1. H

    Upgrading older users to SUEXEC and PHPSUEXEC

    When we built our first CPANEL configuration, SUEXEC was left off. A few users and domains were created whose site/*.conf files do not have the data to turn SUEXEC on. This causes problems with wordpress etc. How can I turn SUExec on, on a per domain basis? Or just gobally...
  2. D

    Securing a new cPanel server, suExec, suPHP etc

    I am a brand new web master and just got an unmanaged VPS with cPanel, so I've been struggling to get it secured to ensure the least chance of a compromise. My server is only for me although I'll be hosting multiple sites on it under different users. After a lot of reading around here's my...
  3. D

    Configure PHP and SuExec PHP5/4 addhandler issue

    I'm trying to get PHP5 and PHP4 to play nice on a website space that requires both. 1. script needs php4 and is set to php via Addhandler (works fine) 2. needs php5 (apparently i can't override the parent site Addhandler) but its loading php4 even though I have...
  4. Solokron

    FastCGI + Suexec

    Has anyone managed to get FastCGI + Suexec/SuPHP working via easyapache or do you pretty much have to compile it manually to work which I don't mind doing?
  5. L

    mod_rewrite broken by enabling suexec

    Hi, I have recently enabled suexec, (PHP5 running under suPHP), on my server and after chowning the files correctly I have found that any site which relies on rewrite rules in the htaccess file is effectively broken. Luckily this only affects my personal sites, unluckily, it affects every...
  6. A

    Configure Suexec and PHP

    Default PHP Version (.php files) 5 PHP 5 Handler "dso" or "cgi" or "suphp" or "fcgi" ? PHP 4 Handler none Suexec "on" or "off" ?
  7. E

    i have problem in Configure Suexec and PHP

    Hello, I used EasyApache (Apache Update) and did recompile. after recompile i get error from any page loading by php language, any page want be download. i gone to Configure PHP and SuExec and not find any Handler for php, and me choose Default PHP Version (.php files) version 4 because...
  8. F

    owner permissions suexec set up?

    Hello, new to cpanel and whm so hi to the community! Got whm and cpanel installed ok last week and migrating sites across as we speak. All pretty much ok with the end tweaks here and there. My biggest issue at the moment is ownership/permissions issue, specifically for joomla sites...
  9. N

    Nagios / suExec problem

    I've installed Nagios and got it running ok. The problem is that I have suExec enabled on my Redhat/Apache/Cpanel server and the suExec log piles up with errors like: error: target uid/gid (32003/504) mismatch with directory (32069/32069) or program (32069/32069) or trusted user (0/10)...
  10. N

    SuExec not working?

    I'm trying to avoid the user nobody to send mails, but when i try to compile php with SuPHP and SuEXEC, it looks done, but the mails still with the user "nobody". What can i do in order to ensure that the scripts be sent with the user thar runs the scripts instead of nobody? Thanks for...
  11. anton_latvia

    Problem with "Configure PHP and SuExec"

    Hi, On one server I've got strange problem. I always upgrade apache and php from shell and on one server we decided to run both PHP versions. I have successfully completed compilation, but when I come to "Configure PHP and SuExec" page, I get this error: EasyApache is currently upgrading...
  12. A

    Configure Suexec and PHP interface bug?

    Hello, I'm using WHM 11.23.2 cPanel 11.23.6-S27698. My Configure Suexec and PHP shows: Current configuration: Default PHP Version (.php files) 5 PHP 5 Handler fcgi PHP 4 Handler none Apache suEXEC on The thing is that in Alter configuration, all the comboboxes show none...
  13. S

    SuExec problem

    Hello, I have an installed the Magento and after the following command suddenly I am geting "500 Internal Error Server" error message. After contacting the Magento they suggest me to check if a server is SuExec or not? but as I am new in linux hosting can some one please suggest me the...
  14. J

    500 error traced to SuExec uid/gid any ideas

    I'm getting a 500 error on one of my sites, I traced it to a uid/gid error logged in SuExec. But i've run through the forum and attempted a few different things all with no luck. Any suggestions? error: target uid/gid (32003/32005) mismatch with directory (0/0) or program (0/0) or trusted...
  15. S

    ssl and suexec, nobody user not account user

    Hi there, I am trying to get a domain served via SSL using a specific user and group via apache. We have many websites being served using suexec with users and groups for the specific sites. Now when serving a new site using SSL, the files are being served as 'nobody', which is no use, as...
  16. M

    SuPHP and SuExec - pros and cons

    Hi, Does anyone know of a definitive guide for hosters in regards to the pros and cons of using "SuPHP" and "SuExec" ? Many thanks, - Vince
  17. V

    CGI Path Not Found When Using SUEXEC

    Hello, I have spent the last 2 days trying to figure this out but can't, so I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I have installed CentOS 5 with cPanel on my machine last week and I have transferred all of my accounts to the server. I am running Apache 2.2 with PHP 5...
  18. X

    [problem] Configure Suexec and PHP

    I have a problem in the last apache upgrade (apache 2.2.8 + php5) step . exactly in "Configure Suexec and PHP" I found this option doesn't have multi values as CGI or Suphp just I found none : PHP 5 Handler none PHP 4 Handler none I must to return to build apache1 with php4...
  19. J

    SSL /cpanel redirect not working on some domains - Suexec error

    Hi all, hope somebody can help me here.... I've got my VPS set up one one IP and run some domains on that vps IP, while hosting some domains on other IPs. Recently the /cpanel, /webmail etc. SSL redirects stopped working on all domains, that are hosted on the vps IP! On my domains with...
  20. J

    suexec not working?

    We have our server configured to use the suexec module for apache, and php is configured to use phpsuexec itself. However, when taking a look at the processes running on the server, there are 30-40 processes running at any given time that are running httpd as nobody.... Anyone have any...