etc/apache2/logs/suexec_log: Similar errors for other PHP versions. Until now I have not found a solution for this. For the suexec...
  3. F

    How to reduce the size of suexec_log?

    Hi, The log file /var/log/apache2/suexec_log grows at a rate of about 13,000 per day with entries like this: [2021-03-07 13:44:52]: uid: (1004/user-name) gid: (1005/group-name) cmd: ea-php74 They are not telling me anything useful, so is it possible to prevent this? The server is running...
  4. The Old Man

    Understanding SuExec Logs

    Hi, Please could you help clarify the SuExec log, which is fairly unclear as to what it is actually reporting: e.g. [2020-10-08 02:59:44]: uid: (1000/abc123) gid: (1002/abc123) cmd: ea-php73 Is that example entry saying that a PHP script (although it doesn't say what is was) was successfully...
  5. T

    Fcgid with suexec run httpd as web user?

    Hello, we have a webshop that syncs the product catalog from another webserver. We are told that we need to have fcgid installed and httpd needs to run as the webuser for it to work properly. Can this be done with suexec? Isn´t it a security issue if done so? httpd runs now as nobody. We are...
  6. Fr3DBr

    Suexec Jailshell Wrapper

    Hi, Currently suexec will execute any script with system wide permissions, meaning that a perl script, cgi script, bash script or anything else executed through suexec will be able to read/write files many files inside the system, with permissions that allows this. Although, when using...
  7. G

    FCGI and Apache suEXEC

    Hi, Hope you can help. I have WHM/cPanel installed on a new dedicated server. I only have access to this server and I plan on using it for web hosting. After adding an account/domain and installing WordPress I found that whenever I tried to add/remove plugins I was getting asked for my FTP...
  8. B

    SuExec and PHP

    Hello, I've just installed Cpanel to my VPS server, and there is a problem with one my site. Please help me to fix it. File permissions are 755 for directories and 644 for files Using Suexec and PHP configuration(default on WHM) Problem: One of my site: is not loading the slider in...
  9. vlee

    Configure PHP and suEXEC Questions

    I currently use suPHP on my servers and it been like that for some time now. I have one server that has a special client that seems like some software called Integrator 3 by Go Higher is possibly not liking suPHP because possibly special permissions to files and folders. I am possibly...
  10. sahostking

    Permissions issue suPHP and SuExec

    Hi, Please inform me if there is anyway to fix this: It looks like this initially when an account is created: drwxr-x--- 3 skylensc skylensc 4.0K Nov 4 06:03 public_html/ But when I chmod 755 public_html/ then it looks like this and works: drwxr-xr-x 3 skylensc skylensc 4.0K Nov 4 06:03...
  11. D

    fastcgi / suexec question

    uid: (506/shoponli) gid: (507/shoponli) cmd: php5 I have lots of these in my suexec error log, what does it mean and how to repair? Dave
  12. E

    Preventing automated htaccess additions from taking a site down when using suexec?

    I've been working on a Wordpress installation for a client, and have W3 Total Cache installed. I also have the New Relic daemon installed and configured through W3TC. The problem that I'm having is that it tries to set newrelic.appname using php_value in htaccess. This, of course causes the...
  13. F

    Configure PHP and suEXEC - Bug

    CENTOS 6.3 x86_64 standard – server WHM 11.34.0 (build 11) I have problem with this, but my websites are working. I just dont know if this will take some problem in the future. Can someone take a look to this image? Thank you!
  14. A

    internel server error with suphp and suexec

    Hello, I am having a shared server with suphp and suexec. All the sites in this server are giving internel server errors. =========================================================== [Sun Dec 02 08:53:02 2012] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] Premature end of script headers: index.php [Sun...
  15. S

    Problem in Configure Suexec and PHP don´t Work

    Hi guys, i have problem in "Configure Suexec and PHP" stays at that step, I do to solve it?
  16. L

    Configure PHP and SuExec

    I can not change these options. / i have installed the fcgid. but i cant get it to change to this. is there something i have missed? /
  17. O

    Httpd Runs as Nobody with SuExec Is Enabled

    Hello, To get better performance for my site, I decided to use fcgid as PHP handler with SuExec, MPM worker and XCache. After reading documents, samples, discussions and blogs for several days, I finally get the basic things done. Well, it's not easy for a newbie :D But I found the httpd runs...
  18. U

    Configure PHP and SuExec UI broken

    I am no longer able to select Default PHP Version or Handler in WHM > Configure PHP and SuExec. If I login with SSH and run rebuild_phpconf it works. What can I do to fix the WHM UI so I can configure there? I have tried rebuilding with EasyApache using different profiles and that did not fix...
  19. E

    Best Opcode Caches with suPHP & suexec

    Hello, I want to get the most effective opcode caching when running in suPHP & suexec mode.Can you please someone suggest best which does support in suPHP & suexec environment ?
  20. S

    PHP5 cgi Suexec htaccess rewrite issue

    I am trying to get my website to run with php5 as a cgi abd Suexec enabled When I enable this however, certain .htaccess rules break and I cannot figure out why. These work currently with the PHP 5 handler set to dso Example of url rewrite rule...