1. C

    Harddrive Swap

    Hi, I have had to upgrade the size of my harddrive on my server due to it getting full and now require to move all the data over. What I have done so far is had a new drive installed as the primary and made my old drive secondary. I have then had the OS installed on the new drive. Now I just...
  2. T

    Server gets unreachable after swap is full since last update

    Hello, Last week I have updated my cpanel. And since we had some what we thought was server crash but now I know that the server is getting unreachable after the swap gets full. The process kswapd0 keeps running and the load goes from 1 to 10.. to 40 .. to 110 .. and no more server.. and no...
  3. B

    [Linux/WHM] How to disable Swap Used? My server sometime get high load when Swap Used

    My server load normally only about 1 or below, the server running normally for days, not get high load when i check in whm >> Service Status, the Swap Used report always zero (0), not used at all : Swap Used 0.00% (0 of 10169104) but when Swap Used sometime, even the swap used...
  4. T

    0 Swap space and httpd crashing

    Hello, My server from today is not working properly. The httpd service is crashing and giving some timeout error. Also when i login to WHM then i see in the stats that Swap Space is being used 0.00 only. Are these 2 things linked ? I am hosting 400 sites so why swap space wouldbe 0.00 ...
  5. M

    How to swap main domain with addon domain ???

    I am a newbie using cPanel. I am currently using Linux server. I would like to swap the old main domain with the addon domain. I also want to hide the old main domain since I don't want it to appear to the public. Can anyone teach me how to do it ??
  6. Janak

    Increase size of swap partition

    I was wondering if it is possible to increase the size of swap partition. If yes the how can I increase it? Thanks!
  7. B

    Running out of swap space

    hi there I have a busy Centos machine running Cpanel with 3GB RAM and 2GB swap. Twice a day the swap space gradually fills up. When it maxes, kswapd goes mad, the load shoots up and the box dies. How can I: a) identify the processes using up all the swap space and b) kill them off...
  8. M

    Crazy swap usage

    Last week one of our WHM servers started going crazy. While total memory usage is not high (about 30% or so), swap usage is 100%! Reboot does not help a lot. Swap usage goes to 0% after reboot, and memory usage is about 30% like always. After several hours CPU/memory usage is same like after...
  9. H

    Troubleshooting memory & swap usage

    Hi all, we are having issues with high load, high memory and swap usage. Apr 23 14:59:22 s01 /kernel: pid 87516 (httpd), uid 65534, was killed: out of swap space Apr 23 15:01:46 s01 /kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace: failed Apr 23 15:02:00 s01 last message repeated 287 times Apr 23...
  10. I

    swap memory is not used on the server

    Hello, On our server swap memory is not in use. Please check this root@server [~]# free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 2025 1559 465 0 26 526 -/+ buffers/cache: 1007 1017 Swap...
  11. B

    Swap Size

    I´m having a problem. My system has 4GB of RAM, but the swap if 1GB only and starts to swap, and I want to increase the size of it to 8GB for example. How do i change this? Anyone has a tutorial ? Thanks
  12. A

    domain swap

    I have domain1.us hosting a site with allot of content and I have domain2.com parked over it and that is the address I promote the site with and I would like to use the domain1.us domain for something else is it possible to make domain2.com take over the user/account for domain1? if so how...
  13. C

    deleting a swap file

    can someone please give me the command for deleting the a swap file. I must have opened it twice. Thanks in advance.
  14. mickalo

    Swap Question

    Hello, I've noticed for about a week or so, when calling up "top" it indicates the following: Swap: 2048276k total, 80k used, 2048196k free, 241936k cached the "80K used" never changes, goes up or down. When logged into the WHM, it always indicates 0.00 swapped used. Our server...
  15. J

    Too much swap used?

    WHM has been reporting that the swap is between 95 and 100% Currently: root@skyline [~]# free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 2007 1937 69 0 69 646 -/+ buffers/cache: 1220 786 Swap...
  16. J

    Missing swap partition

    One of our clients with a dedicated system noticed today after nearly a year with the server that it doesn't have a swap partition. Now I am pretty sure that we installed it with a partition so my intuition tells me that this is a recent developement because he should be seeing a lot more load...
  17. A

    Swap is 100% - what does this mean?

    Hi, In the cpanel server status it some times says swap is at 99-100%. What does this mean? What can I do about it? Thanks
  18. nyjimbo

    Fastest way to swap whole Cpanel to new machine

    I know there are a hundred threads on how to move accounts from one machine to another but I have 400+ accounts on a box with 40 gigs of "/home" data and cant do this one by one. I looked at this about a year ago but gave up due to concerns but I think I really have to do it now. I want to...
  19. W

    how to swap addon domain with primary domain

    I have a client want to change his primary domain to addon domain and vice versa. What is the best way to do that. Thanks
  20. J

    Swap memory set to zero?!

    Something weird is going on on my VPS, I think; free -mm reports that my swap memory is, erm, 0. I have restarted the server so 'free' is at 0 as well now, but before it was at some massive value (4 million MB or something) and my 'service status' in WHM was red with a massively high value for...