1. O

    Doing WHM Transfers with CLI scripts

    Is there any plans to add a CLI script to do transfers between two cPanel boxes? We do a lot of internal transfers and would like to automate it as much as possible.
  2. Y

    About transfers from another server

    Hello, I want to know if the option called 'Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server' perform a entire account copy. I mean, This option copy the databases, mail, files? Or they are some restrictions. Thanks.
  3. C

    Trouble with transfers

    Hi, I've always used the account transfer function with success but I'm having trouble with a new server. When I do it I get this error: Testing IPADDRESS for xfer streaming support....Not Supported! Packaging the account: (/scripts/pkgacct username "" --split compressed --mysql 5.0)...
  4. W

    bug in WHM / cPanel or not - Redirect option in account transfers

    I do not now but I may of found a bug in WHM / cPanel , We moved all are clients over from one VPS to a newly set-up VPS and use the option to put in place a redirect while the dns and all get sorted out but it has gone and put a redirect on both end's going to the old VPS and I can not...
  5. C

    Multiple Account Transfers and files owned by user nobody

    Another issue with the transfer tool is skipping files owned by "nobody." I migrated three servers the past two weeks and numerous files were skipped. I now have to rsync each account after transferring it just to make sure all files were transferred.
  6. S

    Transfers Permission for Resellers?

    Is it possible to enable the "Transfers" capabilities for the resellers? I don't see it in their permissions to give them the capability to do so. Is this a permission available for Resellers, or can only the root admin do website transfers?
  7. F

    Transfers not working!

    When ever i try to do a Transfer either a single or a multi transfer it does not work. When i do the multi transfer it does not come back with the list of accounts. What should i do? cPanel 11.24.4-C36072 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 FREEBSD 6.4 amd64 standard on twisted
  8. A

    Transfers and database name truncation

    I'm moving accounts from a dedicated server running Plesk 7.5.1 to a new dedi running cPanel 11.24.2 using the cPanel transfer function over ssh. I'm encountering a couple of problems with databases that have been transferred. The first problem is with database name truncation by cPanel. I...
  9. J

    WHM 11.23.2 Transfers / Copy Account Options

    In WHM 11.23.2 under the Transfers section, when using Copy Account from another server, what exactly does the Point Account on Source Server to New Server option do? I've not tried this option yet, want to know before I do, and cannot find anything in the WHM documentation about it. My...
  10. myusername

    cPanel transfers are broken

    WHM 11.23.2 cPanel 11.23.4-S26138 CENTOS Enterprise 4.6 i686 on virtuozzo - WHM X v3.1.0 Not sure if this is VPS related yet or not, but this is the 3rd transfer I have done in the last two days and the transfer process is not working. In WHM there are various errors and from the CLI it...
  11. rs-freddo

    transfers bugs

    Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server 1. packages are transferred but not feature lists 2. I copied packages and 1 account. The packages transferred and then the account, and an hour later it was still "transferring" although the account was already finished (viewed under list...
  12. O

    Cpanel 11.23.3 Account Transfers

    Hi, I have a few questions for Cpanel folk regarding the latest Cpanel 11.23.3 build. On the Cpanel blog it states: 1.) It looks like a mistake - was it meant to say utilities use rsync instead of scp? 2.) I see there's an FTP option now as well - is this faster than scp? The rsync...
  13. R

    transfers from godaddy hosting to cpanel?

    Hi, I have a client who wants to transfer their site to my cpanel server. They are currently hosted using goDaddy's hosting service for their website. Is there a way to do a transfer via WHM the way that you can transfer from plesk, etc? Thanks
  14. K

    "nobody" files not copied - account transfers

    Does anyone know why images set to "nobody" are not copied across in account transfers. This a bug or on purpose? I've just copied 300+ accounts and now find this out? Hmm.
  15. wolfy

    Bug or Oversight? missing option in account transfers

    I noticed when transferring websites one at a time, you get a check box option to set the donor server dns to the new addresses and nameservers. But when using the Multi Acccount Transfer function, this option is not available. also I noticed problems transferring packages and feature...
  16. M

    Transfers across whm servers using alternate ssh ports

    Hello, About 3 years ago I posted a TT to the cpanel support team about problems transfering accounts from server to server with an alternate ssh port enabled, and port 22 disabled. Sometime in 2007 they "fixed" the problem and for the last several months I've had no problem transfering...
  17. F

    Anyone run Ensim transfers lately?

    We're just about to migrate a bunch of Ensim clients to cPanel so I revied the pkgacct-enXim script and there appears to be a few "odd" things. - For every account you transfer the script (on the Ensim server): * Shuts down MySQL * Starts MySQL without grants * inserts a user * Shuts...
  18. M

    Account Transfers not restoring all MySQL tables .....

    Hi, We run hundreds of reseller accounts across a number of servers and, as such, are frequently using the 'transfer multiple accounts' feature to migrate accounts between servers. This week, during a major migration (decommissioning a server with hundreds of accounts) we have discovered...
  19. T

    mysql bug during transfers

    When transfering an account from one server to another, if you take the option to change the username the databases do not reflect the change. for instance: Server A: username: bob database: bob_cms Server B: changed username: bob2 database: bob_cms If there is a user on the...
  20. A

    open_basedir restriction from account transfers

    We are going to transfer our accounts from one server to another. So I am doing some testing to see if the copy accounts will work. So far everything looks good. I do have one issue that I need to resolve. For some reason the first account transfered is the default open_basedir for all other...