1. V

    Fp extensions and Suexec

    FP extensions refuse to work with suexec enabled... I must confess I know very little about suexec, what are the implications of disabling it thru' WHM?
  2. shaun

    So what stuff shouldnt work with Suexec?

    I read somewhere that when using suexec the counters wont work. Is this true about any other scripts/features that are included with cpanel. If so what are they, Will this ever be fixed? If not then maybe when a server enables suexec those options are removed from the users CP? Thanks.
  3. H

    permissions for the counters [suexec?] (modedit)

    Last upcp messed up /var/cpanel/Counters/*.dat Anyone else experienced this? The bad thing though is that the path the the *.dat files was displayed instead on the number with a \"cannot write to\" message.... user:group for these files bing both nobody, this could lure someone to play...
  4. C

    FrontPage + SuExec

    Is there anyone on this forum who has FrontPage working successfully with SuExec? If so, can you tell me how you fixed the problem of users not being able to publish their websites? If not, can someone give me a checkoff list for uninstalling SuExec? Thanks
  5. shaun

    suexec... What needs to be done....

    Going to run suexec on one of my machines. Was wondering what needs to be done. Anybody have some instructions? I know i need to download the apache build from here and it has a option in their but do i need to change permissions of users files? Any problems that i might or will run into...
  6. A

    frontpage and suexec

    seems enabling suexec broke users frontpage, anyone got a fix?
  7. A


    Ok, i reinstalled buildapache and activated initsuexec but when apache runs, its still running as nobody, i thought the idea of suexec was to show you who was running what, how do i make it so on top, httpd is shown as the users name and not nobody?
  8. zex

    SSI does not work with suexec?

    does somebody knows why SSI instruction does not work on new cpanel with suexec enabled. Here is what i get from suexec.log [2002-01-09 14:57:58]: error: invalid command (/usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/entropybanner.cgi veritas) I check suexec.c and this error is reported when some program try\'s...
  9. A

    Darkorb, instructions to turn off suexec

    I need instructions on turning this off, it was turned on by default in the layer1 or frontpage layer installs I am moving 600 accounts from a cpanel server onto this one and that server does NOT have susexec on, and from what i heard, it will break cpanel if these accts are moved under this...
  10. A

    suexec turned on by default?

    After installing cpanel myself, i noticed that suexec seemed to be turned on, i did nothing to turn this feature on, is suexec turned on automatically on a fresh install of cpanel layer1? any reason i should turn it off? no customers on this box yet but would like to know before we dump 500...
  11. B

    suexec howto (POWER USERS ONLY)

    These instructions will turn on suexec support (still very alpha) with cpanel.. It may break, stop your cgis from work or generally foul up things. (Use at your own risk) ---- Grab Build it with suexec support (Make sure you have a...
  12. B


    I\'m trying to get an idea of what breaks when suexec is turned on. Any comments would be helpful.
  13. A

    suExec trouble

    Ok, I have suexec enabled in my httpd binary, but when ever a customer tries to run a .cgi script I get an error 500. even with the permission correct, and the User and Group setting correct in httpd.conf. So, I decided NOT to use suExec, and commented out the User and Group setting in...
  14. B

    how SuExec \"friendly\" is cpanel?

    Id like to use SuExec but havent enabled it because of all these tales about it breaking cpanel. I know interchange would break but we have already killed it. So, what would be the worse thing to happen IF I enabled SuExec? cheers ;)
  15. zex

    suexec stuff cart.cgi etc...

    I have preaty hard head and I decide to use suexec, after day of playing with it I was disapointed.. there was no way to use it with cpanel scripts becouse od script/dir mismatch. Scripts are owned by user root and they are called by someuser and dir was owned by user cpanel... Bloody...
  16. zex

    cgi-sys & suexec

    Why scripts that are in cgi-sys dir (including wredirect.cgi) does not work if suexec is enabled? and how to make them to work. problem is that suexec does not allow execution of cgi-sys scripts becouse they are now owned by user who own virtual server that is runned.
  17. zex

    suexec scgi wrapper etc..

    I have few questions. First my apache does not have support for suexec. And i download buildapache.sea and recompile apache. Everything was OK. I change few permissin on cgi\'s that my users are using and all works. BUT sys-cgi dir does not work and that is Ok becouse suexec check UID & GID...