1. S

    Configure Suexec and PHP - problem

    WHM 11.19.0 cPanel 11.19.0-E20931 REDHAT Enterprise 3 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0 PHP 4 and PHP 5 compiled and installed successfuly via easyapache3 ! ----------------------------------------------- Problem Desc.: In Configure Suexec and PHP section and in the popup after the rebuild...
  2. paulkoan

    mod_userdir + suexec = command not in docroot

    Hello, I am using Apache 2.2 + suexec + fcgi + mod_userdir enabled No problems with accessing via the domain, but if users access php files using userdir (~username), I get a 500 error, and the following log: [2008-02-19 21:59:20]: uid: (32034/username) gid: (32033/32033) cmd: php5...
  3. T

    Suexec gives 500 internal error

    Hi, I want to enable suexec to protect my server againt bad scripts so when i do that each account stops running.. I got 500 Internal Server error and php files stop running... Then i chown the public_html to user:user but this time only the files under public_html works not the...
  4. SuperBaby

    Will Perl/PHP scripts have problems if suexec and phpsuexec turned on?

    I am using a lot of Perl and PHP scripts at my site. So far on my dedicated server the suexec and phpsuexec are both turned off. Will my Perl/PHP scripts have problems if I turned on suexec and phpsuexec?
  5. don_will

    Configure Suexec and PHP

    When ive clicked on Service Configuration >> Configure PHP and SuExec all i can see is: Current Configuration This tool allows you to select how Apache will deliver PHP content and to select which version of PHP will be used by default for the '.php' file extension. Please refer to the...
  6. M

    Configure Suexec and PHP

    Hello on "Configure Suexec and PHP" I have these settings Default PHP Version (.php files) 5 PHP 5 Handler suphp PHP 4 Handler none Suexec on Please someone can explain me what is the option Suexec on . Should I set on with suphp ? If yes , why ? If no , why ? (I am...
  7. J

    CGI Suexec off - HELP !

    After running easyapache all CGI is started to have issues and I think suexec is not running. Anyway - before there was a speciel suexec page for cgi/perl in WHM. Now the only suexec link there is, is inlcuded in the php config page. I wanna have suexec ON for cgi scripts. I wanna have...
  8. J

    PHP SuExec?

    I've only just noticed this, and I was hoping for some direction. We're running a server that runs internal projects only, and so I have all suexec functionality turned off. When looking at a simply phpinfo() output, I'm seeing that the SCRIPT_URI is set to /scripts2/dophpandsuexecconf and...
  9. F

    using suexec and suphp and pspsuexec.

    Hi Folks. I have some basic questions about using the suexec, and suphp functions. I have been having periodic problems with script kiddies exploiting some weak scripts on my machine. I can identify the offending processes and stop them, then find some files that were put into /tmp and get...
  10. I

    is suexec broken in current release

    I'm having an issue trying to get suexec to work, here's a bit of background I moved a live old server running current on Fedora 1 apache 1.3 php 4 to Centos 5 using a script located on this board, which worked great btw. Noticed that I could not update apache and realized I was using the...
  11. D

    Removing suexec

    I have apache+php suexec I tried to edit httpd.conf file to remove User directives in VirtualHosts and to uncomment mod_php module so that it works. When I restarted I got an error that I could not access /etc (by session_start() to create sessions). I tried chmod 777 /etc, and...
  12. E

    PHP suEXEC always error 500

    I have my site and my forum and when I try to use PHP suEXEC support its give me error 500 internal server error and this happened only in php files and html works well the problem now is the default permission for folder is 755 and that should be writable and my site folder is 755 and...
  13. B

    PHP suexec Performance - FastCGI?

    I have a hosting solution which is running ,WHM 11.2.0, cPanel 11.6.0-R15076 on CentOS 4.3. Recently I rebuilt apache with PHP 5.2.3, suexec and php suexec and all seems to be running fine and I can see php process spawned under any given account username when their domains are accessed. However...
  14. B

    Problems with permissions and php suexec

    I have a hosting solution which is running ,WHM 11.2.0, cPanel 11.6.0-R15076 on CentOS 4.3. Recently I rebuilt apache with PHP 5.2.1, and both :PHP suEXEC Support" and "suEXEC Module" checked. I am certain that once this was done everything was working fine meaning that each account would have...
  15. J

    To suEXEC or not to suEXEC? That is the question.

    I am really confused here after reading through tons of posts. Now, I am not referring to phpsuEXEC, but just suEXEC which many say is a MUST for good security, however, take a look at this quote from --------- Used properly, this feature can reduce...
  16. F

    remove php suexec support

    when i remove php suexec support, while i entering sites it save php files. how can solve this problem :confused:
  17. J

    Do you need "PHP suEXEC Support" if php is up to Version 5.1.6?

    Because php 5.x already runs as a cgi, do you still need "PHP suEXEC Support" for good security? Also, is this a good combo, or am I over doing it by selecting both suEXEC and PHP suEXEC? (Looking for the most stable, compatible and secure combo here.) Mysql 4.1.21 with php 5.1.6...
  18. A

    PHPSuexec and Suexec

    Hello, I'll be using my server for a starting web hosting company. I'm wondering if it's better to use PHPSuexec and Suexec from the beginning (or not to use it at all!). What would be the pros and cons? Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. Vatoloco

    Any way to disable info logging with suEXEC?

    I'm looking to disable as much logging as possible and I can't seem to track down where to changed the log settings for suexec. /usr/local/apache/logs/suexec_log is full of useless entries like this: [2006-11-25 09:07:06]: info: (target/actual) uid: (bobloblaw/bobloblaw) gid...
  20. nana_coinwale

    php suexec info

    please I am new to this and want to know the exact settings of php suexec in php.ini file and how to find suexec is enable in server?