1. B

    Delete completed sessions from transfers

    How do i delete all sessions from "Review transfers and restores" that are completed, failed, or restored... I already tried this: How do I delete completed sessions in "Review Transfers and Restores"? and it didn't work. And also i followed this guide: The backup_restore_manager Script |...
  2. S

    Does Live Transfer skip previously-transferred (or suspended) accounts?

    I am going to be transferring all accounts from one cPanel server to another using the Live Transfer tool. I have already used it to selectively transfer a few accounts for testing. Now I'm wondering, when I run it with all accounts selected for the final mass-transfer, will it skip accounts...
  3. W

    Rsyc transfers - out of sync? ( days behind)

    I have incremental backups working to a remote server via rsync ( a QNAP in this case). I have daily x 7, weekly x 3 monthly x 3. This has been working fine for a while (years). Recently the WHM server storage hit 95+% and this stopped backups working until I resized the disk and created more...
  4. J

    In Progress CPANEL-40953 - Transfer tool incorrectly adds index.html which breaks websites!

    Hi everyone. I've got a default page at /root/cpanel3-skel/public_html/index.html which automatically creates a holding page for new accounts. That works great for new accounts, but when transferring accounts in from another server using WHM > Transfers > Transfer Tool, the index.html page gets...
  5. H

    Restore cPanel account

    I have a cPanel account, which has been transferred in passive mode through ftp, this account has 70GB I have the file in: /home/cpaneluser/backup.tar.gz I generally download and upload the backups and restore through ftp up to 10GB or up to 15GB but 70GB I don't see it very convenient besides...
  6. D

    Express transfers to linked mailnode breaks DNS zone

    We're currently migrating accounts from one obsolete server with cPanel v86 to two brand new with cPanel v98. The new servers are a standard role linked to a secondary with mail only role. They are all in a DNS Cluster and we've changed TTL to 1200 before starting transfers. Transfers are going...
  7. Arvy

    Transfers to a specific (secondary) IP

    Hello, my new server IP is "X". And I have a secondary IP "Y". When I transfer between servers, cPanel sets "Y" as the account IP. And I have to change the IP address to "X". But I'll migrate >90 accounts. Since I will not change the DNS servers until move all accounts (I can migrate about 10...
  8. 360webfirm

    From GoDaddy shared hosting to VPS

    Hello All, I have a client I re-built a website for in WordPress and was going to host this website using my VPS and c panel. I realized they had so many email accounts in their existing shared hosting with Go Daddy that I decided to just keep the website there. The issue I have now is that the...
  9. R

    Block transfers accounts

    Hello, Are there ways to block migration to other servers through the cPanel Transfer Tool?
  10. G

    Transfers function privileges for Reseller?

    Hello, can you tell me how to activate the "Transfers" function on a Resellers account create on a CPANEL / WHM? Which privileges should be activated to do this? Best Regards
  11. carock

    Transfers not keeping php version

    Is the transfer tool supposed to keep the same version of php on the account if it's available? I have transferred a few sites with php 5.6 set on the original and the new server has them set to php 7.1 and php 5.6 is available. I have to manually set it to 5.6 after each transfer. cPanel...
  12. rinkleton

    WHM Transfers and MySQL passwords

    When transferring accounts to new servers we occasionally get the message about old mysql passwords being in an insecure format. It's easy enough to reset them. However we just got that message on an account that doesn't have a database (at least not a database we set up). I figure cpanel...
  13. S

    PureFTP not logging transfers

    I would like to log transfers for PureFTP. I have this in my /etc/pure-ftpd.conf config file AltLog xferlog:/usr/local/apache/domlogs/ftpxferlog but nothing ever gets logged to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ftpxferlog. its always 0 bytes. I also have "Keep master FTP log file" on in tweak...
  14. inveress

    Difference between account transfers as user and root

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone knows what the practical difference is between: 1. Using the "Copy an account from another server with an account password" function; and 2. Using the Transfer Tool to copy a single account as root. I'm asking specifically in terms of what gets copied...
  15. A

    Transfers » Transfer Tool Pausing for many hours

    Hi I was try to use on a cpanel server the Transfers » Transfer Tool for 8 accounts and 7 of them done and the last one was very slow so i try to pause it and start it again later but is at pausing state for a few hours now and it never ends :( Also i can't restart it or do somthing for it...
  16. F

    Account transfers from cPanel 11.18 servers or earlier are no longer supported

    Hello, I'm received this error when I try migrating from 2 cpanel servers. Both are using a higher version of Cpanel than 11.18. Here's the server I'm transfering away from: WHM 11.32.7 (build 3) And the server I'm transferring to: WHM 11.40.1 (build 9) What am I missing? Thanks!
  17. T

    Copying account transfers databases even though option checked

    When copying an account from another server also running whm, I'm checking the 'Skip account databases' box. However, when I go to copy the account the databases are still copying. I've been on 'Restoring MySQL databases' for a really long time now. Any insight?
  18. S

    Errors after transfers of accounts

    Hi, I have 2 servers running the latest stable version of cpanel. Many sites are running the same script and they are giving errors after transfer. When I install the script from scratch it works fine, but when I transfer them I get the errors below. Also, I checked and all the cgi files have...
  19. L

    [Case 103681] Transfers - (Unable to validate setting for cpmod: x. )

    I am trying to swing over an account from an old WHM and getting the error: Account Creation Status: failed (Unable to validate setting for cpmod: x.) Source WHM is old - WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-R57 Destination is WHM 11.36.0 (build 20) I suspect it has something to do with the cpanel...
  20. O

    Doing WHM Transfers with CLI scripts

    Is there any plans to add a CLI script to do transfers between two cPanel boxes? We do a lot of internal transfers and would like to automate it as much as possible.