1. N

    Safe to turn off Swap space with 256GB of RAM with 50-70GB of RAM used at all times?

    Hello, I am thinking of turning off swap space since my server has 256GB or RAM with 50-70GB of RAM used at all times. It currently has 4GB of swap space for usage. Also swap space has 0,8-2GB used space on average. Anyone has any idea what would be the best option for performance? Thank you
  2. R

    Swap memory full

    Hi All, my swap memory is reached to 99%. Swap Size is 4gb which has been reached. my server specs is 16 core with 128gb ram. Currently half of the Ram is free. Is it good to increase the swap memory? Or i can refresh the existing memory. anyone can help.
  3. tbutler

    Swap Primary and Parked Domains

    I host a number of sites that years ago dropped their original domain names for ones that had been originally just parked alternate domains. (E.g. the alternate domain was shorter and they realized the primary domain wasn't all that useful.) Though those domains have long since expired, they are...
  4. E

    Increase swap disk disk on CentOS 7 from 2 GB to 4 GB - how to update /etc/fstab

    I'm troubleshooting our server falling over last night, and when I looked, I saw swap space was depleted and cPHulk taking up all the CPU. TL;DR Any ideas how to quickly increase size of dm-1 partition? To isolate, I'm first going to increase swap space from 2 GB (server has 8GB RAM) to 4 GB...
  5. albatroz

    Server Load 4.17 and swap 100%

    While checking the CPanel interface I noticed the values of the subject and was wondering if I should worry or not. My server is a Linode VPS with 8GB of RAM and 4 cores of dedicated CPU.
  6. N

    Do I really need a swap partition?

    I have 50 GB RAM Do I need swap Memory? I read many places that the rule of thumb for swap space is to double the amount of physical RAM. I am using KVM, 10 CPUs and 50 GB RAM with SSD. Do I need still swap Memory at all with this high amount of physical RAM? Do you swap recommendation for...
  7. T

    Swap Used Explained?

    I have recently been watching my swap slowly filling up, over the period of 1 week, it gets close to 100%. Can anyone explain why this would happen? I thought the behavior of the swap area was that it is used, and then emptied on it's own? This is like a big glass glass of water, it slowly...
  8. ronaldst

    No swap file

    I got a new VPS from OVH and after setting up everything I noticed that I have no swap file (or partition) configured. I am running CentOS 7.3 and cPanel/WHM 64. Should I be concerned about this?
  9. B

    SOLVED cPanel Swap issue

    Hi Everyone, i have CentOS release 6.8 with Cpanel Version Recently we expiriance an issue where swap is overloading . two days ago i restarted services Apache&Mysql and i saw swap is not going down so we had to use swapoff -a. now it is back again to the same situation! here is...
  10. S

    My Swap is full

    Hello My swal patrition is full i.cubeupload.com/9CW5uu.jpg How i can Promotion it? Please Help me :(
  11. R

    How do I swap domain names of two sites?

    I need to move entire site1(including databases) to site2 and vice versa. Both sites have different cPanel accounts. How do I do it? Does simply changing the domain name of the cpanel accounts help me? Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  12. R

    Swap used over 90%

    I got a notice from a server that had a problem with chkesrvd running out of time and a high load message. I checked the server in whm which had already settled down, but noticed Swap was used was over 90% so I ran: free and got. total used free shared...
  13. B

    Server Status Says Swap Used 92%

    Home » Server Status » Service Status Swap Used 92.29% (241,920 of 262,144) What does this mean and what can I do about this?
  14. T

    Extremely high SWAP and RAM usage

    I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I have been having recently. I have a 2GB Linode VPS running the latest release of WHM/cPanel. I recently upgraded from a 1GB VPS to 2GB RAM VPS since I was having these same issues before. However, upgrading doesn't seem to have solved the issue...
  15. F

    Steps for main IP swap.

    Hi, I require to change the main It for the server. What are the steps in doing the IP swap. I just want to make sure I do not miss step. Thanks Frank
  16. G

    Swap pages per second in/out

    I'm looking at the Munin report, under "Swap in/out - by day". What is considered "good" when it comes to this section? I just migrated to a new server, and it's showing several times throughout the day that I'm either between 0 and -4.0, or between 0 and +3.0. I can't look at the stats on my...
  17. G

    Is it possible to increase swap partition ?

    Hi, My swap partition is too small. I must do a swapoff -a , swapon -a to empty it. Is it possible to increase swap partition ? and How ? #swapon -s Filename Type Size Used Priority /dev/sda7 partition 1048568 8180 -1 Thanks :)
  18. H

    Server keeps crashing in last 3 days - Swap issue?

    Hi I've had server uptime of 3 months with no problems. In the past 3 days however it started to crash at around 3am everyday, had to reboot. Nothing else changed except WHM was upgraded to WHM 11.40.0. When looking at messages log I see the following similar logs for each day: Nov 15...
  19. C

    SWAP Memory Location

    Hi, I see in the cPanel Installation guide, that my SWAP memory should be set at twice the GB the server has, so that would be 16*2 is 32GB. Currently it's set to 4. Where is the SWAP memory location so I can expand that just a bit? Thanks a lot!
  20. C

    Harddrive Swap

    Hi, I have had to upgrade the size of my harddrive on my server due to it getting full and now require to move all the data over. What I have done so far is had a new drive installed as the primary and made my old drive secondary. I have then had the OS installed on the new drive. Now I just...