1. E

    Track visitors for all domains hosted on server

    Hi Is there some way do display visitors for all websites hosted on the server, to see what websites gets the most visits ?
  2. C

    Help displaying visitors from multiple domains

    Hi Guys, I have asked my hosting provider who says its isn't possible but i'd like to check here just in case. I have a root access VPS & I'm wanting to pull the number of website visitors (monthly or yearly) from each domain name and then rank it from most visited to least visited. The...
  3. leonep

    Restore visitors IP address after install nginx reverse proxy

    HI, After install NGINX i lost visitors Ip address in "Apache Status" Reading this i must enter Proxy IP in RemoteIPTrustedProxy in my server i have different IPs : 1 main , 2 dedicated and 2...
  4. J

    Reports of website visits are fake, metrics, webalizer, visitors, awstats, all reports show false results.

    Reports of website visits are fake, metrics, webalizer, visitors, awstats, all reports show false results. In my hosting of my website, in cpanel, I have the metrics that show the visit reports on my website, but I left the website with the hosting suspended, off the internet, for 30 days, the...
  5. A

    Real-Time "Visitors" Metrics Update

    I ordered a new website from which came with a cPanel. I noticed that upon visiting the site, cPanel's "Metrics -> Visitors" list doesn't get updated promptly. I don't see the latest visits. When I contacted HostPapa, their response was, All of the SEO Statistics take some time to...
  6. T

    cPanel not displaying visitors' IP #s - displays ISP's IP instead

    Hi, I am a website owner, and my ISP recently migrated my website to a newer server that features cPanel. I have noticed that since the site has been migrated, most of the utilities in my WordPress site for recording visitors only show ISP's IP# - hundreds of times. I thought the ISP was...
  7. W

    AWstats showing wrong number of unique visitors

    When I open AWStats in CPanel it shows 2 unique users and 120 visits for the time span of Jan 1st to Jan 27th for the year 2019 but I am sure there are more than 200 unique visitors for my website for the mentioned period because in one of the pages I am logging user IPs for reporting purpose...
  8. R

    SOLVED There are no domains which have * to display. AWStats, Webalizer, Visitors, etc

    Hello! Sorry if this is in the wrong location, but it seems to be where similar threads are located that I've found on Google. I've created my 34th account on my server with cPanel, which is only important as this is the only account that encounters this error. Visitors, Webalizer Stats, and...
  9. SuperBaby

    How many visitors can my server handle at one time?

    I have an old server with this spec: Processor #1 Genuine Intel Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G6950 @ 2.80GHz Speed 2799.874 MHz Cache 3072 KB Processor #2 Genuine Intel Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G6950 @ 2.80GHz Speed 2799.874 MHz Cache 3072 KB CentOS 64 Bit (Latest Stable) cPanel/WHM 2 GB ECC DDR3 2...
  10. A

    Error while trying to access the visitors section in cPanel

    what is this error, it seems to be different. Please help me [2017-11-21 14:15:01 +0100] die [Internal Death while parsing ./frontend/paper_lantern/stats/ 332109] Template::Exception: [TYPE]=[undef] [INFO]=[Invalid locale code or name: no ] [TEXT]=[ ]...
  11. D

    All visitors - same ip

    Hello, I am experiencing some kind of problem when i am trying to see my lasts visitors. I have a website with more than 200 real users connected simultaneosly and i want to see the ips of each one of them , but the screen shows that the visitors seem to have the same ip. Is there someting that...
  12. I

    Visitors UI Issue

    Using cPanel 11 with paper_lantern theme {60.0.36) Visitor Log ( Metrics -> Visitors ) panel width does not scroll horizontally to let users view more information. If you go into Settings to add more columns to the View, information will expand to the right and the data will not be visible, nor...
  13. D

    Visitors strange urls

    When i go to Metrics/Visitors in cpanel I see lots of strange urls that do not point to known urls of the website. Them seem to be pointing to spammy type websites. I have done a full virus scan and nothing shows, Can anyone shine some light? Here is an example.. - Removed - and a screenshot...
  14. Ultreya

    Help some visitors cannot access my website

    Hi guys, This is my first post here and I would really appreciate any help you can give me as this could mean me loosing a big potential client. I am receiving some reports from different clients in Spain, US & France that they cannot access my website - Removed -. They get a...
  15. C

    Stats and Latest Visitors do not refresh

    After migrating to a new server, for all cPanel accounts, there are no stats or latest visitor logs to view, though there is plenty of traffic to the servers. Latest Visitors displays: None of your domains have recent visitor statistics to display. Similar messages (with their own app names)...
  16. J

    Latest visitors - who determines when (at what time) should these data be erased?

    Program Latest visitors shows the information last visits our websites. Every 24 hours the data are erased. How or who determines when (at what time) should these data be erased?
  17. J

    Latest Visitors List - Corrupted data?

    Usualy my "Latest Visitors" data shows like this: IP URL Time Size (bytes) Referring URL User Agent / 12/25/14 PM 16146 Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.1.1; IdeaTabA2109A 1:05 PM Build/JRO03R) Safari/535.19 But now I'm seeing a whole lot of data in the first column which are...
  18. psytanium

    Redirect coming visitors from a specific domain name

    Hello, Someone is using his domain name to redirect visitors to my website. people who type will redirect to i can't change that redirection, but i'm trying to redirect people coming from to somewhere else, maybe using .htaccess. I appreciate...
  19. H

    forward the visitors who come from outside of my country

    Hi every one, My website is - Removed - and i would like to forward the visitors who come from outside of Turkey to my subdomain. I have the ip blog of my country and the other countries as well. thank you best regards.
  20. M

    using .htaccess to log visitors refereer & ip

    I've tired searching on the web so i posted this question here i have an file called extra.jpg and i want to log visitors ip with referrer using .htaccess it's possible on Apache ? or should i use something other ? Currently I'm using Apache with CentOs Operating system 6 and...