1. R

    File Manager/File Transfers Adding Garbage to Files?

    Hi, I am using the following: WHM 10.6.0 cPanel 10.6.0-R55 RedHat Enterprise 3 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 After uploading a Python script to my website via cPanel's File Manager, the file will not properly execute. Note: python is installed, works, etc etc. This can be verified when I...
  2. N

    WHM Transfers from another server

    I own quite a few servers co located in a data center.I have never had a problem until now. I cannot use the function in whm to transfer sites and it used to work fine.Both server I am trying to transfer to/from I have full root access to , when i try to transfer I get this message. Has anyone...
  3. Z

    can´t transfers account

    I can´t transfer an account to a new server. Problem is, in current server domain-name is an ip: 66.98.xx.xx I can´t change this ip to an domain-name. If I try to copy to new server I become this error-msg an error-message: Sorry, a valid domain name must contain more then one...
  4. H

    cPanel Transfers

    Hello there, I have a problem with the Transfer function ( Copy multiple accounts from another server ) when I do a transfer everything is transfered correctly except the MySQL databases, when I checked the /var/lib/mysql directory I've found the .sql file of all accounts, I've tried many...
  5. N

    Account Transfers

    Hi, I realize there is a way to grab an account from another server in WHM, but is there an automated way to grab a reseller's account, his options/preferences/DNS, and that of all of the resellers accounts? or would a more complex process be needed?
  6. P

    Account Restore and Transfers issues and ideas

    Hi I have notice a couple of things with account transfers and restoration of backups. 1. I have found that mysql databases don't seem to get restored. I can see the sql files in the backup and the user is created. Cpanel tells me it has done it but nothing there. I end up having to do it...
  7. S

    transfers not working

    I spent 2+ hours transferring an account from one server to another using copy account from another server option. Just to get this... Transfer ErrorChecksum Failed.. The filecopy had a problem! Expected Checksum [a27620ae370020ce64ed27022c4f32a6] Actual Checksum...
  8. S

    FXP transfers

    I searched through the forum and found some posts regarding this and I tried what was mentioned but they did not seem to help. Perhaps I am missing something. I am trying to enable FXP transfers to a particular server. With ProFTPd I made the chaged the proftpd.conf to include...
  9. schoeps

    Threads Merged: - Transfers not working...

    Transfers not working... It appears that when I copy an account from anoptehr server that everything works fine, but the new account does not have the databases, home dir or email aliases... Anyone had this problem?
  10. angeljs

    Account Transfers Not Working

    I'm in the process of changing servers, as a reseller, and my new host gets the following error message when trying to copy accounts from my old host: Attempting to login as ****** to (i.p) via ftp (IP and login removed) Login ok Uploading Htaccess Uploading Wrapper Uploading Dectector...
  11. A

    Preventing Unauthorized Account Transfers

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to prevent unauthorized account transfers off of your server. That is, is there a way to stop other servers from using cpanel's single-account transfer to transfer accounts from your server without your express permission? Do the account transfer...
  12. E

    Warning for account transfers

    Recently I transferred all accounts from one server to another, using the WHM option. I found that with this transfer, the IP of the moved 'main' domains is changed to the new IP, but the IP of the parked domains is still the old IP. In other words, the main site is transferred but the parked...
  13. A

    Transfers using WHM

    Hi, Have got a shared account with a server and finally got our own dedicated box. Using the transfer function in WHM has been interesting. I have had much trouble, and now that I know what the problem was I thought I would post it here in case someone else has the same problem The problem...
  14. H

    WHM account transfers don't seem to be working

    Hi, i am in the middle of transfering a rather large site. Here is how far i get: It has stayed like that for almost an hour now. Although at the bottom it still says "opening page....." as opposed to saying "done". Does anyone know what the problem could be? New Server specs: Red...
  15. jimjoe

    Transfers: Copy Accounts not working

    I tried to "Copy an account from another server with account password" and it failed. It got all the main stuff done, but at the very bottom it failed. Any idea what might be the problem? I was copying from cpanel 9.2 S25 7.3rh to 9.2 S25 9.0rh. I have suexec disabled on both. Thanks! Jim...
  16. L

    9.1.0 R72 how to transfers 9.1.0 S73

    Asked how uses SSH/Shell access to renew with command by 9.1.0 R72 transfers 9.1.0 S73
  17. @home

    Allow zone transfers

    I need to allow zone transfers on one domain. This because it is a .De and they do not allow 2 nameservers in the same subnet. So i know i need to edit named.conf to allow zone transfer from the ip from the secondary nameserver. But i do not no for sure what to add there. I saw...
  18. D

    Site Transfers

    Hello, When trying transfer one account to a different server I am having issues. Both servers are running 8.8.0 SR74. I have root access on the one being transfered to but not from. When transfering it gets to about: ........ 190350K .......... .......... .......... .......... ...
  19. S

    Account Transfers by Resellers???

    I probably was imagining things but didnt resellers used to be able to move accounts from another server, via WHM to their reseller account in the past??? and if not any chance of getting a function like this???
  20. J

    Transfers problem

    Hi all , i take a new server with Cpanel and when i try to Transfers all acount from old Server PLESK 6.02 control panel to new Server with (Copy multiple accounts from another server ) i get the wrong List for exampel domain with clinte cpanel and domain with clinte...