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  1. P

    How Do I Re-Start a Website?

    I have one website among many that is mysteriously returning an error saying the server is offline. That is of course a false notice because every other site on the server is online including others run by the same cPanel account. If this were a Windows Server I'd just open IIS, find the site...
  2. S

    .htaccess for webmail login? Webmail login has been cloned to phishing server.

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this question but I'm not sure where else to ask. So recently I've run into an issue where my webmail login has been cloned by HTTrack in what I'm assuming is an effort to gather usernames and passwords from my users. From what I am seeing it...
  3. P

    Facing Some issues with Softaculous.

    Sir Softaculous is not working Working Properly so I ran some commands of reinstall and install but after that I face a error while opening Softaculous apps installer in CPanel , it shows " Incorrect binary permission Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel. ". So I searched on Google...
  4. W

    Action Failed Unable to auto-login. Please contact support.

    Hello, I Bought a Dedicated server with cpanel and WHMCS.Im done with creating web hosting packages to sell. Now, tested my packages and log in sucesfully. But once I click to Log-in Cpanel, I got error. "Action Failed Unable to auto-login. Please contact support. " I tried looking up for...
  5. C

    Random error_log file being created and growing GBs in size per second!

    It seems that there is some sort of a Wordpress / LiteSpeed / CloudLinux issue that's causing this, reported here by a whole lot of people: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/39338 And I have just experienced that on PHP 7.3, Apache, no LiteSpeed (even though php73-litespeed extension is...
  6. M

    Cant get lsphp command whitelisting in /etc/csf/csf.pignore to work

    Hi Guys, We are getting alot of these errors: Executable: /opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/lsphp.cagefs Command Line (often faked in exploits): lsphp:/home/[user]/public_html/wp-cron.php They are very much a false-positive, since wp-cron.php i normal script in all WP installations. So how...
  7. Tarak Nath

    WebRTC in cPanel

    Hello, As per client requirement we have to work on WebRTC. Details can be found here cloudwebrtc/flutter-webrtc-server Is it possible to setup WebRTC in our current server environment ? Below are the few information of our dedicated server, kindly go through and help us...
  8. inteldigital

    QUIC.cloud CDN with Litespeed - CNAME issue

    Hi, I'm trying to enable QUIC.cloud CDN through LSCache plugin provided by Litespeed. It's asking me to set the CNAME, which is fine, but the CNAME record already exists because of WHM. How is this resolved? Cpanel already has a SOA record. You may not mix CNAME records What does this mean...
  9. R

    cPanel upgraded from Centos 6.8 to 7.7, what is new default firewall?

    I am using GoDaddy as my hosting provider. I just upgraded my service from their Gen3 VPS to a Gen4 VPS. The Gen3 VPS came with `ConfigServ Security & Firewall` - that is not available in the new Centos 7.7 Gen4 VPS. In fact, it appears there is no default FW of any sort in my new Gen4 VPS...
  10. N

    Use a Global DCV Passthrough instead of .htaccess modification

    Where this option Use a Global DCV Passthrough instead of .htaccess modification (requires EA4) under the Domains tab in WHM >> Tweak Settings? Also what does this DNS zone and can we delete this?
  11. L

    Directory protection does not update .htaccess

    Hi, When accessing the Directory Privacy option in cPanel, passwd is created but the .htaccess entry is not created, so when accessing the address the password is not required. root@vpstest [/home/zabbixhgmxco]# cd .htpasswds root@vpstest [/home/zabbixhgmxco/.htpasswds]# ll total 12...
  12. M

    How to edit .htaccess file

    Hello I want to edit the .htaccess of my website, but I can't find it in the Cpanel file manager. How can I do it? Thanks
  13. guldvog

    How to use RewriteRule in order to block out some directives, in .htaccess

    The two directives that I want to block out: POST /editBlackAndWhiteList GET /sadad24 How can I make certain, when either of those two are received, WHM will throw a 403 Forbidden, using .htaccess ?? Thanks in advance :)
  14. W

    Basic Auth .htaccess but allow specific URL to pass through

    I use a htaccess basic auth on my Woocommerce site to help prevent bots accessing wp-login, which works well... except with woocommerce if a logged in customer wants to logout from their account - upon clicking the logout link - they are greeted by the Basic Auth popup asking them to "authorise"...
  15. K

    enabling tmp links and .htaccess rewrite rules

    hello guys I have just purchased a VPS as I am a Freelance Website Developer and plan to grow in the next year or so; hence the upgrade as I need stability. I use a bespoke PHP content management system which uses several Rewrite Rules via .htaccess and since migration I cannot get the...
  16. V

    Subdomain automatically redirecting to https without any .htaccess

    I have created a subdomain in cpanel for my main domain. When the subdomain was created cpanel assigned an self-signed ssl certificate to this subdomain. Whenever I try to access my subdomain it redirects me to https.mysubdomain. I want to prevent it from going to https. I don't remember any way...
  17. amstel

    ifVersion - does not work in .htaccess

    Hi all, Problem: mod_version is loaded but a directive IfVersion does not work in my Apache 2.4.39 (cPanel). # httpd -M ... version_module (shared) ... Despite proper entry in .htaccess , I can still access files in that protected directory. <IfVersion < 2.4> order allow,deny deny...
  18. albatroz

    Edit .htaccess file via File Manager?

    I am trying to edit the .htaccess file of a customer's site but I can't see it in the file manager inside CPanel. However I can find it using the search option inside the same tool.
  19. G

    .htaccess file edit for subdomains

    Hi Everyone, I'm really hoping someone can HELP me out. I currently have multiple hosting accounts running cPanel and PHP Version 7.2 These sites are currently running WordPress 5.1.1. I'm having an issue installing from applications from Installatron, which require a PHP 5.6. I have...
  20. E

    Changes to .htaccess file concerns

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 78.0.20 . I have noticed in home directory of one my user in command line file .htaccess which has changed but there is no logs /usr/local/cpanel/logs/access log that that user was not connected at this time. Also on other user on cPanel I have noticed same...