1. P

    Transfer_sessions deleting?

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. Do the sessions in /var/cpanel/transfer_sessions/ get deleted after a time period? I've noticed on a few servers that the logs of my previous transfers have disappeared. The records of the transfers also disappear from...
  2. D

    Transfer tool directadmin issue

    Hello we need transfer some site from directadmin to cpanel. we use transfer tool and we selected directadmin and ssh connected. but list account not loaded and we see 0 account selected. on transfer tool i see this massages : Source: “” version “1.53.0” … on Service...
  3. Rogerio

    Move accounts between servers except mail

    Hello, I have a dedicated server with some accounts, but 3 of them have, together, more than 1 Tb of IMAP mail messages. Both servers are 100 mbits only, and will take a lot of time to transfer. My ideia is transfer the accounts except the "mail" folders. Reason: I can rsync the mail folders...
  4. Skin

    Migration from VPS with MySQL 5.6 to a VPS with MySQL 5.7

    Hello, what happens if I migrate some sites from a VPS with cPanel v70.0.48 and MySQL 5.6 to a new VPS with cPanel v70.0.48 and MySQL 5.7? Will the transfer tool (home > transfers > Transfer Tool ) migrate the old MtSQL 5.6 databases to the new 5.7? is the migration from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7...
  5. M

    Restore from transfer failed backup cpmove file

    Hi I have a special scenario: I had to transfer some accounts in emergency from one of my servers. I had to transfer like 100 accounts which the "transfer" has succeeded on all accounts and the restore process has started and restored like 90 accounts ans stuck for 3days which has failed after...
  6. U

    SSL on CentOS migration

    Hi there. I am planning migrate from CentOS 6 to 7. Do I need to reissue all my certificates(non-autossl)? Thanks
  7. A

    What happens to emails arriving on old server during Transfer Tool process?

    Hello, I tried to find an answer to this question here and on Google but could not find any. How does cPanel handle emails/files created during a Transfer Tool transfer process? What happens to them? Does the process do a file list check one final time prior to completing the process to...
  8. alias harun

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20499] Transfers fail when "Copy Home Directory" is deselected

    Hi, We have problem with new WHM transfer tool. We notice if we UNTICK 'Copy Home Directory' there are symlink between cpanel username to '/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot' eg; lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 34 May 16 13:31 fmcammy1 -> /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot lrwxrwxrwx 1...
  9. U

    Remote MySQL transfers

    If we have a remote MySQL server What happens if we transfer to/from another cpanel host without remote? Also if we transfer between two cpanel servers with remote MySQL does it keep them on remote or copy locally and we need to migrate manually?
  10. C

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20227] "Dangerous: Rejecting invalid log file" warning during transfer

    Hi all, I just transferred a cPanel account from one server to another. It seems like it completed, but I received the following warning and I have no idea what it means, or why it happened. Dangerous: Rejecting invalid log file: logs/*****-imapbytes_log Anyone seen this before? Any help...
  11. carock

    SOLVED Transfer tool symlinks

    Is there a way to get the transfer tool not to follow symlinks when copying an account? I have a symlink in a home directory that make the transfer fail because it thinks there isn't enough room on the destination server. Thanks, Chuck
  12. sozotech

    Transfer of symbolic links

    When you transfer accounts cPanel to cPanel on Cloud Linux / cagefs environment, do symbolic links also transfer? I've come across some applications that have failed because symbolic links were not transferred. Now looking at the transfer logs I see no such file or directory on the symbolic...
  13. Ishware

    Sites failing after server transfer

    I had a cPanel server at $oldip, and now I have a new cPanel server at $newip. Before performing the transfers, I clustered the two servers, did the transfer, and it's been about three days. So to make sure everything got copied over, I shut the old server down - and now sites aren't loading...
  14. Telematica_at

    Move account to different server and mariaDB version?

    Hello, i have upgrade mariaDB 10.1 to mariaDB 10.2 and later found out, that Typo3 is not compatible with mariaDB 10.2 cause of DBAL ( Downgrading the Server from mariaDB 10.2 to mariaDB 10.1 is not possible nor supported by mariaDB, so this would not work...
  15. W

    Error 500 after host-to-host migration

    Hello, Via transfert tool, i've tried to migrate a website from a host to an other. The process was performed successfully without any errors. But the website still shows a white page while accessing without showing any error. Here are the logs, The Transfert tool shows: TRANSFER: 3...
  16. movielad

    CURRENT 70.0.17 Backups - MySQL password not restoring

    Hello, I've been playing around with a couple of CURRENT 70.0.17 servers and noticed that whenever I transferred an account from one server to another, regardless of whether it was from WHM or the command line, database credentials were not being restored. In the output, there were a lot of...
  17. K

    SOLVED Transfer Tool Connection refused error

    Trying to copu an account from a server to another server and getting the below errors: Could not connect to 'domain.tld:2087': Connection refused The system failed to initiate a remote background package account due to an error: Could not connect to: Could not connect to ':2087': Connection...
  18. J

    Transfer Tool from Plesk server failing

    I am trying to transfer an account from a Plesk 12.5.30 server (MediaTemple) to a WHM/Cpanel v68.0.28 server (LiquidWeb). When I run the Transfer Tool from WHM, it seems to run fine, builds the archives on the Plesk server, then spits out this error: TRANSFER: Account “account_name”: The remote...
  19. D

    SOLVED Transfer Tool: ctl_dir /root/.libnet-openssh-perl/ is not secure

    When I attempt to connect to another server (using Plesk), I receive "ctl_dir /root/.libnet-openssh-perl/ is not secure". The password is correct, as I can SSH manually. I have tried removing "/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/" and allowing the script to re-generate it, and I have tried changing the...
  20. D

    SSL issue when moving accounts

    We're attempting to migrate a few accounts from one instance of WHM to another, upon doing this there is no SSL certificate installed for that account, until the AutoSSL process has finished on the new server there is no SSL host for that site, because of this when you go to the site address it...