1. T

    So much memory being used but no swap

    What is the best way to troubleshoot why so much system memory is being used but swap is at 0? Can I adjust this & if so how? Or should I not worry at this point? Memory Used 67.6 % Swap Used 0.00 %
  2. M

    how to clean swap? it shows 97% full

    in my server status. swap shows 97% full. how can i clean it?? server load is normal though.
  3. C

    how do I fix a corrupt swap partition?

    My disk is setup as follows: # fdisk -l Disk /dev/sda: 80.0 GB, 80000000000 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9726 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sda1 * 1 13 104391 83...
  4. M

    Swap Used Climbs Constantly

    I have a linux server running Redhat Enterprise 3. It's been in service for over a year with few problems. Recently, say in the last week or so, the Swap Used has been steadily climbing until it gets to 100%, then Server Load is high as well. I can get it back down by restarting apache, but I...
  5. B

    server is not using the swap space, help!

    server is not using the swap space, help! root@server1 [~]# free total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 2055252 1998652 56600 0 574308 1167980 -/+ buffers/cache: 256364 1798888 Swap: 4192956 0 4192956 How do I get it to start using swap?
  6. J

    10.8.0 S15: Swap usage bug!

    The swap useage % is wrong in Service Status. Its reporting that my swap usage is currently Swap Used 36.76 % which is incorrect since prior to the update it was reporting 0.97% or there abouts. This was a problem with the Edge release but it sees like this bug has not been fixed.
  7. M

    swap gone crazy on current and edge versions

    Hello, I have updated my cpanel to the Current version cPanel 10.6.0-C15, the problem is that swap usage is increasing steadily on the server. On my other servers swap usage is 0.9%. on this server it's 7.26% and increasing. server load and memory usage is normal. I tried downgrading...
  8. J


    my server us using 33% if memory, yet their is 3% SWAP why is this, i thought SWAP was if their is more memory being used than you have hardware, so it pages to disk instead... or is their anyway i can define when to start putting into SWAP
  9. J


    How come their is 9% Swap being used when only 37% memory has been consumed Server Load 3.83 (1 cpu) Memory Used 37.8 % Swap Used 9.78 % Is this normal ?
  10. T

    Linux OS - Swap partition placement

    I have a disagreement between two of my techs. The one who set up our most recent cpanel server (today), put all cpanel recommended partitions on the primary drive, except for swap, which he put on a secondary drive. His thinking was that putting it on the backup drive would improve...
  11. P

    Swap Problem

    Hi, New to servers but I have three and the Swap on my last one just builds daily until the server crashes or needs rebooting. It’s basically a file store, there are at max 40mb of files that I'm pulling off for use on another site. The servers doing nothing technical, the files are...
  12. D

    Zero Memory Swap

    Guys, anyone! I need your advice on memory swap. Here's my server memory info: Mem: 1017972k av, 987812k used, 30160k free, 0k shrd, 71788k buff 546200k active, 359748k inactive Swap: 1052248k av, 0k used, 1052248k free 596992k...
  13. M


    Anybody can explain me what is "Swap", in "service status"? Is better when it is high or low? (e.g. is better 1% or 0.555%)? Thanks --macmartins
  14. M


    Anybody can explain me what is "Swap", in "service status"? Is better when it is high or low? (e.g. is better 1% or 0.555%)? Thanks --macmartins
  15. WebHostPro

    Can you run swap on hard drive 2 or should it be on the boot drive?

    Hello, Strange questions but I was thinking about dropping it on the 2nd drive to be able to run a smaller first drive. Anyone ever heard of anything about swap needing to be on the main drive? Thanks, Charles
  16. spaceman

    swap / switch a hosted domain with a domain parked over it?

    Hi All, I have a hosting client with two domain names - one parked over the other. He wants to let the registration of the domain name that is currently hosted to expire, and continue with the domain name that is currently parked over it. Is there a quick, easy, painless way to swap the...
  17. promak

    Help! new server swap not in use

    I have test remove some high loading customer to new server and old server swap space will some time use 4~5% in top command show Mem: 2064820K av, 1379984K used, 684836K free, 0K shrd, 89380K buff Swap: 2096252K av, 0K used, 2096252K free 1103436K...
  18. C

    Memory and swap usage

    Hi, I've got the follwing problem. One of our servers is crashing at least once a day (always the same one). I could not find the problem yet but I guess it must be something with the memory and the swap usage. The system is running fine but suddenly the load goes up and the swap as well...
  19. R

    addon domains, swap servername/serveralias

    I have recieved complaints from people using the addon domain function that when they go to addondomain.com/folder in the browser bar it comes up subdomain.maindomain.com/folder and the way i see it is becaused addon domains are essentially parked domains on top of subdomains. I have found a...
  20. A

    Swap Red Light

    Is it normal for the status to indicate &red& when there is 0% swap in use?