1. T

    Migration whm to a new hardware with LVM partition ?

    Dear All We are planing to migrate physical whm/cpanel setup to a new hardware which will need to make lvm partition? Has anyone guide or gone through this process ? Regards
  2. Masimo

    Server transfer without databases

    I have a cpanel server (remote mysql server) need to upgrade new server with new ip address, of course! So, i need to server transfer on this case. But i dont want to change database server. How should i process this transfer now?
  3. B

    Express transfer?

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but I can't seem to locate the express transfer option in the new transfer tool (been a while since I needed it). I have a number of small and uncomplicated accounts to move, and manual edits after the fact are frustrating. Is it gone or am I just not hitting the...
  4. webhostuk

    Database is not migrated correctly

    While WHM to WHM transfer of accounts , in last version we found that database is not migrated correctly does says 100% complete but misses the DB files saw this with couple of transfers I hope its not a bug?
  5. N

    /cgi-sys/movingpage.cgi tries to redirect to resellers' main domain

    Hello, I've faced the following problem at a server. During express migration, in clients .htaccess, was created redirect to /cgi-sys/movingpage.cgi, but the redirect was to resellers main domain. The problem is that we use fake main domains for our resellers, and we don't want our customers to...
  6. P

    transfer to new server - database connection failure - shell access required

    Hi - I have a centos5 server (running whm) and am upgrading to centos7 server Initially I transferred packages to new server, now trying to transfer accounts. After transfer of site, I get database connection failure. No remotely obvious reason or errors. I stumbled across fact that if I...
  7. A

    Transfer tool: Time out issues

    Source: Centos 6.8 WHM 56.0 Destination Centos 7.2 WHM 56.0 I am moving a 30GB website to a new server. At about 12% through, received the following errors, after which the transfer aborted. ___________________________________________ Verifying cpmove file checksum … [...
  8. D

    tranfertool discontinues

    Hi, clicking "Fetch Account List" stops with this: Failed to execute sql method do: (XID 7dzhfk) DBD::mysql::db do failed: Unknown column 'creator' in 'field list' at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 157...
  9. H

    How to manually migrate from Plesk

    Hello, I would kindly ask for your help on the following: We have a Plesk (Web Host Edition) account that holds some sites and their databases and emails. We now want to migrate to WHM / Cpanel in a way that each site (domain) will have its own Cpanel. Can you let me know if such a migration...
  10. J

    Transfer Tool incorrectly defaults 'maxsql' to 0

    This happens when the option to transfer databases is NOT checked. The incoming account does not adopt the max database limit that I've set in the "Standard" package, with which it is created; it sets its own, which is 0. My use case: I want to create a new database for a site, not transfer the...
  11. I

    Transfer Tool: rsync mkstemp Disk quota exceeded (122)

    I'm using the Transfer Tool to migrate accounts, and I'm getting this message for large accounts with at least 1gb in disk space: Invalid log entry: [rsync: mkstemp "(file path removed)" failed: Disk quota exceeded (122) I also tried generating a cpmove file and restoring it in the remote...
  12. R

    Transferring entire cPanel server to another

    I have an existing server running CentOS 6.7 and cPanel v56. I need to move all data to a new server running CentOS 7.2 and cPanel v56. Is there an automated process built into WHM that would allow me to move everything to the new server? The old server is also the primary name server, and so...
  13. R

    Remote Root Account Transfer

    eu:2087/cpsess1660266910/scripts5/render_transfer_log?transfer_session_id=10923570162copya20160430221957ifMAec&log_file=item-TRANSFER_AccountRemoteRoot_alsahra']Account “***”: The remote execution of “pkgacct” was not successful, or the requested account, “***” was not found on the server...
  14. M

    Transfer account to new server creates Remote MySQL entries

    I'm posting this here because I don't want to waste cPanel Support's time by submitting a ticket about it just in case this is expected behavior, and hoping someone can confirm. I'm not sure if this is a bug or by design in newer versions of cpanel, but... I recently transferred all of my...
  15. A

    Cannot proceed because system tables used by Event Scheduler were found damaged

    I am trying to transfer the mysql databases from one server that has maria db to another server that has mysql. When I use the whm transfer tool, I get that error. mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show events': Cannot proceed because system tables used by Event Scheduler were found damaged at...
  16. S

    Transfer Tool: VirtualHost using old server IP for new domains after migrating to new server

    We recently moved servers and used the Transfer Tool to migrate to a new server, old websites which existed continued to work normally, but when creating a new domain or subdomain the new sites don't work, after checking the httpd.config file I found that it's assigning them the IP of the old...
  17. T

    Cloning a server with v56?

    Hello, I have a question about the new service configuration transfer in version 56, so how do I actually clone a server? I have looked everywhere and I just can’t seem to find the answer, it’s probably going to be something obvious I stupidly missed…. I got a new cPanel based server and I...
  18. C

    Transfer Tool config migration

    I'm looking to fully migrate from one server to a fresh VM. It would include all accounts and configuration and I understand that version 56 allows the config to be migrated. My question is, do I need to get a new license for the new server to be able to facilitate the migration. After all is...
  19. J

    Transfer tool - Server sent no response for 15 seconds

    Hello everybody I am trying to start a server migration between old server on CentOS6 to a new CentOS7, using the transfer tool but i am getting the follow error: (XID whfh3a) The system connected to “91.XXX.XXX.XXX” on port “2087” but “91.XXX.XXX.XXX” sent no response for 15 seconds, so the...
  20. M

    transfer accounts via SSH

    is it possible to use WHM transfer account feature from SSH? i have a bad internet connection here, so when the transfer process running, it sometimes stop and i need to refresh the page (which restart the process from beginning)