1. D

    Tweak settings - email account suspension - where information is stored?

    Hi, I have enabled this feature in Tweak Settings (attachment). Where is this information stored on server? Is there any path or file with information i.e. user=someone [email protected]
  2. 2

    Unset / allowall "X-Frame-Options" in cPanel without using ssh?

    This new setting, which I believe cpanel has enforced in one of my recent cpanel updates to only the origin domain, needs to be changed on my server. I can see that there is a cpanel option called "Use X-Frame-Options and X-Content-Type-Options headers with cpsrvd", but this notes that it sets...
  3. M

    SOLVED Long-running MySQL queries

    We are experiencing high load since about 4 days ago. We realised MySQL seems to be one of the causes. In particular we're seeing this long-running query: SELECT TABLE_SCHEMA as DB,SUM(DATA_LENGTH)+SUM(INDEX_LENGTH) AS SPACEUSED from information_schema.ta This seems to be a query run by...
  4. V

    SOLVED Parking subdomain on server hostname question

    referencing Tweak Settings - Domains - Documentation - cPanel Documentation specifically: Allow users to park subdomains of the server's hostname This setting allows users to park subdomains on your server’s main domain. For example, if your server's main domain name is, click On...
  5. sahostking

    Age, in days, of content to purge from users’ File Manager Trash

    What do I set this to? If I set it to 7 does it clean it every 7 days only? If I set it to 0 will it clear it each day? Thanks
  6. A

    Tweak Settings> Require SSL

    Hello there, Tweak Settings> Require SSL [?] Require SSL for all remote logins to cPanel, WHM, Webmail and DAV. Recommended. FRONT Your connection gives you a warning not hidden. Is it possible to input whm and cpanel without error? How to set the error-free login screen if possible. Thank you.
  7. obka

    subdomain problem

    Hello dear's when client create a sub domain , create it before public_html ! how can i fix it ?
  8. S

    Mutiple passwords working for cPanel account

    Hello all, I have changed the cPanel password of an account. Now, I am able to login to the cPanel with both the old password and the new password. However, FTP and SSH gets validated with the new password and refuses the old password. I am not sure how cPanel alone is accepting the old...
  9. louish

    Version 58, new feature about document roots

    After upgrading to version 58, I got a prompt that said the following: Make document roots in the public_html directory? In older versions of cPanel & WHM the Addon and Sub Domain creation interfaces suggested a directory within ~/public_html as the document root of the new domain (e.g...
  10. J

    Adding Domain Alias When Not Running Local DNS

    I tried to add a domain alias and got an error message that the domain couldn't be resolved on the local server. I am not running any DNS on the local server because DNS for all my domains is handled by my registrar so in the DNS setting when I setup WHM I didn't turn on BIND and selected the...
  11. J

    tweaksettings chkservd interval always reset after cpanel update

    i forgot what i have done before, using an article on internet. now in tweak settings i have adjust the chkservd interval back from 1500 to 300, but everyday after cpanel update it value will go back to 1500. /var/cpanel/cpanel.config (chkservd_check_interval=1500 will reset to 1500 everyday)...