1. M

    troubleshooting suggestions for repeated site timeouts

    I use a service to monitor the sites on my VPS server for up/downtime and lately have received notifications several times a day that all of the sites feeding off the server are down. A few minutes later (usually 5-20min) I get a new notification saying they are back up. This has been...
  2. M

    Troubleshooting. Restart or disable individual cpanel host?

    I am trying to troubleshoot. One of my websites is giving me issues. Sometimes my server freezes up and I have to do a whole server restart. But i can still access the WHM panel. . Is it possible to disable or restart individual cpanel hosts when this happens? I only see options to restart the...
  3. S

    I need help with troubleshooting repeated downtime

    I have a couple of servers. The first runs cPanel, and is a DNS server and a Mail Server. The second runs Plesk, and is a Web server, and a MySQL server, hosting approximately 10 sites. Also I have UptimeMonitor to test GET of every site every one minute. For the past couple of weeks, I have...
  4. M

    Troubleshooting remote connection to MySQL

    Hello, I have enabled remote MySQL connection to one customer's CPanel account for an external developer, however he is telling me that he can't connect, despite having added this IP to the server whitelist. Is there a place where I could see the MySQL log files in order to find failed connections?
  5. cPanelLauren

    AutoSSL Troubleshooting Steps

    Steps For Troubleshooting AutoSSL This guide is meant to address some common issues with AutoSSL's domain validation process and hopefully help add understanding of issues when they occur. *Please note that all testing here was done using the cPanel provider for AutoSSL Contents Step 1...
  6. D

    Troubleshooting cPanel FTP Connectivity Issues

    I have an FTP connection through cPanel fails,
  7. K

    Help troubleshooting ssh shell access

    Hi all, I'm new to cPanel and WHM, helping a friend with a site hosted at Godaddy on CentOS with cPanel and WHM. I've added a keypair to the root user's 'manage root's ssh keys' page in cPanel, and then used ssh-add to add it to my local dev machine too (Ubuntu 12.04). However, ssh'ing in as...
  8. JeffP.

    Troubleshooting high server loads on Linux servers

    Technical support analysts often receive tickets about high server loads. The cause of high server loads is very rarely attributed to defects in the cPanel software or the applications it installs. High server loads are something that should be initially investigated by the server owner, their...
  9. J

    Troubleshooting 'License File Expired "FUT!"' Messages

    If you see a message like the one in the attached screenshot, it means that the date on the server is incorrect. "FUT!" in the license message is short for "FUTure," and it means that the server's date is either far in the future or far in the past. Here is the example message: Those long...
  10. J

    FTP Backups Failing. Troubleshooting Help?

    Hello, I have all my WHM servers configured to do daily backups with weekly retention via FTP to another server. Two days ago one of my WHM servers stopped doing backups (or at least they stopped appearing on the remote server) without any error messages that I can find. Manual attempts to...
  11. H

    Troubleshooting memory & swap usage

    Hi all, we are having issues with high load, high memory and swap usage. Apr 23 14:59:22 s01 /kernel: pid 87516 (httpd), uid 65534, was killed: out of swap space Apr 23 15:01:46 s01 /kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace: failed Apr 23 15:02:00 s01 last message repeated 287 times Apr 23...
  12. M

    High Server Load Troubleshooting

    I have a cpanel server through The Planet. Here are the specs: 1 Intel \ 2.0 GHz 1333FSB - Woodcrest \ Xeon 5130 (Dual Core) 2 Generic \ 1024 MB \ DDR2 667 FB DIMM 1 Dell \ 9G Drive Controller - SAS/SATA \ SAS 5/i 1 Western Digital \ 250GB:SATA2:7200RPM \ WD2500JS Its running the...
  13. L

    Need help troubleshooting high load

    Hi there - Recently, my server has began showing a high CPU load. The server is lightly loaded for the most part and I need some help nailing down the cause of the high load. Here is a snapshot of my top CPU processes - Pid Owner Priority Cpu % Mem % Command 3854 nobody 0 7.9 0.8...
  14. K

    Hmmm Troubleshooting help needed

    Im so confused here. This person is moving to my servers but apparently I have something not enabled in cpanel. I have enabled Fopen to no avail The guy has no clue what the name of the script is or where he got it and I cant find any info on it or I would check the requirements. But if you know...
  15. SuperBaby

    High CPU loading & troubleshooting.

    My server's CPU has been overloaded at 1.0~2.0 for more than 24 hours. I created an outage report and got a few "replies". Unfortunately none of them is useful. I am disappointed that the ISP tech did not look into the problem and simply throw back the ball to me. I hope someone can help me...
  16. J

    Troubleshooting MMCache Install

    Having a bit of trouble installing MMCache on this new server, for some reason it "appears" to install clean, but will never start. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it about six times now, with varying PHP Prefixes. I could use a bit of help, if anyone will be on this evening - reach me at...
  17. carock

    Troubleshooting E-amil issues with Exim??

    Troubleshooting E-mail issues with Exim?? I know how to tell a lot of things that happen to messages with Sendmail, but I have no clue how to figure out what happens to mail with Exim. I'm looking for some pointers... I have a LOT of stupid E-mails sitting in my queue stating they are...